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Author Topic: Written Transcript of David Hogan's "Faith to Raise the Dead"  (Read 2194 times)
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"I'm Blessed"

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Transcript of David Hogan
“Faith to Raise the Dead” Tape 1
Underlined words were in dialect, or using idioms, and are now correct English. Words in parenthesis ( ) are to show context, they are not part of his speech.

(Starting at the beginning of his talk.)
[Time: 0:28]
OK. Are you all doing well? Sounds like it. Here’s what we’re going to do. I really appreciate you honoring God in me, and all of that, but I really want to give it to Jesus. Is that ok? Jesus! Jesus! Hallelujah! Because without Jesus we are zeros, but with Him there’s nothing we can’t do. Nothing! All right, let’s have a seat please. Grab your bibles please. So all of you think you want to take the world for Jesus, don’t you? I’ve been out there battling for a little while. Hello Brother Cabo, how are you doing? (man answers him) Me too. I’ve been out there a few years. I am a pastor’s son. My daddy was, in my opinion, one of the best men of God I’ve ever met. He was a Southern Baptist pastor, a good guy. There was one thing he had on his heart his whole life. My whole life I was taught one thing. One thing: win souls for Jesus. That’s the only thing that matters. You’re good for nothing if you can’t do that. What do you think of that?

OK. I have to apologize to you for a few things. I don’t have a very fancy vocabulary; I wear cowboy boots; and I’m not going to wear a tie, so don’t get mad at me. OK, that’s all the apologies you get. OK. I hate hypocrisy. Hypocrites deserve the hell they are going to get. Don’t ever lie to anybody. I was a little Baptist boy that grew up and was destroyed at first by hypocrites. Religious demons tried to make things bad for me, and they did for a while. But then Jesus came. And…I’m really glad to be here! I feel the Holy Ghost in here. Yahoo! Jesus! Whooo! Fuego! (Spanish for “fire”)

I really do have something to say. And, see, the problem is really simple. Really, it’s not complicated. I’ve worked very hard for lots of years now. 22 years I’ve worked hard in the jungle. I’ve been shot, beat, stoned, everything you can find that our brother Paul went through, except I haven’t been shipwrecked in the ocean. I’ve only had my trucks swept away from under me by rivers.

These men that are with me, would you all stand up please, you guys that are ministering with me. Miss Judy, you too please. I don’t know if you all know anything about covenant, but you will be taught that, I know that man over there. But we have a covenant together, me and those men you just saw. We own each other’s blood, and Jesus owns our blood, too. Isn’t that amazing? And I suggest that you learn to become covenant people with each other, and with the ministry that God is calling you to do. Because you have one goal, and that is to die for souls. If you’re not a martyr, you’re nothing. Now, that’s my opinion, because I am a martyr. You’re looking at a man that is dead for the benefit of another people. Time will prove me right. And when I stand before Jesus, here is what He’s going to tell me, OK?  “Well done!”  That’s what He is going to say.  “Enter into the joy of the Lord.”  That’s the only thing that is valuable. That’s the only thing that matters. That everything you do, every breath you take, every step you take, is because you are headed for that Great White Throne. And you want one phrase coming from the King: “Well done!”  I like that! It feels good to me. And I’m going to have it. You may have another agenda. That’s your business. I don’t. My purpose is to bring these Indians that I work for, we will all walk up to Jesus, all of us, and we will bow to our King, and He will say “You boys did well! Come in here.”  If may not be as wonderful as you can do. But you should look around, because we will be there.

OK? We work with Indians. Several different tribes, I think it is between 18 to 20 different tribes of people we are working with now. I’m known, or our ministry is known, for something. We are extremely committed. If I give my promise to an Indian, the only reason I won’t be there is because I’m dead. I speak for the King. I am an ambassador for Jesus. Do you understand how important what you say and what you do is to other people? So I want you to understand that. Like I said, I grew up as a pastor’s son and it was an awesome time for me, it was good. I need to decide what to talk about here. Turn in your Bible to Matthew chapter 21, please. I certainly hope I’m right.

I am married and have four children. My first grandchild will be born this week. That’s fun. What is fun is that I will be in Europe. That’s is what is fun. God spoke to us a long time ago to go out and work with these people in the places where other people have failed to see the need or the value of the souls that are out there. I’m not trying to ridicule what anyone else is doing, that’s not my goal for being here. It is not my goal for being here to lift us up either. My goal is to lift up Jesus, to motivate you to win souls regardless of the cost. That’s my reason for being here. Nothing else matters to me. These people, or nations of people, that are out there, certain books and people say that these nations where we work are already evangelized. They are liars. There are thousands of villages, thousands, that have never heard the name of Jesus. That is sin! The great fire of heaven is on the earth, and there are thousands of villages that have never heard the gospel. That is sin!  And we are going to get them. You might not. I’ve been down there for almost 25 years and I’ve never seen you there yet. And I’m diligent about going out every day to at least one, usually two, sometime three villages, and preach. I’ve never seen you out there, it’s amazing. We will see.

All right, let’s go this way. I was a brand new Christian, but was very zealous for the devil before. I used to be a gang member. Jesus came and touched me and brought me back. And so I was very zealous for God with the same commitment I had for the devil before. And it hasn’t stopped yet. There were people that told me when I first started, because the fires were so bright in my heart, they told me “You can’t last long with that big of a fire.”  They were telling me “You have to calm down a little bit, to be able to go a long distance.”  That is not scriptural! That is religion. That is the devil trying to talk you out of the precious holy fire that is burning in your heart. So, don’t listen to them. Don’t hate them, just smile at them and keep walking. They are wrong. Because here we are, a quarter of a century later, and we have more fire now than we ever had before. But I had a problem. It wasn’t that I lacked zeal. It wasn’t that I lacked Bible knowledge. I wasn’t that I didn’t have a place to preach. The problem was, this great Jesus that we all know exists, where is His power? I think that is still a valid question for most people. I can feel His presence often, there are certain songs I can start singing like “Holy and Anointed One”, and I immediately start to get tears in my eyes, and it affects me deeply because He is so awesome. But where is the power of God? Where is it? Well, I found it! I sure did, and it’s alive. It’s not some fairy-tale or hoax. It’s not some illusion that escapes us continually. It’s real! And I want you to have it. And more importantly, Jesus wants you to have it. So have it!

(David says something in Spanish) Hallelujah!

So I went out to the mission field, with no training, no Bible school like you have the great privilege of going to. I didn’t get to hear any great people talk. I didn’t know anybody. I was a Southern Baptist boy that got filled with the Holy Ghost, lit on fire for God, and sent out by the charismatic renewal in to the jungle. Whoof! It looked like a ball of fire coming down from the sky and started burning up the jungle, it really did. I didn’t know what I was doing. We are just now learning. But I did know that I didn’t have…I was in a church service run by another ministry, I was invited there and hadn’t made it all the way through language school yet. I was there and couldn’t understand Spanish yet, just a few words. There were probably 400 Indians standing around. The Holy Ghost is everywhere in the meeting. And they brought this little girl up to me. 4 years old. And they set her down. I didn’t know what was wrong with her. I tried making sign-language, trying to get God to give me a supernatural revelation of the language, I’m trying to have faith and be there, I’m trying to do it regardless of my lack of ability and failures, I was there anyway. And so this old Indian, whom I admire greatly and is one of the greater men I have ever met, he says….that’s very simple, she can’t hear!  The problem was she was born deaf. So I knelt down there, and I had watched the power of God, this was in 1977, I had watched the power of God fall in the place and knock everybody down, I watched people wailing and moaning, and I had nothing to do with it, I just happened to be there. Jesus came, and I was amazed at what was going on. Benches and benches full of people were falling and wailing and moaning, and I had never seen it before. I was just a little Baptist guy, remember? But it didn’t matter to me. I don’t value manifestations, I value Jesus. Manifest however you want to, it’s not going to impress me, I want Jesus.

So I’m holding onto this little girl, I’m down on the floor, I had seen other things already get healed, and I was impressed with Jesus, and my heart was almost ready to burst with joy and faith. I just knew it was going to happen! And I knew I was going to run off that mountain like a madman, screaming and yelling and glorifying the King. And I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and it did not happen. That impressed me. There was that much of Jesus, and what I could see and what I could feel, and the little bits of knowledge that I did have in me, and it bothered me and irritated me inside that she was not healed. Because she is 4 years old, she’s not the one to blame.
OK, let’s blame the right one. Is it God’s fault? Is it that little baby’s fault? Then whose fault is it? (audience responds “Satan”)  Wrong! He cannot stop the power of God. Do not think the enemy of my King is that powerful. He has no right to stop the King! I accept the responsibility. I am the doorway that is blocked. I am the logjam. I am the problem. It’s not Jesus, and the devil cannot stop my King. I’ve seen it too much now. You can’t make me believe it. Don’t try. I would just laugh at you for your lack of experience. We are going to have a good time this week, aren’t we?

Listen to me. I was weeping, I was complaining, I was screaming, I was commanding, I was jumping, I was very frustrated and she stayed deaf. All right. So here is what happened. I am humiliated now. All of the great wonders of God are flying all around me, and this baby, that I wanted healed so much, is still deaf. I don’t like that! That is the devil to me, and I’m not going to accept that. Something has to change. I have to find the point that is the hardest and crush it so that it will move. So as I was on my knees weeping and holding this child, I called out to Heaven, “Please, would you help me? Just a little bit?”  And He did, there was a vision. I haven’t had a lot of them, just a few, probably 4, maybe 5 open visions where it is like a movie and I was there. What happened was, there was this awesome pasture, and it was beautiful, lush, and green and full of nutrients. The right things were there. And there was a huge beast, a big bull that was very strong, that represented me.  He was snorting, and ripping the ground, and eating the right nutrients, and the power was definitely there. And the bull was tearing up the field with its horns.  And then, suddenly in the middle of this huge beautiful pasture, there was a little present placed there by the Holy Ghost. And this huge, power bull walks up to that present, and with all of his power and might and all of his great ability, he could not open that present. In the next moment, there was a baby, 10 or 11 months old, maybe 15 months old at the most, sitting in front of that present and was very happily and easily opening the present. The big bull was tearing the ground up, was very powerful, was eating the great nutrients, but it was the baby that opened the box, not the big bull.

And I said to Jesus, “Either make me that baby or I’m not going to preach.” And He said, “You must become like a little child to enter the Kingdom of God.”  It’s not the manifestations; it’s not the great power you possess; it’s not your great abilities, it’s becoming like a little child and using the gifts of heaven in your life. That’s the answer. That’s it! And so I’ve been working on that ever since. All right, that ‘s one thing that happened. Oh, the little baby girl never did get healed. My fault. I stand before heaven responsible, because I’m not a person that will give the blame to you. I’ll take the responsibility and I will trust in the mercy of God for it.  I began to seek Heaven after that. Like I have said, I am not a man of fancy words. But my heart is so thirsty, I want Jesus. I want His great gifts. All of them! I will not be lacking in any gift. Period. I have the right to ask, I am a son and not illegitimate. I have the right to my daddy’s reserves.  And so I went to Him.  I went to the Bible and I began to find out from Genesis through Revelation, all the prayers in the Bible. I took them all and studied every one of them. I took them apart and studied them from every angle using commentaries. I wanted to know why when then men of the Bible prayed, their words did not fall to the ground. Then I studied fasting. Because the two things that move Heaven are prayer and fasting. If you can submit your soul in prayer, and your body in fasting, God hears you. So I looked through the Bible, and this is my opinion that I am about to share with you, in my opinion the hardest thing I could come up with, the most difficult thing I could find in the Bible for God to do was once a human being is dead, to bring that person back to life again. So I decided that through the Old Covenant and the New, that that was a thread of God’s power that was in both covenants. And so I decided that I was going to seek Heaven until the day came that I could walk up to a dead person and touch him and watch him get up from the dead. That is what I decided to do. I decided that it doesn’t matter if I have to fast until I turn into a bone, I don’t care. If I have to pray 24 hours every day, I have to have the great glory of God that it takes to change the world around me while I’m still alive.  I’m going to have it. So that is what I did, I sought after that.

I was called many things by people around me. I was “too immature, too young, I didn’t understand, I was too zealous, I was over-zealous, I was under-zealous”. I was called everything. But it didn’t stop me. Once I figured out that from Genesis to Revelation there was a common flow through all the prophets, apostles, and men of God - they all went towards God from the same direction. You cannot get Him any other way. When I decided that was right, that is what I did. And I still do the same things. And so began an ordeal of year after year after year of prayer and fasting, diligence, hours and hours and hours per day fasting, praying, seeking Heaven, and reading and studying and meditating on the scriptures. Thousands of hours of riding in a truck on a bumpy old road, beating up and tearing up vehicles, and motorcycles, and horses, myself and people around me, all of us getting hurt and getting over it. But I would not be satisfied until I, with my own hand, could see something that could not be faked. How do I know you even had a headache before they started praying for you?

So I sought Heaven, and the response was wonderful! Right here in Matthew 21, there are a few things that we are going to be talking about in the next few days, and you will probably going to get tired of hearing it, because I’m going to say it over and over and over and over again to you. It says right here in verse 17, that “He left them and went out of the city into Bethany, and He lodged there. In the morning-time, he returned to the city.” What does it say about him?  “He hungered.”  The man was like me, he gets hungry. Sometimes he wants a double hamburger.  It says right here that he saw a fig tree, but he found no fruit on it. He only found leaves on the tree.  Could I give you some advice? We are trees, most of us. I know that I am a grafted-in tree. I am grafted-in to the orchard of God, the vineyard of Heaven. Do I have the right, when the King comes to me, to not have fruit on me? Do I have the right? Is there an excuse good enough? “I haven’t been in the season Lord. It is not the season Lord.” He is the King, and when He comes wanting fruit, who are we not to give it to Him?  Who do we think that we are? I know this: It doesn’t matter how deep the mud, it doesn’t matter how much it rains, it doesn’t matter how hot it is, it doesn’t matter what kind of food it is. None of that is important. One of the problems with people who want to come to work with us is that, I need to tell you this before you come, I don’t see the distance between this place and that place, I see when people are raised from the dead and born again. I don’t see the difficulties, and I don’t understand people that do see them. And I don’t want to understand them. I see people that don’t have Jesus, and whatever it takes me to get there doesn’t matter, the amount of money is not relevant. The amount of things that have to be expended so that one person can be born again doesn’t matter. What matters is that they go with me, and Jesus tells us “Well done!”  That is what is important. And so I am not understood because I don’t understand. I don’t understand when someone’s flesh needs something, when I know that another soul is going to burn in hell unless I get there, and my flesh is crying, so what?  They need the fire of Heaven on them. They need zeal in them. They need compassion. And I have those things. And for me not to get it to them is sin.

I have been equipped with fruit that the world needs. Who am I, that when the King says, “Give it!”, I don’t give it, because of some immaterial little bump like bullets or machetes or something else? When the King comes I don’t want this, I don’t want Him to tell me “No fruit grow on you ever again.” I don’t want to wither up and dry, and become useless, a person that could have borne fruit. I don’t want people to say “He used to be a good tree.” The Bible says in verse 21, I don’t care what kind of translation you have, it will say something similar to what mine says. It says “Truly, I say to you, if you have faith” - that’s what we are talking about here isn’t it? Isn’t that the whole thing?

Not long ago my son went out - my son is now 25 years old and he works with us. He’s been through school and he works with us. He’s a good boy. - he went out to church with my son-in-law. My daughter got married and she and my son-in-law work with us also.  I teach my kids to preach the gospel, there is nothing else worth doing. If God decides that they are going to do something else, then He’ll have to train them, because I’m training them to preach. They would have to go to school to do something else, because they are all going to be able to preach, because that is God’s will. That is my entire view on “family values”. And I am the boss, too, in my house.  So my son went to church because it was God’s will for him to go to church. The place was in political turmoil. There were terrorists near that area. I am being nice when I call them terrorists. I’m being very “politically correct”. Devils! They are devils. All of them. Anybody can rape a woman, and anybody can take a little baby by the feet and break its head open on an oak tree. You are not “macho” (manly), you’re a devil if you do that. Now you know another doctrine we have. We hate devils.

So my son went to church, and it was a normal sunny day, just like here except hotter. We use these motorcycles called a Honda XR-600R. Are any of you familiar with that? It’s a very nice motorcycle. We use them to go up into the mountains. We also use trucks called a 1-ton, 4 wheel drive, Ford. They don’t make anything else, I think, but maybe someday they will. So they went to church, my son-in-law went on his motorcycle, and my son went in his truck. They went to two different churches. But something happened. The town I live in  has much political turmoil. It is a “cabeza”, which is a capital or main city. It is a headquarters of many, many demons.  I was asked by several missionaries, “Why are you moving into that town?” Because there are devils there, that is why I moved there. There are many prettier towns, and towns that have much fewer devils. But why not go where the devil is and set up the Kingdom of God, and let’s take it from him. I recall where the Bible says something like “be violent and take it by force”.

Are you all bored? OK. So these terrorist devils took over the town I live in. But the problem was that my daughter-in-law was inside the town. The enemy had the town cut off, it is a big town, and there was a lot of bloodshed and war happening. My son and son-in-law are out doing the will of God, they are out preaching the gospel. And my daughter-in-law is in my house alone, except for our 135-pound Rottweiler named Jake. I would not suggest bothering Jake. He’s like me; he doesn’t tolerate much. At least he didn’t at that time. I received a phone call, I was in another place, about 2:30 in the morning. My daughter-in-law was a little nervous. She had reason to be nervous, there were bullets flying all around. My son was gone, and she was talking to him on the radio, he was stopped by the army outside of the town.

People ask me all the time “why do you live in that town?”  Another question they ask is “Why do you send your children into places you know are dangerous?”  Like I told you before, I don’t see the danger, I see souls. And when Jesus comes, He’s going to find fruit on us. If I submit to danger, if I submit to fear, doubt, unbelief, deception, if I submit to lies of the devil, I will not be fruitful - I will be defeated. Eventually. Let me read verse 22 to you. I would like to know if your Bible says the same thing that my Bible says in the first two words. It says, “All things”. Does yours say something similar? Does that exempt dangerous situations where your children are involved? Does that exempt situations, where people you love have been attacked aggressively by a demon spirit? Does it exempt when a ruling prince of the devil has come and grabbed onto someone, even though you are praying and fasting and seeking God, one sneaks by and one of your precious children is lying there dying of some unknown disease? Does it mean every situation except when your finances have run out? When your friends have deserted you? What does it mean?!  It must not mean those things, because the army I am in is not as big as you think it is. We get named all kinds of things. “You are an elite group”, “You are wild men”, “You are this, you are that”. I don’t agree with that. We’re normal, and we hate the devil, and it doesn’t make any difference what the “thing” is, it submits. It doesn’t matter what it’s name is. My Bible says in Philippians somewhere that all things, whether in the heavens, or in the earth, or under the earth, will bow to the name of Jesus. Is that true or not? Is that what your Bible says? Mine says that.

I’m a militant, you’re correct in thinking so. I hate the devil and I despise bowing to him. I won’t. I won’t!  It is not even an option. “All things,” and there is another word “whatever”, “you ask in prayer”.  What will happen? You are going to believe! And then what will happen? You will receive. That is the end of it. Ok? I have to tell you what the Bible says, because I’m going to start telling you some things now that will “freak you out” (astonish you).

My daughter-in-law asked me, “What do you want me to do?” I told my daughter-in-law, “You go to bed.”  Was there not a time when Jesus was in a boat, maybe in Mark chapter 3 or chapter 4, and there was a great storm. All of the apostles were frustrated, fearful, wondering in amazement at the storm. Where was Jesus?! He was asleep on the pillow! OK? Somebody was wrong in this situation. Who was wrong? It wasn’t Jesus. It wasn’t God. Do you see how frustrated this makes me? I told my daughter-in-law, “Lie down and put your bed by the radio so you can hear Jody, and you go to bed.”  She didn’t grow up in my home. She is a “foreigner”. I’m serious. She didn’t have the same values taught to her that I teach my children and workers. She didn’t go through the same stress and the same shaping mold and all the things we have been through as a family.  But she said to me these exact words: “OK”. Smart girl! She’s a blessing. So my big old dog Jake, ­since I wasn’t there, he circled the house a few times. She put out a small bed for the dog and he went over near the window and lay down. That was not his normal place to sleep. She told me later that through the night he would get up and walk around. She could hear his claws on the floor as he went through the house. He was checking to see if things were ok. He knew something unusual was happening. How did he know? I don’t know. Jesus. Jesus talks to my dog? Absolutely. He also talks to my horse. Sometimes He tells the horse to not listen to me (because of danger). The animals know. They’re good friends to me.

In the morning, there was still no word from Jody. This is what I told her: By “x” time, if there is no word, I if there is no word, I myself will be there and I will get you out. How is that possible? Because there is something inside of me called the Holy Ghost, and I would not suggest that you annoy Him. Because He might decide to fill me with His power. I don’t live in the attitude of “What if He doesn’t?” or “Maybe I’m in presumption”. No! I’m not in presumption. It is God’s will to get my daughter-in-law out of that problem. Everything in between is irrelevant, I’ve already told you that. We don’t even look at that. You look at Jesus, you get the problem fixed, and that is all.  So Jesus, knowing that I will do that, intervened for me. A few minutes before the time I was supposed to be there, somehow He opened the way through the soldiers, I don’t understand how He did it, but then my son was able to get through. Jody got to his wife and everything was fine.  They were all delivered and it is wonderful.

How is it possible to call upon a God whom you can’t see? Occasionally, we are allowed to feel His presence, thanks be to God forever!  How is it possible to call upon a being whom you’ve never seen, at least most people have not seen Him, and have Him respond? Because it says in my Bible here, let me read it to you one more time since you aren’t grabbing this yet, “All things whatever that you ask for in prayer, believing, you can receive it.” You can have it. It’s yours. You must understand, I prayed to Heaven for four and a half years to be able to touch a dead person and have them be raised up. I was around a lot of dead people, because where I live is not the same as where you live. Where you live, you call the coroner (person who verifies the death), the ambulance comes and takes away the body and you never see it again until the funeral, then you put them in the ground that is all. You have “embalming”, and the whole process of arranging the funeral can take several days. It is not like this where we live. The family takes care of the body. Every family takes care of their own dead. So there are many opportunities to touch people that are dead. Our mission work is very large. There are thousands of people who are born-again. And I very much want to aggressively “attack” you because you need to realize that what I’m telling you is real. Because you must understand that the things I will tell you later did not come to me just because I decided to say to Heaven, “OK, I’m ready to do this.”  We eagerly sought the Lord, and He heard our cry. And we continually seek the Lord and He continually hears our cry.   [Time: 46:15]

Go to Mark, chapter 3, OK? I can’t give you a step-by-step explanation about how to get all this stuff. I can only show you what the Bible says and it is up to you to take it. It works. What it says in that book is for me now. You can diffuse it, you can dilute it, you can do anything you desire to do with it. That is your privilege. But when He is talking in that book, He is talking to me. And it’s for now. OK? Here in Mark 3, somewhere near verse 13  is where we will start. I went days and days, and months and weeks and years seeking Heaven - “diligence”. Do you all know what that word means? It’s a new word that has been put into the English vocabulary. Jesus dropped it into the universe lately. “Diligence”. It came the same time as “faithfulness”. It came the same time as “discipline”. Most Americans don’t understand any of those terms. It came with “responsibility”. You must get those things in you, and they come through time with Jesus. “Sincerity” - you must have it. “Loyalty”, “Commitment”.

Everything I tell you is because I am a “lifer” (someone committed to a task for the rest of his life). Do you all know what that means? I am not short-term, part time, looking for any other ministry. That does not describe me at all. Those Indians are my home, I’m going to stay there until I die, and I’m happy with that. It took great effort by Jesus to get me there, and I’m going to stay there. Do you understand that I am a person with a destiny and a purpose? I have been chosen, hand-picked by royalty for a job. I have been trained and possessed by the Great King, to complete what I have been called to do. Nothing else matters! I can’t see it. I can’t see anything else. The reason I can’t is because of what I’m going to read to you here. Because the first time - I must tell you this first, I can’t tell you success, I must tell you failure first. My greatest successes have come out of my deepest failures. Nobody likes that kind of preaching!

[Time: 50:10]
“Monsoon”. Do you all know what that word means? I heard that last year you had a hurricane come here to this city. I saw that on the news. I said to myself, “Now we will see how committed they are to stay in this city.”  A little bit of rain tests everybody’s ability to stand (fortitude). The monsoons came. I was fresh in Mexico, I didn’t have any work at all. I had a lot of time off. When you don’t have any work, you have lots of free time. I am not the kind of person who enjoys a lot of free time, I like to be busy, busy, busy. Free time makes you very bored, gives you too much energy, and you usually make mistakes, at least I do. So I stay busy to keep that energy level down some. I had a little group of young people that I was spending time with, children that lived on the streets, about 25 of them. Many of them did not have a daddy (father), so I was teaching them about Jesus. I would take them fishing and play with them. They had never done any of it before, so I was like a daddy to them. The monsoons came. It was my first year with monsoons. I didn’t understand monsoons then, but I have a good understanding now. There was a knock at my gate. I went outside to find one of the young men standing there. “Mr. David, you are a good athlete and an excellent swimmer. Please get your swimming equipment and come to the river. One of our friends has fallen in and we can’t find him”. The monsoons cause the rivers to swell-up very fast. They are very treacherous and very bad. The boy had been underwater for an hour. I grabbed my equipment and ran down to the river. I stripped down and dove into the river. The water was muddy, murky, and scary. In Spanish it is called a “remolino”, where the water flows backwards from the current. In English it is called a “whirlpool”. There were four of us in the water, and they were certain that the boy was down in the water. Every time I would come up for air, there were over a thousand people on the edge of the river, and they were screaming orders to us. I’ve learned many lessons in the things I have faced throughout the years. Don’t tell me where to go unless you are going to get into the water with me. That’s another thing you don’t do to guys like me. If you’re going to get into that water with me and suffer and understand, and you let it beat on you, I’ll listen to you. But if you’re going to stay on the riverbank and act like you know everything, and say that we don’t know anything, even through we are putting the little knowledge that we do have into action and you are not, shut up. I mean that in a good sort of way.

Eventually, we found him tangled up in the “willow” trees. Do you all know what willow trees are? It is a tree that has long, skinny limbs. When they are covered in water, the limbs are like tentacles. If you go by, it just wraps you up and won’t let go, and it is scary, especially when it is black under the water. The tree grabbed onto me, but I was able to break all the limbs off and get away, thank you Jesus!  I was scratched a bit, but that’s ok. Because while I was trying to get away from the tree, I touched the body of the boy. I broke him loose and brought him up. OK, we had a little boat. We put him up into the boat and were talking about what to do with him. We decided to take him out of the river, so we did. There were many people on the riverbank trying to give us advice. We got him out and laid him on the riverbank. And right in the middle of all that confusion, the mother was screaming and the daddy was wailing, it was difficult, I don’t like being near that, but you have to be sometimes. So we laid the boy down there, and right in the middle of all of that, Jesus spoke to me to pray for him, “I WILL raise him from the dead!”   You are right. It was an awesome moment. But I disobeyed.  Oops!  I’m standing there watching all of the confusion and hurt and pain. Do you understand what I am at for the Kingdom of God at that moment? I am a doorway of power! But because of what I am looking at right here - the faces of men - fear gripped me at the same time that faith did. Doubt and unbelief. My King was asking for fruit, and let me show you what I did. I was bent over him like this, I walked away. Oh, that is a bad feeling. I would not suggest that you ever do that. It will not be good for you a few minutes later. I can still feel the hurt and the emotions of the moment, because I disobeyed God Almighty. Listen to this! Listen to this! I live with this pain everyday. I condemned that 14-year-old boy to eternal damnation. He was not born again.

By the time I had gone back home, the demon that was riding my back had finished his job. I was useless. I began to “blubber” (cry uncontrollably) and became confused and doubtful. The condemnation was huge. All kinds of other demons had settled in on me and became a cloud that I could not see through. I could not sort through the emotions and it grasped onto my spirit, because I had submitted to it. Because of one thing - the fear of man. They can take their intimidation and go back to the hell they came from. No more for me. No sir! I won’t “eat” that anymore, it is a bad and sour pill. That is why I seem aggressive to you. That is why I seem overpowering and intimidating. I won’t allow certain things that have “eaten my lunch”, to even come to the table with me. They are not even allowed to sit with me. They can go to hell, and right now is a good time to go. Yahoo! And I am serious. Oh, I can feel  the devil’s aggression on me. Can you feel it?

So I went through a month of the most miserable days of my life. And finally, thanks be to God for a good woman, my wife is really tiny, but she’s really feisty (full of energy and aggressive attitude). She’s a good lady. She came marching in to the room, grabbed me by the shirt collar, and she said “Hey! Listen to me!” But I didn’t want to. I was “rolling in the mire” (mud) of it. I didn’t want to hear her, I didn’t want to hear anybody. She said, “This is what you are going to do.” I didn’t have a choice, I wasn’t the king anymore. She said, “You will either get up and win souls like Jesus told you to do, and you will let the devil fall off of you, and you will forgive yourself, and you will let God forgive you, or let’s go home!” That was God talking to me. She was the only one with enough courage to tell me. I looked at her and I said, “OK”.  So I got up, and go a few tracts. I went outside and started my old 454 Positraction, 456 gears, tuned headers, tuned carburetors, started up my old 4-wheel drive truck and I went to a village and came back feeling a little bit better. The next day, she helped me to get into the truck again, and I was a little bit better, until finally after another month, I was running at full speed again. But now I have the most valuable lesson of all in my experience. I am a failure without obedience to the name of Jesus. Yahoo!  That makes me powerful! Because now I know what the bowels of failure and hell truly mean: total destruction for the human body and soul. Total destruction of what little ministry that exists. You must realize this: Jesus is your source, Jesus will sustain you, without Him you can do nothing, but with Him you can do anything!

(Start of second recording)
A few months later, I was doing very good! I had gone into a valley in Mexico that nobody, from anywhere, had ever gone into and said “Jesus is Lord!”  Oh, that’s fun! That’s fun! That’s fun. My job is fun! Yes, the hordes of hell are relentless. Yes, the diseases - you’ve never heard of them. The tormenting spirits, the lies, oh that is rough! But you have to understand this, these “principalities” - (speaking to the teacher in the room) Do they know what that is? (crowd laughs) Well, many times Americans don’t know these things. (makes chopping motion with his hand) Ooh, chop, chop, chop. “Principalities” are governing spirits, demons, governments that most people don’t think exist, but they are there. Long ago there was a man named Adam, he made a big mistake.  He made a big mistake; he was a traitor. When he betrayed us and the Kingdom of God, demon hordes were released onto this planet and they claimed territories and areas and established strongholds. And they defend it violently against the Kingdom of God. So from the day that Adam rebelled against God until the day that you walk into one of these villages or territories, nobody has ever fought against them. I am an ambassador from Heaven. I have the right to walk into these territories that have never heard this: “JESUS IS LORD! I proclaim it, and I decree it!”  So you are standing there, and when you proclaim “Jesus is Lord!” all of the authority of Heaven comes into conflict with the authorities of hell. And there is an amazing eruption that happens. And it is instant!  Demons - I don’t know how much of this will be alright to talk about.  (crowd responds) I am not swayed by your opinion in this matter. These demons will come after you, but when light hits an area, darkness flees from it. God allows me to have the energy to stand, and these angels that have been assigned to us, they look at Heaven and are scared. But they have to go with us. And there is another person that runs around with me. He is BIG! His name is Jesus, and He is with me, and He is my friend. In the Bible, in John chapter 15 I think, it says “I no longer call you a servant, but a friend.”  Wow! That makes me an important person. I’m a friend of Jesus. Do you understand? So if Jesus is my friend, why do I worry about this big prince of the devil that is standing there? Because Jesus said that it is ok for me to be there. So then (speaking to the demon) you get out! Because Jesus is the King of the universe, and you are a loser!

I was in a village called “Kla-klapango”. I was there with my fancy 4-wheel drive truck. There is no electricity or water from pipes. I’m happy to be there. The smell of the jungle and the heat hits me because my air conditioner is off now. A little Indian man ran up to me, a little man about this tall, and touches me on the shoulder. He said to me “Brother David, Mi hijo esta para morir.” This means “My son is about to die”. I said “I must first go and preach the gospel, then I will go and lay hands on the sick.” Does your Bible say in Psalm 107 verse 20, “God sent His word to heal”? The word has to be preached first. That is just my opinion, OK?  It isn’t always that way, but this time it was. So he and I went to church. I turned on my little kerosene lantern. You have to understand the environment: grass roof, dirt floor, new “baby” church. I was winning! I had a few converts where there used to be none. I have a couple of new believers in a place that for thousands of years was controlled by a demon. And now there is the light of the gospel there with the ability to take ownership of everything it touches. The oppression and the pressures are very real, and they don’t feel good. But it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t stop the power of God! Do you understand? The little church service was good. I began to pack again to go home because I had finished what I came to do - preach the gospel. That man that came with me had sat with me through the service and listened while I preached. Now he said to me “Brother David, you must come and pray for my son.” I said “OK.”  We started hiking through the jungle. The scene was awesome! I was the only American within hundreds of miles. The trees were gigantic, and the smells of the jungle were wonderful to me. There are houses scattered around, but it is quiet and you cannot see them. I only knew they were there because a dog barked. It was dark like a cave because the trees block the light. And my little kerosene lantern gave us some light in the darkness. It reminded me of the gospel. Darkness surrounds us, and we walk into it with a little light. The gospel is power, and it helps people to see how to walk down the trail. It is wonderful! As we kept walking with the local men, we started up a mountain and I heard a woman wailing. I didn’t know what the sound meant. But the closer we went to the man’s home, the louder the noise became. We came close to the house and the Indian brother went inside because it was his house. He stayed inside for a moment. He came back out. Now responsibility “hits” me. The little Indian man was very angry and stood with his face in mine and said “My son is dead! Now YOU are going to heal him.” This was intimidating. How many of you have read the latest book on how to raise the dead? There isn’t one. Scripture verses began to run through my mind. Fear grabbed me again. Doubt and unbelief were there. This time was different than the last time. This time I don’t have the direct commandment from Jesus to me “Raise the dead”. I didn’t hear it this time.  Uh-oh, now things are complicated. Is it the will of God or not? Will it be the submissive, or permissive, or perfect will of God? Is the devil in him, on him, or around him? Who cares? Throw him out!

Ok, now things are going to get more complicated, and I am going to attack some more of your favorite religious dogmas. I went inside the hut. The hut was small because they don’t waste things there. I bent down to go inside the door. The house is made of sticks. The man made the house by gathering sticks from the jungle and tying them together with “bejuco”. What is “bejuco”? (someone responds from the crowd) Vines! How did you know that? Vines from the jungle. There is a certain kind of grass in the jungle, if you cut it on one of the 5 days of the full moon, the grass roof will last for 40 years. If you cut it on any other day, the grass will rot in less than 1 year. It is because Jesus made it that way. He is amazing! So I get inside the house and there are two or three candles burning. The first thing I see is a woman on the middle of the dirt floor, holding something, rocking back and forth, and screaming. Her 9 year-old son’s body is stretched out. He has been dead for 4 hours. I looked over by her right side, and there were two black-magic warlocks (witches) standing there. Standing next to them are two spiritist healers (witches). Two elders from the town were also there. They hate Jesus - they are antichrists. There were many demons there. When the woman, who is a Christian sister, looked up and saw me - I looked very concerned! There was a dead boy, warlocks, spiritist healers, and antichrists there. It is time to be serious! So what should you do? Pray, believe, receive, what?  “All things whatever.” Is this true? Are you starting to understand how I think? I believe the Bible. Scriptures from the old and new testaments began to go through my mind about how different people were raised from the dead. I didn’t know what to do because no one had written a book about this, except the Bible. I now know that the Bible is the only book I need for this kind of situation. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have a direct command from God. I did not have an angelic visitation, I did not have a finger write on the wall. I didn’t even have a bird chirping. I had two black-magic warlocks, two spiritist healers, two antichrists, and all of them were chanting evil spells against me!  If I were a typical American, I would think “The spiritual “airwaves” are not clean, so I can’t pray. Praise the Lord.”  (crowd responds in agreement)  If I were to wait for the “spiritual airwaves” to be clean, I would NEVER pray! I do “pioneer” work. No Christian has ever prayed there before. So all the “airwaves” are polluted by the demon powers. Why do you think we have the Holy Spirit? Let me share some important information with you: There is not a devil big enough to stop Jesus! (crowd responds) Yahoo! That is really the truth. Isn’t it? That is the truth. Your emotions do not have any authority in the situation. Don’t listen to your emotions or you will always be in trouble. What the devil says - whether it is in your mind, or spirit, or what you are seeing or feeling or tasting or touching - has no authority over what the word of God says. What those warlocks were saying had no power over the word of God. They cannot - can NOT - stop Heaven. Yahoo!

I remembered what Jesus did. Scriptures began to run through my mind. I thought to myself, “Jesus probably did it right.” It’s very easy. Here is what to do. I’m going to show you. You can never say that you haven’t been taught what to do, because I’m going to show you. This hand was on the little boy’s head. The mother had gone back into a corner and was whimpering. I have my hand on the boy’s head, and my big hands usually cover up their little heads. Then I decided to see if he was only half-dead. Maybe I could find a faint heartbeat. That would be easier! I looked all over that boy for a faint heartbeat, a pulse, and there was nothing. So I said, “He must be all the way dead.”  So I began praying. Usually when I talk about raising the dead, there are many questions that people have. But I’m not going to give you the right to ask, so don’t even think about it. Don’t raise your hand, I’m not going to listen. The questions are always the same: “How did you pray? How long did you pray? What did you pray?”  Why is it important what I prayed? The name of Jesus is what is important. The method I used was probably wrong. But Heaven gives us grace and mercy and we give the glory to God. This way the situation usually is ok. So I began praying for him. I prayed in English. That didn’t work. I prayed in Spanish. Uh-oh, that didn’t work. I prayed in Indian. Uh-oh, that didn’t work. I prayed in “tongues”. Uh-oh, that didn’t work. That was all of the languages that I knew. What should I do? I told you already, I can’t give the credit to anything but the name of Jesus. I can feel God’s spirit on me now and I feel like He is carrying me away. I think I was so nervous that I was praying a few words in one language and then in another. But in every language, the name of Jesus was there, and that is what is important. “How long?” I have no idea. I know that I began to sweat a lot, but it was a hot night, around 38 degrees Celsius at 11 o’clock at night. I was praying and sweating and holding onto the little boy’s arm. He was stiff and sticky, and had lost all of his color. He was whiter than I am and usually they are almost black. Suddenly, while I was praying - the little boy was wearing a t-shirt - the father and I saw the t-shirt bounce. I looked at the father and his eyes were as big as mine, because he saw it also. But the devils are still standing there chanting. They are still angry and cursing God and me and everyone else. For some reason, that didn’t bother the Holy Spirit. What do you think of that? The Holy Spirit came into the room, thumped the heart of that little boy and made it work again. In a few minutes, his little arm became limp. And then - listen - the color came back into him. He became warm again. WOW! Some of you may be thinking “David, you should calm down!” but you are wrong! Maybe tomorrow, because today is the day of salvation, just like when Jesus was raised from the dead. Today is the day of power and resurrection. Today is the day of glory! Today is the day of visitation.

I don’t know why God came into the room and through me, or however He did it, to heal that boy. I don’t feel qualified or adequate. I don’t feel like I have enough Bible knowledge. But that doesn’t seem to bother the Holy Spirit if I feel that way, as long as I call on the name of Jesus in faith. As long as I believe that “All things whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” That is what I believe. That is what the Bible says. Listen to me. I didn’t know what to do next, because his eyes opened and he looked at me. Almost all of the children are afraid of me because I am so big to them. But this little boy was in perfect peace. I picked him up - this is wonderful - this little boy who is alive, who was dead for a little over four and a half hours. You remember what the Bible says, that when Jesus raised children from the dead, He always brought them to their mother. And He usually told them to give the children something to eat. So I took the little boy and - those warlocks and spiritist healers are now like this (his mouth is wide open). (crowd responds) YEAH! JESUS! JESUS! Jesus. Jesus! YEAH! Yahoo! Jesus! JESUS! YEAH!

I don’t believe in homework. (he is preaching in a Bible school) Sorry. That doesn’t mean your schoolwork. I am a man that lives in the jungle, so you will have to endure some differences about me. Please, read the Bible in Mark chapter 3:13. I want you to read them and think about them, and become them by the time I see you tomorrow. I want to read them to you and then pray with you, and I understand that some of you have to go. Stay standing up please. I’ve been on my feet for two hours, you can stand up for a few minutes.

I was able to take that child - this is wonderful, this is wonderful!  I took that child over to the mother…”What should I say? What should I say?” You want to say the right thing, because everything you do now will be the pattern for what will happen in the future. Because now that the power of God has raised the dead, there is no way for me to go back. I cannot be calm; I must go “crazy”. I took the baby and laid him in his mother’s arms and she was astounded, like I was.  I truly wish that I could seem very “spiritual” with you. (changes his voice) This is what is going to happen brother and sister. But I would be lying to you. Jesus came there because He had compassion for that lady. And He helped me, too.  I was so astounded that it worked. It truly works. Here is what I told the lady, and it is a good thing to say if you ever get into this situation.  “Here is your son back from the dead by the power and the glory of the blood and the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Yahoo!

It says in the Bible (Mark 3:13) “He went up on a mountain and called to Him those he wanted.” Now you are called. Uh-oh. The second part of that verse says “and they came unto Him”. You have done that. “Brother Hogan you are making this too simple.” No, I’m not!  He called us to Him. You have come to Him. The second thing that is very valuable is that they went. You have and so have I. You have started a journey with Jesus. The Bible says He ordained them (appointed them). That has happened to your life. That is why you feel compelled and drawn and sent and pushed out. You have been ordained by Heaven. OK? What were they ordained to do? This is important. If I can only leave one thing with you, this is it. In my opinion, as a man who has been around the world several times, I’ve been in some of the greatest services that will ever be. I have personally been where 21 people have been raised from the dead. Listen to me - that is awesome! But it is nothing compared to your ability to be in His presence. What did He ordain them to do first? To be with Him! Do you all see that? Is that what your Bible says? Mine says that. You have to take time and study it carefully. Don’t rush, don’t rush.  The first part is that you heard the call of Jesus. The second part is that you responded. You are obedient this far. But now you must understand that the most important thing you can ever do is spend time with Jesus. You won’t “glow”, if you don’t sit at the feet of Jesus.  I may be the most simple man you have ever met, but you won’t ever find anyone in our generation that has touched as many dead people and seen them get up as I have. How does that feel?  “I don’t like the way you dress.”  I don’t care, I don’t like the way you dress either. “I don’t like the way you speak.”  Who cares?  Spending time with Jesus is “numero uno”, that is “number one”.  Don’t ever forget that. If you start feeling important, you are in danger. I get to speak at the greatest conferences in the world. Do you know what the best part of the day is for me? I enjoy being with you, but the best part of the day was waking up this morning, walking over to the window of the hotel, opening the curtain and saying “Sunshine, you caught me worshipping Jesus again.” Me and the sun have this little race to see who can get up first.

It says in the next verse, “After”. After they spent time with Jesus, then He sent them out to preach. That’s not first. That is second. You are valuable and you are important to the world. But you are useless without the presence of Jesus. Useless. Don’t go. Don’t humiliate yourself and the people who are sending you, without Jesus being with you. The way that you get Him with you, is to go to Him. Then He will send you to preach. Then there is something else that He will send you to do. It says in verse 15, if you don’t do it in this order, you’re not going to be successful. It says, “…to have power to heal sicknesses” and the fourth thing is “to throw out devils.” That is not the first thing. That is the last. OK? In my opinion, and the devils listen to what I say - they do, they fear us - the most valuable thing that you possess is the ability to seek Jesus. It is not how well you speak. It is not how well you pray. It is not how well you heal the sick. It is not the number of demons you cause to leave when you walk in the room. It is how well you know how to speak “I love you Jesus!” “I need you Jesus!” “Absorb me Jesus, possess me Jesus.”

The day before I drove over here, there were approximately 7 new demons unleashed on me. It is - I don’t care if you understand this - the new demons are invigorating. It makes me stay alert. I respect my enemy (the devil), but I hate him. My King is bigger than any demon. Hell does not have a devil big enough to stop God’s power. I am very cautious how I am about to pray because of the things that are happening in our ministry. But I know you people have been touched by God and I respect this anointing with very great respect. Because God has let me speak to you, I am being careful that every word will be challenging to your spirit. You need the fire of God. You need the fire of God. I need the fire of God. We together need the fire of God. Do you have someone that can play the piano? I am not going to pray for each person here today, but there is something we must do. We need to thank Jesus for the blood that He shed. That is what we need to do now. I want you to know that if you open your heart to Him, you will not be ready for what will happen. Because He like it when we worship Him for His precious blood. His blood was pure and not sinful. His blood makes us clean and gives us relationship with God. It is perfect. The presence of Jesus has come into this house now. I can feel the power of Heaven and it is wonderful. I like it. I didn’t get very far in my sermon, is that OK? (speaking to the piano player) Do you know some songs about the blood of Jesus? Anything you know is fine with me. Do you sing or just play? Begin to softly worship Jesus and thank Him for his blood, OK? (speaking to the audience) I would like you to let your spirit “soar on wings of eagles”. Allow the presence of God to consume you. Great River of Life, flow through this house. Great Presence of the Wind of God, blow in this house. Great Fire of God, burn us! Change us! Consume us! We submit in the name of Jesus. Fire of God in this house! Fire!

Transcript 2 is below:

Psalms 27:1  The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
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Transcript of David Hogan
“Faith to Raise the Dead” Tape 2
Underlined words were in dialect, or using idioms, and are now correct English. Words in parenthesis ( ) are to show context, or audience response, they are not part of his speech.

(Starting at the beginning of his talk.)

Have you all been having a good day? Me too. Jesus. So, did you all do your homework? Me too. There’s only about six or seven directions we can go, but we’re going to start in Matthew chapter 21. Is it alright if I pray with you all for a moment?

Lord Jesus, thank you for the opportunity to stand here again and I ask you that every ounce of anointing that’s in your word would come on us. I ask you for the name of Jesus to be glorified. I ask you that every power of darkness, every principality and witchcraft and spirits of hell be destroyed by the blood of Jesus. I curse the devil and I challenge the covens (organized groups of witches) and witches, and I rebuke them in Jesus’ name. I stand before the presence and glory of God in Jesus’ holy name. Thank you. Amen.

Matthew 21. There’s a verse here I’d really like to share with you all. Some people don’t know it, evidently. Matthew 21:22. It’s an important verse. It says “All things whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive them.” That’s an amazing verse, isn’t it? Isn’t that nice? That’s a nice verse.

We are asked by the Holy Ghost, sometimes, to do things that nobody else has ever done - ever. Quite regularly we get asked to go into places and to fight with warlocks and to fight with principalities, and to fight against religious demon spirits, and to war against them. They are very powerful, they are very big, they have no limit to their amount of money, political power, or prestige. There is no possible way to win. But Jesus still asks us to go in and take it anyway. We are limited in our understanding, we are overpowered, we are under-staffed, but we always win. It’s not possible, but we always win. And it is because that everything you do, regardless of how insignificant it is, must be bathed with prayer; must be anointed with fasting; must be sought after diligently from the Lord. Ok?

It may seem like it’s not important, but it is important. I was asked by one of the men with me to share something with you­ and I decided to do that. It is a very valuable thing: I was a new missionary in the field; I didn’t have any money; I was given a new truck and that was a blessing. I had a couple of hundred dollars per month coming in. I had my wife, my self, and two children, and it’s not enough money - just a couple hundred dollars. There wasn’t enough to get food with, much less do any ministry with. But I was doing it anyway. I don’t suppose you can find anywhere in the Bible where the house of God was outnumbering its enemies. We are always the underdog (the one in an unfavorable condition). Always. We are not used to that, being Americans. We are used to being the powerful ones. We are used to being the one that always wins. We’ve always got the money, we’ve always got the technology, we’ve always got the armies, we’ve always got the bullets, we’ve always got whatever we need to win. We’ve got it and we’ve always had it. But now we are in a different army.

There is a word in Spanish that we don’t have in English, “provier”. We have the word “provide”. But it doesn’t mean the same thing. At the end of Hebrews 13, it says God will “provier” His army (in Spanish “su ejército”). And that word means a constant, continuous supply of technology, weaponry, manpower, and finances without limit. Isn’t that amazing? That is really good. Especially when you go out into the field like I do and the men who work with me. We’ve been out there forever and forever on the sides of these mountains, and we are always alone. But I have to be able to relate to you the need to have a God that is more than enough when you’re not in Brownsville Assembly of God. Or when you’re not in Toronto. When it is you, and Jesus, and the devil, and the devil has the territory, the devil has the army, the devil has every opportunity and option and you have nothing but Jesus. Guess what He is? He is still Lord.

I have personally been caught by terrorists a few times. They are sissies and chickens (they act strong and tough, but are really not). They always have the advantage, they always have the best weapons, and beat you up and they think they are tough, but they are really sissies and chickens. One particular time I was in Guatemala and was caught, and it was not fun. They were beating on me and I don’t like it when people beat on me. I was in this situation, and it was super tense. My opportunities are zero; nobody knows where I am, except Jesus. And the Holy Spirit sent me an angel. This man walked out of the darkness; no weapons; a little tiny guy; the most unimpressive looking man I’ve ever met in my life. He came right up to me in the middle - I mean we are standing there with the guns on me, I’m a dead mean - and this white guy walks right up to me and taps me on the shoulder. And I’m feeling very hostile. I’m sure you would have done a better job; the only problem is that you were not there. And that is a problem, right? But we are going to remedy that, right? That’s what we are doing - we are learning; we are training for war; we are training for battle. And this guy was irritating me beyond limit. He was a little tiny man with no weapons, and I couldn’t understand why he was bothering me, because all these big guys with guns were all around me and were beating on me. I didn’t like it. I was not thinking Holy Ghost and Jesus, I was thinking: survival. My mindset of survival is probably different than yours, and we won’t go into that.

So this man is tapping on me and I finally turn to him and ask “What do you want?” He said, “Are you the man that is going around through these villages and preaching Jesus, and you touch people with your hand and they get healed?” I looked at him and I said, “It’s true that I touch people, but Jesus does the healing.” And then I went back to my intensity and the problem. It didn’t get through this thick skull yet what was happening here. He had even mentioned the name of Jesus and healing and it still didn’t get to me. Because things had escalated (became extremely dangerous and emotional) beyond measure, I promise. So he begins tapping me on the shoulder again, and I really don’t like that. It was worse for his to be tapping me on the shoulder than for those others to “tap” me in the face. It is worse. So I finally ask him, “Yes sir, what do you want NOW?”  He said, “Are you also the guy that brings the films about the life of the Lord Jesus, and gives them to us for free, and carries that equipment up into the mountains?”  And I said, “That is correct. I am the guy that does that. I carry that projector, it weighs about 14 kilograms and those mountains are tall, and I don’t like to do that but I have to anyway. Yes, I am responsible for that.”

He turned right to the captain - and we are talking about a hostile environment, as bad as it can get in the world, anywhere, anytime. We are talking about men that have decided what they are going to do with me. We are talking about a volatile situation that is completely out of control and there is no possible way for it to calm down, there is no possible way for me to get help in this situation, it is not possible. I have settled it in my heart and mind “I’m going to die. Let’s make it good.” - And so this guy turns to the captain and says “Let him go, he is a good man.” I mean, here is this little man with no weapons and who is not impressive at all. And the captain never said a word. So the little man said “I really think you ought to let this man go. He is helping our people. He takes nothing from them, but he gives to them. They come in and preach out of a book and people are healed; Lives are changed; Families are reunited; and he asks for nothing in return.”  The captain said to me “Tenga un buen viaje” “Have a nice trip.” Isn’t that amazing? That’s very interesting.  But that’s not all he said. Will somebody interpret what I’m about to say? Who will? (Speaking to man in audience) Stand up please. He said… (man begins to translate into Spanish and David reacts) No!, that isn’t what I want you to do. He spoke to me in Spanish and I want you to translate into English, is that all right? Ok. He said, “Senior David, la próxima vez que usted viene a mi país, (Mister David, the next time you come to my country) por favor a traes (please bring with you), esta Senior Jesu Christu (this Lord Jesus Christ), a mi gente (to my people)”.

Isn’t that amazing? “Whatsoever things you ask for in prayer believing, you shall have them.” Before that will work for you, you’ve got to come out of immature thinking, and lustful thinking. You’ve got to begin to think for the Kingdom of God, and the prosperity of God’s house; because if God’s house prospers, you will prosper. It is called “trusting heaven”. That’s what it is called.

Simple things - in the beginning I had a baby and I didn’t have enough money to buy a gallon of milk. Simple things like 2 dollars for a gallon (7.5 liters) of milk. It’s not possible; it’s not there. I went to the mailbox, like many of us do sometimes. We worship that little square; money comes out of that hole sometimes. “Come to me!”  But this particular day it didn’t cough up (give) a thing, except one letter from a little grandma. So I went home and threw my stuff down. My wife said, “I need a bottle for the baby.” I said, “I’m aware of that.”  My wife is not my enemy; the devil is my enemy. I’m not her enemy; the devil is her enemy. Sometimes that gets kind of blurry. You want the truth, right? Ok.

So I sat down and she was cooking me a meal. We had one meal left for us, and no bottle for the baby. We had already sold all of our Coca Cola bottles and already spent the money we got from them. We didn’t have anything left. We didn’t know anybody down in that part of the world where we live. In that letter, that little old grandma said “I am so sorry that I can’t help you more, but just maybe with this two dollars you can buy a gallon of milk.”  Wow. That’s pretty nice. (16:46)

I’ve got to do this. Here we go! We are going to Matthew chapter 10, is that alright? I’m going to do this. I believe this is right to do and I hope I’m right. Because your wood is about to be lit on fire. It doesn’t matter how old it is, how young it is, soggy, or saturated with demons, it will light today.

My family and I fast every other day of our lives. We fast six months every year. Unless there is a special reason, and then we fast more, but never less. We seek heaven in a way that is unprecedented. I don’t know a lot of other people that do this particular way. We believe it is right to “go for” (seek) Heaven, get a hold on Heaven and hang on to it. Every day for the past 20 years, when I’m home, I get up between 4:15 and 5:30, and I sit down with my kids. Everyone of them, since they were newborn, get up with me. We sit together for 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours, then they start their day, do their school, do their workouts, so do I. I usually fix my truck and then go to church. Every day, 7 days a week we do that. No days off. We seek Jesus together as a family. They are not here so I can brag about them a little bit. They are awesome people, my kids are and my wife too. When I’m in Mexico, my wife fasts 21 days every month. She’s an amazing person; I can’t do it. She’s amazing, I don’t know how she can do that, but she does it. We seek Heaven, do you understand what we do? We seek Heaven together as a family. All of my children, my smallest is 8 years old, a little boy from Guatemala who was discarded in the trash and we picked him up and he became our son. He’s a good little boy; I wish he were here. He has his little handkerchief, just like I do, and it hangs out of the same pocket. He calls it a “fuego”. He doesn’t know it’s a handkerchief. To him it’s a “fuego”, fuego is fire (in Spanish). He pulls that little handkerchief out and rolls it, just like I do, and he looks at you just like I do. When he flips that thing at you and says fuego, you are flying through the air like you were shot with a gun. A little 8 year-old boy; it’s amazing. He seeks Heaven with me. Heaven has come on him and anointed him. 8 years old; good boy.

Jesus. Jesus. I don’t receive any credit for what I do; it’s Jesus that does everything. I’m just learning how to submit to him, that’s all. And it’s not through conventional means. It’s not through what somebody else thinks is right. It’s through what my king Jesus did when He came here. He didn’t even start ministry until he had gone into the desert and fasted for forty days, and fought with the devil, and had angels minister to him. Isn’t that amazing? That’s amazing to me. (21:28)

Ok, I’m going to “go for it” (do what I know has to be done). I just want to be right, that’s all. Do you hear the quiet in here? That doesn’t bother me at all. What bothers me is if I do wrong. Right is better than wrong. Matthew, chapter 10. I’m going to use two verses and then really burn things up in a few minutes. Verse 7. I enjoy preaching out of here probably as much as anywhere else, verses 7 and 8. This is fun for me to preach this, because that list in verse 8 there, I can hold you here for weeks talking about the miracles. Thousands of people! Every part of the human body healed or recreated. What is the first phrase in verse 7? As you do what? Go. I think Jesus just put that phrase in there. (Speaking to one of his men) Brother Jeff, what is the name of that village up above “los ornos” (name of a village)? Chalaweete (name of another village).  The youngest member of that family is about 90 or 80.

Do you know what problem we are having with these mountain villages, when we go in where no one has every preached Jesus before? This happens to us all the time. One of the reasons we are so intense, one of the reasons we are not intimidated, one of the reasons we are so aggressive, me personally and all of us, is whenever a person who is born-again, who loves Jesus, who is excited, who has been healed, you feel good because you are doing right. And then they say, “Come with me.” And they take you too the town graveyard, and they show you their “antepasados”, their relatives who died before them, aunts, uncles, grandpas, grandmas, daddies, for several generations. And their question is this: “Where have you been?!”  And all you can do is cry and say “I’m sorry. But I’m here now and I will die for you.” It is the result of sin (Christians not sharing the gospel with the poor), and it happens to us all the time. Generations are laying there, and they say “What about them?” Let me tell you one thing, I will not die with that guilt on my head. You can take it; be responsible for it; misuse the anointing from God, not understand or redeem the times that are happening to you right now. That is your business, but I won’t have blood on my hands when I stand before the King. I told you yesterday, He is going to say to me and those Indians “You boys did good! Come in here.” You better get responsible. You better get some commitment; you better get a grip on some sincerity; you better understand what’s happening around the world. NOTHING is happening around the world. It is the greatest time to be alive ever, and there are more people leaving the missions field than are going to it. Horrible! It’s sin! Sin! (Makes angry sound). I’m not leaving. (26:30)

I apologize, but it doesn’t say “As you sit comfortably in your nice little benches here.” If it did, I would enjoy it and sit down right beside you and say “Thank God for this! This is good.” But since it doesn’t say that, you sit there - I’m going. “As you go”, comma, what are you going to do when you get there? What are your going to preach? You are going to preach “The Kingdom of God is near”. Do you hear me? Hello?  You’re not going to preach America. You’re not going to go there with goofy, traditional, stupid religion. You’re not going to go there to show the ignorant people of a third-world country how stupid they are, and that they need more technology…that’s not what they need! They need Jesus! They’re not ignorant. When all the stock markets in the world crash, do you know who is going to be eating and who is going to be starving? They’re going to be eating and you are going hungry. They may not know trigonometry, but they can look outside and say “It’s time to plant”. I look and say, “How did you know that?” Then they go and cut off a piece of the jungle plants and they burn it, they put a few seeds in the ground and then the rains come. How did they know that? They just know. Just like you know when your car is out of gas and you have to go put some more in there. They don’t know when my truck runs out of diesel; they wonder why I stop at those things anyway. They don’t know that, and I’m not teaching them that. I am not sent to teach them how a Ford truck runs. I am sent to teach them “The Kingdom of Heaven is near.” Yahoo! Ok.

“As you go, preach, saying The Kingdom of Heaven is near.” Now, we are going into some command form words here. I didn’t know all this stuff until I learned some different languages. Look at this next verse. Jesus is not telling you that if you are not sick you can do it. He isn’t saying that if it feels good to you, or if your emotions are in agreement, if the circumstances are in agreement - He said “Heal the sick!” That is what my Bible says. It says in my Bible, “Cleanse lepers!”  It says in my Bible, here we go, “Raise the dead!” Same command form. How do you know it is the will of God to pray for somebody that has a headache? You stupid man, it just is. Well, I’m going to turn that “stupid” back on you now. It is the will of God to pray for people that are dead, no matter what you feel. Yahoo. “You can’t talk to me like that!” Oh yes I can. Because the Bible says, third verse down, “Raise the dead!”, just like it said, “Heal the sick!” Just like it says “Cleanse lepers!” and just like it says “Cast out devils!”  You’ll pray for someone who is sick, may, and every now and then you may grab a hold on a devil, very cautiously. But you’ll run from those dead people. What’s the matter with you? What are you losing? “But, what if….” “What ifs” are devils and we won’t discuss that. It’s not your responsibility to do the actual healing. It’s your responsibility to go, it is your responsibility to preach the Kingdom of Heaven, and it’s your responsibility to put your hand on that sick person, that dead person, that leper, or that demon-possessed person. It’s God’s job by the Holy Ghost to do the rest. Ok? We’ve had a couple of hundred people get up from the dead. We’ve prayed for several thousand that haven’t. “How can you keep going?” Because it says to keep going. It doesn’t say whether your percentage is good or bad, it just says do it. Ok? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anybody that has ever done it before. I felt bad the first few times I did it because I’d never met anybody that had ever done that before.

I came up here to the United States and started talking about it and church people back away from me in unbelief. So I didn’t talk about it one time when I cam up here. Then I got mad at you all. I didn’t come back for several years. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m serious. I stayed in those mountains for 3 or 4 years. I only came back to the border to get new papers and went back in. I wouldn’t even go see family. I was angry. But then the work grew beyond what I could do. “Now what am I going to do?”  But then I found the verse in Proverbs 14:4 that says “Where no oxen are, the barn is clean: but there is much increase is by the strength of the ox.” So, buy a shovel and shut up. Clean that stall, but keep those oxen moving. So I changed. I repented. I came back and said that I needed help, and the work grew quickly.

Ok. As you do what? (Go!) What are you going to do when you get there? (Preach!) What are you going to preach? (The Kingdom of God is near.) And after you are completely in the will of God, what are you going to do next in verse 8? (Heal the sick!) After you heal the sick, what else are you going to look for? (Raise the dead!) After you raise the dead or cleanse lepers, what are you going to do? (Cast out demons!) Why?! Because freely you have received, now give it to others! That’s what it says. So that is what we are going to do.

How many of you have ever been in a village where you walk into a small stick house, you can’t see indoors even in the daytime because there is no electricity, and you walk in because there is supposed to be somebody here for me to pray for, there was a bunch of us, and you can’t see the person because your eyes are accustomed to the light outside, and you are looking around and there is nobody there. You think “I wonder why they sent me in here?” Then someone grabs you on the pant leg. I looked down and there beside me was the littlest tiny woman I had ever seen in my life. She was only as tall as my knee. But she wasn’t truly tiny, because for 15 years her legs have been frozen straight out to either side of her body, and curled backwards. For 15 years she has been at half her normal height. When I looked at her, she smiled up at me with teeth missing - it is one of the most awesome beautiful sights you’ll ever see. She just smiled at me. She wasn’t mad, she was glad because she said “They told me that if you’ll put your hand on my head, that I could walk again.” I said to her “They told you correctly. But it’s not me, it’s Jesus!” She said “How do I get to know that man?” I said, “It’s very simple.” So I took my Bible and I did what I am commanded to do. Do you agree that I had gone, that I’m scriptural? So now I have to do the next step, I have to preach. So I told her, “You are very lucky, because today the Kingdom of God has come to your house.” She said, “Where is it?” I said, “You are looking at it!” I am an ambassador from the greatest King that ever lived. And He sent me here to tell you that if you will bow to Him, He will heal you.” She said, “Ok.” When you see a few of these things, it makes you like me! (as he hops around on the stage). So that little old lady - it was wonderful to lead her to Jesus. She never heard of him before. She met him only 10 minutes ago. How much can you tell a person in 10 minutes? Not very much. It isn’t the amount that matters. It isn’t even the greatness of your speech. It has nothing to do with your fancy big words. It has to do with the Man of the words being with you. - This is wonderful the things I get to do. You reach over like this and you touch little grandma on the head and then everybody steps back and their eyes start getting big. Do you know why? Those two legs begin to move by themselves. Those 15 year frozen legs moved around and came up under grandma and she stood up right in front of me. (38:33)

You should see that! You really should. We’ve seen it quite a bit. It’s fun!  You have fancy names for the things we do; we just believe that it says “Heal the sick!” Ok. Don’t cloud it. Don’t complicate it. Don’t! You’ll stay confused your whole life and won’t do anything. It is just this simple: He said go, so let’s go, get in the truck, let’s do it! And so you go. Your pastor is correct when he said that when I’m here, I am submitted to him. But there in Mexico it’s different. If you get to come to our work, when you get up in my truck, it has an extended cabin, I could not care less what you have to say. The thing that is important to me is that my stereo is loud enough to where I don’t have to listen to you talk. So I can worship Jesus on the way to church, and I don’t have to hear garbage. I don’t want to hear it. I do care about you! I honestly do. But the filth…that America thinks it is in control of everything, and the stupid things you have to say. It is almost like you think God requires you to say these things. But the only important thing is Jesus. God’s mercy and grace, through our obedience and submission with prayer and fasting, and He said “I will be with you until the end of the Earth.”

So, it does feel good to be here, and I like it. I like to be around people that love Jesus and are radical, ooh it feels good! But if you are out there in Mexico on your motorcycle, and you get stopped by devils, and they want to kill you - it doesn’t make any difference! He is still with me. What has changed? Geography? Circumstances? Has Jesus fallen off the throne, or is He still in control here? Answer me! It is either right or wrong. And it is right. (41:37)

Verse 7 says a pretty profound thing. Do you want to read it with me? Matthew chapter 10. It says as you what? (Go!) What are you going to do? (Preach!) What are you going to preach? (The Kingdom of God is near.) And then what are you going to do? (Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons), Wow, the list goes on and on. (Freely you have received, freely give).

You are all a lot prettier than I am. You all are a lot smarter than I am. But that doesn’t matter at all. What matters is Jesus. What matters is obedience to Jesus, regardless of the circumstance (situation). One of the things that got me so…I’ll be gentle with you…excited and angry at the devil, was my little boy. He is now 25, but back then he was 4 or 5. The reason he like me is because of what I am about to tell you. Every time the demon comes, we win. It may not look pretty, but we still win. I was washing my 4-wheel drive truck. I was happy to be able to use it to go through the mud to get to church in the mountains, but now I was back home. My little boy was over there playing with his toy truck like he was going to church just like his papa. That feels good to a young father. I’m washing my truck and he is over there picking up Indians and going to church in his little toy truck. But suddenly he began screaming in terrible extreme pain and he was grabbing his side. I ripped his shirt off and there is a hand-print on my boy’s side pulling his side and intestines out of him. And the hand was invisible. All I could see was  what the hand was doing to my boy as it pulled him in two pieces. I tried to feel for a hand, but couldn’t feel anything. My boy is screaming, and my wife came out and we are praying in tounges, and doing all the things that people say you are supposed to do to win, and they never work. So it was a very intense situation and we were praying in Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ name… Praying in tounges didn’t work, the name of Jesus, we quoted some scripture, it kept on going. He was burning because the demon’s hand was apparently on fire and it was both pulling him apart and burning him - it was rough! Finally, it stopped and I lay down on the concrete and relaxed. I told my son, look the demon came but Jesus helped us. We didn’t get 5 minutes of rest before it came back and got a hold of his arm. It was pulling it off! I was holding him. A little tiny boy, a toddler. I had never seen anything like this before ever! This was extremely strange. After a while it went away again. But I kept watching him to see if it would come back. It came back and got him on the face. It was pulling my little boys face OFF! And there was no thing I could do to help my little boy. That is a bad feeling for a good daddy. That is a bad feeling. I didn’t like it. This incident really made us nervous but stopped for a few days. We started coming home at night, and we only had a couple of churches started, and I was very inexperienced and didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know that I had walked into uncharted lands and annoyed some of the bigger demons that surround the world. I didn’t know that. And they decided “Stop him now!” I didn’t know that either. I was just like you; I was naïve (simply ignorant and assumed things would be different). I used to be.

I came home from church a couple of times, and we had this nice little house, and all I wanted in Mexico was for a few people to get saved. I’d come home and all of the doors would be standing wide-open and still locked. All the lights were on in the house, but nothing was missing. That happened several times. I looked at my wife and we didn’t understand what was happening. We had never fought with a principality (ruling class of demon) before, so we didn’t understand it. So I would go through the house with a baseball bat looking for somebody in the house, but there was never anybody there. So I would turn off the lights, get the family in and close the doors. There were different animals that we would find inside, I’m not going to tell you what kind they were because you silly Americans will create a doctrine out of it and think it is important and start preaching it. So I would get the animals out of the house. Then one day - now I believe the way the Bible says to raise a family, not like liberal demons believe - so my little son was walking through the room and I called to him and he kept going, like he was ignoring me. That isn’t godly behavior. I called him again and he kept walking. So I grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around. He had gone deaf in both ears.

Now my boy has lost his hearing! Oh no. I’m praying, I’m crying, I’m rolling on the floor; I don’t know what is going on here. Oh my God! Oh my God! I looked at my wife and started naming all of the things that had been happening to us in the past couple of weeks, because it was getting so out of control. I said to her, “Ok. I don’t even know what is happening. But I’m going to go into that little upstairs office I have, and I’ll see you all later. Have a nice life. Because I am going to sit in that chair until Heaven tells me what the reason is for all these problems. I’m not eating, I’m not drinking, I’m not seeing anyone, I’m not talking to anyone but Jesus. So I go into the office and sit in the chair and a whole day and a whole night goes by. Hmmm. Then another day and a whole night. Then another and another until five went by, and then Jesus spoke to me and said there is a “black magic warlock” who lives across the street and is dedicated to destroying us. Oh, I became hostile! I stood up and walked across the roof and I was going to attack this devil. The problem was that when I got the edge of the roof, the warlock was already in the street waiting for me. They are so far ahead of you (more ready to fight than you). You get excited about watching your friends shake in the presence of God; they get excited about destroying the universe. There is a difference! Can you understand that? They like to kill churches and pastors and elders and people, and making people mad at the gospel. That is what they enjoy. And I stood there, and I had never spoken like this to another human being before in my life. I said, “I adjure you (command you) by the powers of the Living God, you will let my family go, and you will NEVER come back! I curse you by the blood and power of the cross, in the name of JESUS!” That woman took off running and my boy’s ears were instantly opened. (51:06)

So I want to strongly and seriously speak to you, and command you. “As you…” (Go!) What are you going to do? (Preach!) What are you going to preach? (The Kingdom of God is near!) And then what are you going to do to the people that need you? (Heal the sick!) That’s right! That is what we are going to do. You’re not going to be intimidated; you’re not going to turn your back and run; you are not! You are going to stand! And you are going to keep standing, like you are commanded to do, in the full armor of God. Don’t go with a lopsided (out of balance) message. Don’t go with only the helmet of salvation. Don’t go with only the shield of faith. You will be destroyed if you do those things. You take the time to clothe yourself in the armor of God. Then you confront your enemy, the enemy of God, and you do not back off from him. Ok?

There are people that need you. People need you. According to Romans, chapter 4, our father Abraham had nations in him. You are of that seed. You have nations in you. Do you know that I have nations in me? Do you know that I am valuable to the Kingdom of God? Do you know that I believe that? Do you know that I know that the power is Jesus and not me? It’s Jesus.

I went to church one afternoon. Am I scriptural? “As you …” (Go!) I preached. What did I preach? (The Kingdom of God is near!) Then I started to heal the sick. I prayed for the sick and did my duty. I am completely scriptural. I go out from the service and I’m loading up my truck, in a place called Texacoal (not sure about the spelling). I was watching the Indians get into my truck; there were several trucks there. In the back of the truck I have a wooden toolbox, and that is the best place to sit during the ride home. So they always hurry to get into my truck to get the best place. This lady was climbing up the side of my truck, which is as tall as I am, with big mud tires and special lifters to make it higher off the ground, but she didn’t realize one thing: the evening dew had condensed on the surface of the truck. So the truck and the tires were now wet and she was climbing on them. She grabbed onto the roll bar, and her feet slipped off the side of the truck. That wasn’t so bad, except that the truck was parked next to a ditch. That made her fall almost 3 meters. That’s not so bad except that she had a baby strapped to her back. And like any good mother would do - well, except here in the USA. Here you all sell them, give them up and kill them. - but good mothers try to protect their children. So she turned in the air and put her hand down. Compound fracture in her arm. Both bones broke and came through the flesh. I heard the pain; I heard the snap. I pushed my way through the Indians, and I had my flashlight like a lot of my men do, I got there to see a hand down, bones everywhere, and blood. Somebody took her baby, and she is from a village called Otlacita (not sure of the spelling). I had never been in that situation and had never been taught what to do, but I have experience now and I’m going to teach you what to do. It’s very simple. “As you go…” (Preach!) What are you going to preach? (The Kingdom of God is near!) Then you’re going to heal the sick. Is that lady now sick? To fix this it would take a creative miracle. Wow, does that happen anymore? You’ll have to ask this guy (meaning their pastor), because he’s the theologian. You take that bloody arm and you lay it in the palm of your hand, like this. Blood is oozing out running all over my hand dripping down and getting on my shoes and my shirt. I don’t like that. Lay your hand on that compound fracture, and let me tell you what works - “In Jesus’ name!” And right before about 150 people’s eyes, in my hands, all of the flashlights are on us in the ditch; we saw that arm go back together. Healed, by the blood of Jesus the Righteous. I was left with the only reminder - a bloody shirt and a bloody hand, because that woman’s hand was fine. I said, “You all move out of the way and let her have that seat on the toolbox.” She went right up that truck like a cat-squirrel, just smiling at me. And I’m looking at the blood on me and then at her, thinking “Wait a minute, that doesn’t happen.” Something happened late, my intelligence, which was a good thing. Intelligence kicked in late; faith happened first; thank you Jesus! (57:56)

Are you all bored yet? “As you…” (Go!) What are you going to do? (Preach!) What are you going to preach? (The Kingdom of God is near!) And then we are going to heal the sick. I don’t even know what to talk about next, oh here’s one. I don’t know what part of the human body you would like to hear about, but this will be fine probably. I was in a service in a place called Oahuaxo (not sure about the spelling). That means red-headed woodpecker (a kind of bird). So we are sitting there - have you ever heard of a thing called the “press”? (when a crowd of people are all trying to touch you) Jesus was in the press. There is such a thing. When the Spirit of God is upon you and your hands are filled with the healing balm of God, people will press you, to just touch you like they did to Jesus. This lady cam when I was in a press up against a wall. I can’t move because the people are pressed against me. There were all kinds of diseases there, and this little grandma comes fighting through the crowd. She got up to me, grabbed my hand, and placed it on her chest, and says “I need a new heart.” I said, “Ok. In the name of Jesus, be healed.” So she turned around and fights her way out. I’m still there praying for people like I’m supposed to, like a good boy, healing the sick, like the Bible says. In a few minutes, she starts yelling “Ohh, wooo, yaaa” I can see over the people because they are all small compared to me. I look over at her and she is hopping around and yelling. So I fought my way through the people, and we were both hopping and yelling. I said to her, “This is great! What happened to you? Did you get your new heart?” She said, “Oh no.”  Well, here we go back to theology class. She said, “Oh no, Brother David, I was blind for 18 years in both eyes and now I can see!” I like it! Then I found out a few days later that she did get her new heart and she is healed completely. Wow! So for all you people who are so technical - oops! Take it up with the King. It wasn’t me that healed them; it was Jesus.

We better get off this healing the sick and get to something else, I guess. “As you…” (Go!) What are you going to do? (Preach!) What are you going to preach? (The Kingdom of God is near!) You’re going to heal the sick and then, comma, there is something else. We’re going to use my translation, that’s what we are going to do. It says cleanse the lepers, because I just have to tell you - oops, I just thought of another healing thing. Nah! (People begin yelling for him to tell) It doesn’t do any good to yell at me. I don’t respond to that behavior. Yelling and crying doesn’t help at all. Right here in my Bible, it says “Cleanse the lepers!” I went to a village. Do you understand how scriptural I am? It is important for you to understand. You say. “This thing is so simple!” It may be simple to you, but to the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil, it isn’t simple. I am obedient! I am a threat to the devil wherever I go. He fears me because I am so simple and I know how to obey. That’s my main battle point. It’s because I will not, once I’ve taken the step, we don’t go back - ever, for any reason. There is no reason good enough, and there isn’t a devil big enough to push me back. Thanks be to God forevermore.

I went to a village. I’m scriptural. I had my Bible in my hand and my full intent was to preach the gospel. It is not to go there to take their women or their drugs or anything else. I don’t want to sell their babies on the black market. I couldn’t care less about the black market. Mafia devils can go straight to hell, that’s where they are going, unless they repent in the name of Jesus. I went to this church that is in the jungle, and the smell of the jungle was there, the green plants and the parrots - I like it!  I know you don’t. I haven’t ever seen you there. I’m following a group of Indians through the jungle. This is the very old Indian tribe called the Aztecs that used to rule almost this whole half of the world. They were very powerful at one time, but their submission to witchcraft is why they lost. So, I’m following these people that never had a chance to hear about the Kingdom of God. I enjoy watching them move through the jungle. You can’t hear them; it doesn’t matter how wet or how muddy, they don’t get dirty. I don’t understand how they are so “one” with nature, but I’m learning how. But they are very far ahead of me. We get to the church, and I’m looking around and thinking “Thank you Jesus! I appreciate you letting me come here. Thanks for letting me come and preach your gospel to a people that have never heard your holy name. You are awesome to allow me to do that. Thank you!” I standing there enjoying it, when suddenly this horrible odor crosses my nose. I couldn’t get away from it. I went outside the church and somehow I had missed it coming in. I was so far into enjoying myself, but then reality grips you and it stinks. I smelled dead human flesh. It’s difficult to tolerate. The pastor came out and I’m standing there trying to be nice. Finally, I said to him, “What is that smell?” I missed this also when I came in, and I am usually more alert, but he just pointed like this. And I turned and saw something. Sitting over there was a pile of rags. Ok? And I’m a very inquisitive guy (likes to figure things out). I wondered what they had over there in those rags that stinks so bad. (Runs over to the rags and picks them up, gets scared and throws them back). There was a thing under there, that kind of looks like a  human. But it didn’t have a nose. It didn’t have any ears. It didn’t have any fingers, and it didn’t have any toes. So I grabbed the rags threw them back over it and ran away. And I realize that you would have been a lot more tactful and a lot more spiritual, but you weren’t there, like I have been saying. You would have been so much more “politically correct”. But the thing stank and it scared me so I ran from it. It was a man, a human man, with leprosy. Leprosy. Few people see it in the United States because they keep everyone hidden in these little “colonies”, so that you don’t have to tolerate the stench and the ugly sight of parts falling off of people, and dripping. So I looked at the pastor and said “What is wrong with that guy? My Lord!” And he said, “He’s a leper! And he heard that if you put your hand on him, he can be healed.” That’s when it would have been better for you to have been there. But you weren’t. Ok. I’m really pestering you all aren’t I? What time is it?

So we are sitting there, and I have to decide “What would Jesus do here?” So all these scriptures begin to run through my mind, but I reacted “No, no, no. That’s not what we want to do.” But I walked over to him and moved the rags out of the way, and I say to him “I’ve come to represent Jesus. You have a devil. Now here is what we are going to do. You are getting born-again, or I’m not going to touch you.” He said, “That’s fine. What does ‘born-again’ mean?”  So I went to my Bible and began to use the most harsh scriptures I could find. Now the man is completely torn up. His mind is destroyed because of the pain, his body is in bad shape, and now his spirit is totally chopped up. But he still looked at me and said, “What must I do to be saved?” That was all it took to soften me. I told him what to do, and I led him to Jesus myself. I prayed for him to be born-again, and I was glad that he got born-again. But now we had another problem. Now he’s not a devil anymore. Now he’s my brother in the Lord. Ohhhh. So, here we go. Ok? (Puts his hand into the man’s gooey body up to his arm) Up to there. Don’t ever think it isn’t possible, because it happened. I lost my hand in the goo (the soupy rotten flesh). Yahoo. (Jumps around). I still have my hand. And I don’t have leprosy, I have Jesus. The devil immediately spoke to me, “You’ve got leprosy now! Now I’ve got you!” I heard him, but I ignored him and kept praying. Oh, I think you are going to like what happened. Some of you will. Some of you will get angry because it happened, but it’s not my fault. I promise you that it is Jesus’ fault. If you have trouble with it, talk to Him about it. I’m not going to take responsibility for it. I’m just going to stay free and worship my King. If I run across somebody that is sick, I’m going to touch them, and then what He does is His business. My business is to worship the great King. My business is to go; my business is to preach; my business is to preach that the Kingdom of God is near. My business is to lay hands on the sick; my business is to cleanse lepers. And then He has to do the rest, right? So that frees my mind from lots of trash and bondage and problems and condemnation, and all kinds of things. This attitude lets me keep dancing. It really does.

So I put his rags back over him. No apparent change. I went straight over to the pastor and said, “Get me a bucket of water now, and some lye soap. (Cleanses his hands). I was a little bit out of order here, because after I did that I had to preach in the stench. I had to pray for him because he was in so much pain and he was so sick that he could die any minute. So we decided that it was ok to cleanse the leper, even though it was a little bit out of order. We can preach in a minute, cleanse the leper first, I doubt that Heaven would get too angry about that.

I enjoy bothering you. It’s fun. It really is, especially because of the results. So I went away and came back to the same village a few weeks later, like a good boy. I went back inside the church and had forgotten about the stench. All I saw was the jungle, the Indians, and was enjoying myself. I got to the church and everything was fine, except for one problem. There are people “bouncing”. They would look at me and smile and run away. I thought to myself, “What kind of Indian is that that would be happy? They are supposed to be stoic, non-emotional people. What is he doing jumping up and down and smiling at me? Who is he? What is he doing? Act like an Indian please.” In a minute or so, the pastor came in and he is bouncing and is looking at me. I looked at him and started bouncing with him. He said to me, “Have you met this man?” I looked over and there was a new guy sitting there on the bench. I said, “I don’t know him.” He said, “Yes, you do.” “No, I don’t.” So I walked over to him and said “Who are you?” He said, “I know you Brother David.” He was a nice looking man, pretty! Young Indian man just sitting there. I’d never seen him before in my life. He said to me…(crowd begins to react)

Jesus!  I come from a state called Louisiana, and over in the state of Louisiana, we say “Come on Jesus!” I’d better read this to you. This is important. I’ve got a new verse I want to read to you. Are you ready? Matthew chapter 10, verse 7. It’s a valuable verse for you. It’s new! It’s fresh every day! It’s new! It must have just been put in there. It’s awesome! I mean it; it’s awesome. Do you know what it says? “As you go” What are you going to do? (Preach!) What are you going to preach? (The Kingdom of God is near!) What are you going to do? (Heal the sick! Raise the dead! Cleanse lepers!) That right! We have to cleanse a leper. Hold on.

That man looked me straight in the eye. He said, “You know me Brother David. You led me to the Lord yourself.” I said, “Wait a minute! I don’t remember…I’m not very good remembering names, but I’m very good at remembering faces. I’ve NEVER seen you in my lifetime.” He said, “Yes sir!”  “No, I haven’t” He said, “Yes you have!” I said, “Who are you?”  He said, “I am the man who used to be the leper!” (David reacts) I said, “I know you!” He said, “I told you so!”

Guess what Jesus had the nerve (audacity) to do? He never asked my permission either. I mean, I had said to him “Be cleansed in the name of Jesus.” That is one thing, but Jesus went much farther than that. He restored him! The man had a new two-week old nose! So I grabbed it. Wow! A new nose! He had two new ears, so I grabbed those ears. He had ten new fingers, so I grabbed those fingers. He had ten new toes, so I grabbed all those toes. Jesus had created a new man. Jesus had thumped leprosy and had given the man new skin and new fingers and toes. Now, I’m going to ask you a serious question. Do you see what is wrong with me now? Do you understand a little better? The thing that is wrong with me is that my Friend is serious, and He is real, and His name is Jesus. And He is intent on accomplishing his work. Get serious like Him. He doesn’t mind how much you play. See me play? I like to play. I enjoy Heaven; I enjoy worshipping God. I am not ashamed of the gospel, in any language. He likes that. Jesus likes that. You should see it. I’m telling you that you should see it. It does something to you. You are forever marked. It’s not my fault. I didn’t do it. Jesus did it. He is the one who cured the leper. But He didn’t only cure him; He made him whole. Ohh, that is pretty good! I didn’t heal the paralyzed lady. I didn’t heal the blind lady. I was just obedient to a couple of small scriptures, that seem to be unimportant. But they are very valuable to the Kingdom of God. Ok?

I’m not making it very far with this stuff. I’m going to tell you something, is that ok? (A woman and her husband approach David as he is speaking. David turns to the pastor to see if he approves or not. He does, so David speaks with her. She has a health problem and someone prophesied that she would be healed soon, so she is asking for healing.) Jesus’ name. Is this your wife? Come right over here. See you thought I wasn’t paying attention. I saw you get up didn’t I? It’s hard to sneak up on an old jungle boy like me. Jesus! Jesus. See, there was a man who was very wealthy. He had leprosy. Lost both of his legs up to his knees. One of our littlest lowest of servant ladies goes in to him and tells him, I know how you can get those legs back. He said, “I’ve been to the United States, I’ve been to Europe, I’ve been everywhere.” She said, “But you haven’t been to Jesus.”  He said, “Who is this Jesus?”  She said, “He is my king.” He threw her out. He had his servants throw her out of the house. Then his heart smote him (he felt very bad about his actions) and he sent his servant to find her. She was in the market, weeping. The servant told her to come back. She ran and got her pastor who was also at the market. They went and explained Jesus to this man. He got born-again. We went by several times and prayed for him, and had the great privilege to watch as Jesus grew him new bones, new ligaments, new muscles, and new feet. Amazing, no? In the name of Jesus, be healed. The fire of Heaven come in this house. In Jesus’ name. Let’s pray guys. Heaven in this house. Fire of God! Be healed. Fire! Fire of God! Jesus’ name. Be healed. Great and mighty powerful God, we call on your great powers, and we thank you for the Holy Ghost. In the name of Jesus, be healed. Fire of God! Fire of Heaven! Fire release in the name of Jesus. Holy Ghost! In Jesus’ name. Continue to pray for her, you all. Let me tell you all a story. There is a village…You ladies come and touch her, and you love her and you give her Jesus.

There is a village named Chiconamel (not sure of the spelling). Chiconamel is a place that has never heard the name of Jesus. We go in regardless of the terrorists, regardless of the witchcraft, regardless of the religious oppression and political demons. Jesus! We held a 5 day campaign. 80 people got born-again and a church was birthed. There was a multi-millionaire lady standing there watching me for several days. She spoke to me as I was loading my truck. I was tired because I had been there for a week and had spent enough time in the jungle and I was ready to go home. She said, “I’ve been watching you all week. I think you believe what you preach.”  I said, “Yes ma’am, you think right.”  She said, “I’ve got a grandbaby that was born to us, I have carried her to Europe, South America, the United States of America, I have had every kind of operation done. She cannot be healed.”  I said, “Oh no! You are wrong! I know a King of a Kingdom where you haven’t carried her. His name is Jesus!” I took my Bible and threw it down and said, “If he doesn’t heal her, I won’t preach it again.” And she said, “That is a deal.” She said “What must I do to be saved.”  I said, “I’m so glad you asked.” So I knelt down in the dirt with this multi-millionaire, by our American standards, lady. And I led her in a sinner’s prayer to the cross of Calvary. I introduced her to the great royalty of Heaven. She got born-again. She said to me, “My grandbaby has been 4 years in severe pain, 4 years dysentery (stomach and intestines sickness), 4 years fever. No one can heal her. I picked my Bible up and threw it back on the ground. “If God can raise the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, he can heal your grandbaby.” She said to me, “Brother David, there’s something else wrong with her besides the dysentery and the fever.”  I said, “I have had enough of you! It doesn’t matter what is wrong with her. She will be healed because Jesus is Lord!”

Jesus is Lord! I went through a couple of more scriptures with her on healing and laid my hands on the top of her head. I said, “You take this with you. You lay your hands on top of that grandbaby of yours, and you say these words: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom I now serve with a whole heart, be healed!” So she went home and walked through the door. Yahoo. And the little girl said “Abuelita! Por favor, frijoles y tortillas.” “Grandma! Please give me some beans and tortillas.” Grandma went and got her the beans and tortillas, and 4 year-old Nancy for the first time in her life ate a solid meal and kept it down. The fever and the dysentery ran away! Jesus! So about 17 days later, I was preaching in another village close to hers, about 2 ½ hour walk from Nancy’s village. I walked up in there to find the church completely filled with Indians that are happy and jumping and smiling. So I just started jumping and smiling with them. The pastor walks over to me and says, “Have you heard the good news?”  I said, “Yes! Jesus is Lord!”  He said, “Have you heard the good news about Nancy?”  I said, I don’t even know if there is such a person named Nancy.” He said, “Nancy - Don’t you remember a few weeks ago in Chiconamel, the grandma that you prayed for?” Then I remembered. He said. “Jesus healed her.” I said, “Great, dysentery and fever. Hallelujah!”  He said, “Oh no! Don’t you remember telling her to be quiet so we could pray?” I remembered. The third day after we had prayed, Nancy was eating ferociously. The third morning, grandma was laying in bed, and Nancy taps her on the shoulder, and says “Abuelita, tengo hambre.” “Grandma, I’m hungry!” Grandma was in deep sleep and it took her a few seconds to realize who was speaking to her. Nancy! For the very first time in her life, Nancy walked in because she was born without bones in both of her legs from the hips down. And Jesus healed Nancy! 

Please don’t take what I am saying and doing lightly (as though he is joking). Would you please search your heart? We are going to pray now. Heaven is going to touch some of you all to go to different countries in the world. Different ministries will be birthed here right now. Some of you will be endowed with different gifts and specialties from Heaven. Use them wisely. Do not be bought by men. Walk with Heaven. Walk with Heaven. Enjoy Jesus! Don’t let men buy you. I’m not for sale. I’ve already been bought by the blood of Jesus.

Transcript 3 is below:

Psalms 27:1  The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
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Transcript of David Hogan
“Faith to Raise the Dead” Tape 3
Underlined words were in dialect, or using idioms, and are now correct English. Words in parenthesis ( ) are to show context, or audience response, they are not part of his speech.

(Starting at the beginning of his talk.)

How are you all doing? It seems like you are doing ok. Jesus. What if we get aggressive? Is that alright? I might just get aggressive with you all. We’ll see. I’ve been taking my time to see how you all respond. You seem to be doing alright. This is the third day for me to be here, I think. I don’t know how far I’m going to get, because I feel something happening to me. So I’m going to report to you right in the beginning that it’s not my fault.

1 John chapter 3. I haven’t been finishing these verses that I’ve been starting with you all. So just fill in the blanks. Just start with your most extreme imagination and you will still be too low. Ok? Those verses that I’ve been giving you, and the things I haven’t completed on them, start with your most extreme imagination and you will still not reach high enough. Because my Bible says that whatever things I can think about, Jesus is going to do greater. And I have a pretty serious imagination. I can just sit and think of Jesus taking over countries, and everybody getting saved and everybody getting healed, and having a wonderful time with the Holy Ghost. So it’s going to be fun isn’t it?

I’ve been talking to you all about some new terms (words). Loyalty, commitment, and those kinds of things. Responsibility and discipline. So I want to talk about that for a minute. Just from the very beginning to talk about something serious. Everything I’ve been telling you all is coming from a “lifer’s” (a person that is committed to something for their entire life) perspective. Ok? I don’t even understand an ego (selfish attitude) that would think you are accomplishing something just because you are going to the mission field because you are an American, and because you go somewhere for 2 to 3 weeks that you are going to save the world. Jesus came, gave his entire life for it, then died for it. That was His opinion about how to save the world. So I suggest to you - whatever your branch of ministry is, that is not important to me, although it is to you and God and the Kingdom of God, that is not what I am angry about. I am angry about résumés and selfish attitudes. There are nations burning in hell today because of selfish attitudes and résumés. Ok?

We really do want you to come, and those of you that can, you are welcome to come and see. Short-term missions are for the purpose of finding out the will of God for you, not for building a résumé. Short-term is for the purpose of learning from people that have experience, so that you can become a “lifer” (person with a lifetime commitment to ministry) and change a nation for God. Ok? So I don’t understand why every time I come up here after a year or two, you have all these new “sayings” (new church words and phrases that have no meaning outside the church) and I have to first learn them all and then get them defined.  But every two years when I come up here, all I get are new terms because everything else is the same. I’m not any better than anybody else. I’m just a person that enjoys getting on an XR-600 Honda motorcycle, and going out to where nobody else has ever been as a missionary and telling the people there that Jesus is King. That is all I do, and that is what I like to do. So I want to encourage you. Now, what I am about to say next, I mean (am being literal about) every word of it.

I have a dog named JJ. Very few of you have heard of the kind of dog that he is. He is a “leopard-spotted Catahoula cur”. I have many of those kind of dogs. But I have this male dog that is my friend. J.J. weighs about 54 kilograms. He is just as aggressive in the dog world as I am against the devil in the human world, and he is very serious about winning any fight. Just like me. I had to leave him in our office during my trip to the United States and he is getting lonely and wants to go back to Mexico, just like I do. The other day, I got back to the office with a new truck, a 900kg Ford, and I took the dog and told him, “This white Ford truck is my truck.” So he smelled the tires and walked around the truck. I opened the driver’s door and told him to get inside, so he jumped up inside the truck. I told him, “This is where I will be driving, dog.” Then I had him get out of the truck. Then I went to my wife’s side of the truck and had him get up in there. I told him, “This is my wife’s side of the truck, dog.” Then I took him around to the rear seats, and told him, “This is where my kids will be getting in and out of this truck, dog. This is our truck. That makes it your truck.” I was talking to the dog just like I am talking to you right now. That dog looked at me - I’ve got witnesses over here - he looked up at me, of course he can’t say anything, he ran around to the back of the truck and jumped up in there, and you could not get him out of it. Isn’t that amazing? There were several people that tried… including my oldest son, who is 25 years old and a big boy, as big as me. He went back and said, “Come here dog!” That dog just growled at him. That dog is loyal to me to the death. That dog stayed in the truck for a long time. He may still be in there. If I had to go somewhere with the truck, I’d tell the dog to get out and he would jump out and then jump back in again. He obeyed me, but just for a second, then he’d get right back in. Listen! Even animals understand loyalty and commitment, and their proper place (or status). But we modern Christians don’t understand that stuff. “We’re free.” No, you’re rebellious. “I’m following Jesus!” No, you’re not. You are sectarian (dividing the church into little groups).

Church, listen to me. If an old dog can understand and be taught by the Holy Ghost what I want, surely we can be taught by the Holy Ghost what God wants. Isn’t this true? I’m impressed with that concept because I don’t see it happening in the church. I hear new terms and phrases and see different manifestations, but where is the loyalty, where is the commitment, where is the zeal to have the greatest crown of all from the King? I see plenty of zeal to get “my ministry” going. Firstly, you don’t own anything; you were bought with a price. Ok?

I can tell you greater things. I was walking in the jungle one day. My old truck broke. I was walking through the mud of the jungle and it is raining monsoon (huge amounts of rain all at once for a long time). I wasn’t enjoying it and I was wishing it were you there instead of me. I am trudging (going slowly and with difficulty) through the mud to a village that I promised I would preach in. It will take me all afternoon to get there, then I will have to preach there, and sleep there, then hike the next day to get to the next village, all because my truck broke. So, I’m hiking along this trail through the mud and rain and wind and lightning, and I hear the sound of a motor coming up the trail. I though to myself, “Who else could be out here? I’m the only one who ever comes out here.” And then up drove a “Carte Blanca” truck; a beer truck. They had the newest equipment available, 4-wheel drive, about a 2700 to 3600kg truck loaded with beer. I and prayed, “Lord, please touch these demons hearts to let me have a ride.” They were plowing through that mud with their strong engine, and when they go to me, the driver turned his wheel on purpose and mud covered me. That made me very hostile, of course. And I knelt down in that mud and I told Jesus “Look, kill me - I don’t care. Run me until I’m exhausted - I don’t care. But it isn’t God for the devil to have better equipment than me.” Your used shoes - keep them (sometimes Americans send their old clothes and stuff to missionaries). You just wear them out; I don’t want them. I’ll probably just burn them. Ok?

And the Holy Ghost didn’t say a word to me. I was alone and weeping, and I finished my mud-covered journey to the village. The Indian women brought me a bucket and a rag, and I cleaned myself. I was very wet and they took my clothes and dried them while I preached the gospel. Then the next day I walked out in the mud to the next village, and kept walking. But ever since that day, the Lord Jesus has given me a new 4-wheel drive, the best civilian vehicle there is. At lest one, sometimes two, and occasionally three per year. I never know where they are coming from. I figure that in the last 20 years, I have had about 25 to 27 new trucks. I usually drive them a bit to get the problems worked out, then get new accessories for them to help them in the jungle, then give them to one of the guys I work with. Because me and Jesus have this agreement: I go, He goes with me, and we both ride in my new truck. (13:48)

Alright? Jesus is with you. Jesus is with loyalty. Jesus is with responsibility. Jesus is with commitment. Jesus is with discipline. Anything else, He’s not with it. “I want power!” Get discipline, you’ll get power. “I want to minister!” Get loyalty, He’ll let you minister. “I want a nation!” Get responsibility, He’ll give you many nations.

1 John, chapter 3. I am ready to tell you some things now that are going to test your ability to believe. Not whether I can do it, but whether you can. I can do it. Jesus is with me. But I have got to, somehow, get you to understand that He is just as much with you as He is with me. There is absolutely zero difference between us. Probably - I’ve been telling you this all week - you are smarter than I am, I know that. You’re prettier. You have better…I feel so incapable and inadequate about being up here. And in myself, that is the truth, but in Jesus that is not the truth. Verse 8, “He that commits sin is of the devil.” People ask me all the time “Why are you so quick to call things “devils”? Well, anything that is sin is a devil. It says so right there, in my Bible. “The devil sinned from the beginning.” Now this last phrase is one of the most popular, most powerful things that exist. Why did Jesus come here? “To save humanity.” Jesus came here for the purpose of destroying the works of the devil. Where does Jesus live? In us! Your job in life is to destroy the works (acts) of the devil. Do you understand that? Do you understand that? Look, a while back, probably less than a year, there was a plague that came through our area of Mexico and it is called “sarampión negro” (black measles). This is going to test your faith, and I’m happy that I get to do that. It swept through a village and thousands of people died. Thousands and thousands of Indians were dying. It is a plague. It is a demon. Our farthest church out, a missions church which is very far away, a several hour hike from one of our strong churches, Chiconamel. Another 8 or 9 hours of hiking through the jungle, there is another church. There was a lady there who was a widow, and who had a few kids, but is otherwise alone with only the gospel. She is very committed to the gospel, and “sarampión negro” came. Here is this widow and a few kids, and you would think that God would surely protect her. But “sarampión negro” swept through and killed two of her teenage daughters. She doesn’t have any help and the village is overwhelmed because of so many people dying with this disease. She went to the town counsel of the village for help. And they said, “We are sorry, but we can’t help. There are so many deaths that we can’t dig the holes fast enough. You will have to take care of them yourself and put the bodies in a line with the other bodies, and we will get to your daughters when we get the holes dug.” This is just a little lady, almost a grandma, who has to now take her dead daughters, put a rope around them and herself and drag their bodies to the place where the dead are being buried. So she dragged her girls to the place where they could be buried. It took her all day to do that. You must understand that these girls are her own flesh and blood. She is alone. She dragged them there, and then because there was no one to help her, she had to go buy a sack of “cal” (lime). The jungle is unforgiving, and one of the ways they try to keep disease from spreading is by covering things with lime, which kills disease. So once her daughters were in the line, she had to go get a 45kg bag of lime and carry it on her back until she got to her daughters, cut the bag open and cover her daughters in lime. That took her all of that day to do that. (David begins to jump). - I can feel it! - I can feel it! - It is like…it is good. I can feel it, it is all over me. I like it! -
So the first day is gone. The second day she began hiking at daylight, alone; her daughters are dead. She hiked through the jungle to our first church, Chiconamel. When she got to Chiconamel, what did she find? She found the pastors and the elders together in the middle of an extended fast. She didn’t find them down at a fancy restaurant eating 0.5kg steaks. She didn’t find them at a fancy hotel. “Jesus!” That is where she found them; at the altar of God almighty. I like it! (David begins jumping again) - It’s pretty good isn’t it. - She hiked 9 hours through the jungle and over those mountains to get to the only help she knew to go to, thanks be to God forever! She went to Jesus, and the reason for Jesus being alive is to destroy the works of the devil, and premature death is a work of the devil. So it must be destroyed, right?

Isaiah, chapter 61, verse 1. (David quotes a song to Jesus) “Jesus, your name is like honey on my lips” I love you! You’re pretty awesome. Yahoo!

When the woman go to the church, the wives of the pastors and elders ask her to wait for them to finish praying. Now let’s move that whole scene to an American situation. If you came to me and I told you to wait, you’d kill me. But our people trust the man of God, because they have to; there is no one else to turn to. So these ladies assisted her and asked her to wait until dark. So hours later the pastor came out and found out what was happening. He said, “We will go in the morning. Because tonight, we will pray all night.” There is something more important than death and life. It’s the presence of Jesus. So the woman said, “Ok.”  Then the pastor’s wives took her and helped her and encouraged her and loved her. At daylight, the pastors came out of their little room. They gathered their wives and the woman and they hiked 9 hours to the other village. This is the third day. Did you hear what I just said to you? Ok. They got to the village and they found that the daughters are very close to being buried. But they are not buried yet, they were next in line. The main pastor and the associate pastor each straddle (stand over with legs on either side) one of those girls who are covered in lime and decayed bodies. They stood over them and they called them by name, and both of those girls stood up, raised from the dead! Yahoo! And it is not my fault. It’s Jesus’ fault. It’s not my fault. It’s Jesus’ fault. “Sarampión negro” was defeated. Premature death spirits were defeated. Doubt and unbelief - destroyed. The name of Jesus - exalted! Wow!

A couple of days later I was there in Chiconamel and people came in from the other villages. I was sitting there and I can speak the language now, Aztec (Nahuatl), and I was listening. And I heard “mikis pan amantzi inemiles”. “Mikis” means “dead”, “pan amantzi” means “now”, “inemiles” means “they’ve been given life”.  And I said, “Wait! Excuse me for listening to your conversation, but who was dead and who now has life? I want to know about this. They told me the story, and those girls were sitting right there. I was on the ground crying like a little child as the mother came, trembling, and kneeled at my feet, and with tears in her eyes said “Thank you brother David, for bringing the gospel that has raised my two daughters from the dead.” That’s fun! All of the distress, all of the dismay, all of the problems, all of the hurt, all of the worry, all of the doubt, all of the unbelief is pretty small when that starts happening. All of the worries of life, they go somewhere. I don’t know where they go. But they disappear, and all you can do is worship Jesus.

I want you to read this with me, and I want to know if your Bible says something similar to what mine does. (Isaiah 61:1) My Bible says, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.” Does your Bible say that, or something similar? Where is the Spirit of God? Where is He? Where is He?! I don’t understand what you are saying. (On me!) Me too. He is on me. And it doesn’t matter how you look at me. You can look down at me, up at me, esteem me, degrade me, try to intimidate me, you can fuss at me, you can do anything you want. It is not going to change the fact that the mighty Holy Ghost is on me. It might not feel good to my emotions, I may not like it. As a mater of fact, I probably won’t appreciate your opinion of me very much at all. But it is not going to change the fact that the great and mighty Holy Ghost is on me. Ok? He is on me, and where I go, He goes. And when you go into villages and preach the gospel in authority and power, He stays where you go. Because everywhere the soles of my feet go, I can possess that place for the Lord Jesus Christ. He gives it to me. It’s mine! It doesn’t matter what devil is there. It doesn’t matter what coven of warlocks. It doesn’t make any difference what the prince or power’s name is. It matters who Jesus is. It doesn’t matter the disease. It doesn’t matter who the carrier of the disease is. It doesn’t matter about the political situation, guns, bullets, none of it - Jesus is what matters. I have some proof. I think it is in Luke chapter 4. Yes, it is. Look there with me for a second. How are we doing? Are you all doing alright? I wish the whole world could feel what I feel. I feel that the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, and it feels very good. And He has sent me to preach the gospel, to proclaim Jesus! I like this.

There is a story I am about to tell you, and it has a purpose. There’s a couple of people in here that I think need to hear this. I want to read you this in Luke 4:18. What does it say in your Bible? I know what mine says. Yours says something just about exactly like mine does. So I don’t understand why you don’t, or can’t, or won’t, or don’t allow Jesus to flow through you to do what He wants to do. And that is to destroy the works of the devil. You don’t have the right to stop Him! You are His friend. Let Him go through you. Don’t try to hold Him or bottle Him for your own pleasure! Let Him run through you. The more you let Him go through you, the greater He lets you be with Him. He likes it! He carries you to greater dimensions, greater levels, more heights, places you’ve never understood, places that other people have never understood either.

We were in a village, a big campaign with several thousand people in Las Placetas, when we ran out of food. The (Indian) brothers came and got me, “What are we going to do, we have to feed these masses of people? We don’t have enough food. More people came than we thought.” I said, “Come here!” We gathered around those old copper pots. And all those animals that had given their lives for the gospel were in those pots. And we began to pray over those pots, and over those beans, and over that rice, and over those stacks of tortillas, and over those buckets of coffee that were there. And we began feeding the people, and when we got through feeding those 3000 to 4000 people, however many there were, all the food that we fed - when we went back to the pots the food was still in the pots.

Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord is upon me. I want you to look at verse 21. What does it say in the first two words? Come on, somebody talk to me! See, you all have about a thousand different words out there. He began to say to them, what? “Today!” “This day, it is fulfilled in your ears.” You are still waiting for something that has already happened. It has happened I tell you. What are you waiting for? It’s already happened! “Well, I don’t feel…” Who said you were going to?  “But I don’t understand…” Who said you were going to?  “Well I never saw…”  That ain’t our fault. You have to “study to show yourself approved”. You have got to submit to the Holy Ghost. You have to allow Him to show you. The devil is blinding us to truth. I’m telling you that Jesus said “This day” years ago, and we are still waiting for some greater revelation. There is none! Jesus is the revelation!

I was on my way to church one afternoon, and I am a pretty “shouty” fella (guy). I shout a lot. I was walking along with about 4 or 5 of us fellas and a long string of Indians. Everywhere we go there is a large entourage. Every year it gets bigger. I can’t go anywhere without bunches of people wanting to go. And that’s ok, it’s fun. So we were traipsing (walking) through the woods there and we were worshipping Jesus. We got to this village, I’m not going to tell you the name because it’s a “hotbed” (violent place). We got there and preached the gospel and then came back through the woods, shouting and worshipping Jesus. In the village where we just preached, there was a group of about 25 men, that had these automatic weapons of every kind of description and sort.  There was a very wealthy man there that came out of his house and began to yell at them and call them all kinds of names, because he had hired these men, and paid them several million pesos to have them kill all of us. We had walked right by them and they never saw us! I am not a quiet individual whenever I don’t think danger is around. And when I think danger is around, I am even louder! Just ask the devil, a lot of you all listen to him a lot. Yahoo. The man got violent with them because we walked right by them, and then when we left at 11:00 that night, we walked right by them again in the dark. None of us, not even the Indians, saw them. God spared us because of His infinite wisdom and mercy and grace. Because the Spirit of God is upon us. Because He fulfilled the scriptures for me, so that I could walk with Him in the Holy Ghost. Is that true or not? So then, we ought to go out and do exploits (great works for God), isn’t that what brother Daniel (the prophet Daniel 11:32) said? “Be strong and do exploits!” Ok, I think I will. “Man, you’re out of your mind!” No, I’m out of your mind. I am in the mind of Christ. Uh-oh, the weapon is pulled (referring to his bandana handkerchief).

Are you all mad enough yet, or can I go some more? I’m really working on that today, aren’t I? “This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.” So I don’t really understand what the world, the church world, where I live and where we all exist, what are you waiting on to allow the power of Heaven to flow? Jesus has done it, He has fulfilled it, it is complete. We are not lacking anything, we are only lacking confidence and trust in Him. Because it is done, Brother Mike, you know that more than I do. We’ve got to let Him go, man. We’ve got to let Him be Lord. We’ve got to let Him be Señor y Salvador de nuestras vidas (Lord and Savior of our lives). We’ve got to let Him go. He is Lord and Savior of our lives. And He feels good, I can tell you that. Thank you Jesus!

There was this black-magic warlock, which most of you don’t even believe exist, because you think it is so different where you are in the United States…That is just because you don’t want to get serious. You like your hamburgers too much and you’d rather eat them than fast, that’s the way you are. Until some guy like me comes along and fusses at you a bit and then you’ll take a short spurt and do good and then you’ll regress back into your decadency, your apathy! And it’s not my fault, because where I go, Jesus is still with me, whether it’s in front of the guns, or in this great crowd, or wherever, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have to be in some little bitty corner with my four friends listening to some pretty little tape and get “goose bumps”. I can get goose bumps standing in front of…Can I get real serious with the witchcraft for a second? Maybe a few more seconds. Now this thing is quite serious. Remember brother Paul, when we were walking out of La Paua, or what’s the new name for La Paua? Mecatipa! Remember when we encountered the principality that afternoon? Let’s see what you can handle, are you ready? I going to come out like I really am now. I’ve been covering myself long enough. Let’s see if you can handle the real me. Most demons and humans can’t. That’s why I’m not for sale. I just wish I could call names on “mega-things” that have tried to buy us for a few measly million dollars. Let’s see, what must I do now? Let me think. I’ve got myself now to where I have to tell you this. Before I do, could I share a verse with you? How about Hebrews? Are you all doing ok? I’ve noticed that I’ve only run off (made to leave) about 10 people so far, so I’m going to work on the rest of you.

I was approached by a very famous fellow a little while ago, well it was a few years ago, and he said, “You are great and what you are doing is wonderful. But there is one problem with you. You don’t know how to bend around certain individuals. You’ll say anything to anybody at anytime. And because of that, we can’t accept you.” I looked at him and smiled and said, “Thank you Jesus!”  I want Jesus to accept me, and He has, thank Him. I want to do my best to get along with you as long as I can. But it is inevitable that people of low character, and shallow commitment, and hardly any responsibility in their lives, and very very thin loyalty, I just don’t get along with those kind of people. It’s nothing personal, I can still smile at you. See, you’ve got to understand that number one, I am owned by the Kingdom of God. I am owned by them. Ok? Number two, God, gracious as He was, took me after all those years and finally got me placed into a people; He gave me a nation; a people. They own me also. He gave me a wonderful family. They own me also! He gave me a great group of guys. They own me also! So I have very little left that is mine. Do you understand? So that makes a guy like me pretty free. I don’t have anything to lose, so why don’t I just tell the truth? How about that? I think I will.

Ok. Get up in my big 4-wheel drive with me. We’re going to church. Immediately, you “great” Americans are in there and you’re talking about some stupid new doctrine that doesn’t mean anything; it hasn’t stood the test of time; it inevitably won’t work anywhere but in your little circle, so its not the will of God. So I plug in my little worship tape and turn it louder, because you - the more I turn my thing on, the louder you get with your demon doctrine, until finally you can’t go high enough in decibels and you’re forced to worship Jesus with me. That is not a joke! And so we’re going along and after a few minutes we get off the paved road. And you’re thinking, “Boy I thought this was going to be tough, this paved road is pretty bouncy, but it’s ok.”  And then we hit a really good gravel road and you think, “Wow, this really is tough!”  But then we get to a substandard, by our rules, bone fide 4-wheel drive road, and you are bouncing around in that cab like a BB (small round metal pellet). God leaves you somehow, I don’t know how. I don’t even recognize the road because of the worship; it’s awesome! Then we get to the horse trail and you are gone. Finally we get to where we are going and you get out with me, and I want you to get this picture. I’m going to paint you a picture, are you ready? I’ve often been called a very colorful fella. So let’s be colorful. We meet up with the Indians and are looking over my shoulder, “Wonder what they’re saying? Because I didn’t take the time and I don’t care about anybody, so I don’t know Spanish or I don’t know Indian. I live in my own selfish bubble and I couldn’t give a flip (don’t care) about who goes to hell and who doesn’t.” So you’re wondering, “I wonder what they’re talking about? Probably about me.” Selfish little thing, I couldn’t give a flip about you, I just wonder why you are there at all. I care about souls. I care about those Indians getting born again. I care that we get another chance to walk up to a new village that has never ever heard of the power of the name of Jesus, and say “Jesus is Lord here!”  That’s what I care about. My own protection, my own life, I don’t own it, remember?  So it’s all abandoned for Jesus then. Let’s go for it! My son has now graduated from these schools that you all go to, he is coming. He’s been given a little section of land and I’ve given him, I don’t remember, about thirty-five or forty churches that we decided it is God (God’s will) for us to give this young boy that is fresh out of school, that has been on the mission field his whole life, gave him some territory and told him in the meeting, “You’re pretty (handsome) and you know what to say, and you know everything to do. That’s great, but the problem is that I don’t see those hundred churches I need yet in that section I just gave you. So get up and go get me those churches!” That’s my own son that I talk to like that. I’m his boss, and so family and work don’t cross. Understand? And so, here I am, this is awesome, I’m a daddy, I’ve given my entire life, and I’ve raised this boy right, and brother Paul was there and I don’t know who else was there. Were you there Jay? I don’t remember. We were on our way to Mecatipa, and we’re hiking over this mountain, and I’m in the back. I used to be in the front leading and shouting and screaming and hollering, but now I’ve gone to the back of the line and I let these new guys, these younger men take the place I used to in the front. Let them have the experience; let them lead a while, let me just stand back there and make sure they’re leading in the right direction. Between me and these 4 or 5 missionaries, there is a whole group of pastors who are both older and younger, and we are hiking up the trail. The smell of the jungle is there and the heat, and I’m in the back weeping because of the sight in front of me. Some of these Indian men, when I first got there they were babies and now they are men and they’re preaching the gospel with us. They are married and have got families, and it’s wonderful to walk behind that crowd. I’m in the back weeping and saying “Thank you Jesus that there is another generation that can take the reins of the gospel, and I can pass the torch to them and know that it will be kept bright. So I’m just walking back there enjoying myself. I was walking for a while, about 30-40 minutes, and an Indian just blasts out of the jungle right in front of me. How he got past everybody, I couldn’t tell you, because they are really good (at perceiving things in the jungle). He came and fell down before me and I picked him up, because I remembered what brother Peter did in the Bible. Do you all remember what he did? He took no credit for the anointing of God, he said “Stand up! I am a man just like you are.” Does anybody remember that? So when they try to give you something that is a possession of Heaven, do not take it! It’s not yours, it Jesus’. So you stand that man up and you say, “Thank you. But stand up and look me eye to eye, because I am a man as you are.”

He said to me, “My mother is dying. Can you please come?” And I look at the leader, the Indian leader, and he did this to me (shrugs his shoulders). So I went past him to my son Jody who is the leader of this section too, with this Indian leader. He goes (shrugs his shoulders). Now this is fixing to get tight (going to get serious). This is the real thing. This is what we all teach about and what we know to me true, but we went into the house of a principality (extremely powerful demon spirit), and decapitated him (cut his head off). And it is pretty rough, but that’s ok. Can we get gross with it and tell it like it happened? Ok. I just want to make sure that I don’t hurt anybody. This is tough. Ok.

This Indian man was not saved; he just heard that we were coming. I said, “Ok, we’ll come. But I’ve got to go preach the gospel first. Remember what we taught you the other day? You go, and what are you going to do? (Preach!) What are you going to preach? (The Kingdom of God is near). Then you are going to heal the sick. Is that how it goes? Is that the order? So we are scriptural to say, “We’re going to come in a minute, but we’ve got to go preach the gospel first.” Is this true? You all didn’t forget, that’s pretty good. Where did we go (in the Bible)? Did we ever go anywhere? (Hebrews) Did I say what chapter? (No) Does somebody want to pick one? Ok, go to Hebrews chapter 4. Isn’t it fun to be free and filled with the Holy Ghost? Isn’t it fun? Isn’t it fun to go face principalities and demons and raise the dead, and still be free? Isn’t it fun to face bullets and face the enemies of our God and stay free? Isn’t it fun to go through the stress and the hurt and all the disappointments, and have Christians rip you off (do evil to you) and still stay free? Isn’t that fun? Yahoo. I wouldn’t bore you with such things as how Christians rip you off, because most of you are in a “utopia” kind of life right now. You are just floating around, and you don’t want to hear that. But I promise you this: I’m a great friend, but I make a lot better enemy. Just remember that your whole life. You hear me? Because whenever the enemy of my God shows up, I am a good enemy. I guarantee you. The devil goes down, in the name of Jesus.

So I told him (the Indian man), “I’ll be along directly (soon), but it would be nice if you would invite someone to this party. Those black-magic warlocks that cast the spell on your family, would you please invite them along? Would you mind telling them that I curse their god and he’s a wimp? Thank you very much. See you.” 
Where do you come off getting the right to do that (how do you have the right to do that)? Where do you come off asking me? Just because what you’ve got doesn’t work, don’t worry with me. Let me alone. So we went hiking on in there. Now you are going to find out why I have a job. Now I’m in the front. Every available discernment is working, every available gift is intact, and we were moving with much caution. Could I please make a suggestion to you? I wouldn’t frivolously attack a principality if I were you. In the sense of knowing each other for years, me and this prince are friends in a sense. Not a friend of the devil, but we are well known to each other, do you understand? We are well known to each other, not in a friendship of good, but a friendship of hate. Because we will beat him, in the name of Jesus. And I know him well, and he’s not a good thing - he’s a devil, and I will in the name of Jesus figure out a way to slide that word of the Living God, that sword of the Spirit, into that 5th rib and twist it. God will then show me before he dies how to take it out and take that head. And then take that head and go to Jerusalem and wonder to the people, “Why are you so afraid of these giants? They fall like any other one.” That’s what you have to put up with from guys whose names are David.

The closer we got, the more we felt it. I felt this wall of energy and I stopped the guys. It wasn’t a good wall, it was a demonic thing, and you could step in and out of that wall. Men in the crowd began to cry from the devil’s presence. Can you worship Jesus when you are in front of demonic royalty?! Is your God big enough? Mine is. Now I’m fixing to go into a couple of adjectives that will probably be disapproved of, but I’ll put up with the problem myself also. I really enjoy being that close to the enemy of God. It’s an awesome horrible feeling, but it really gets me popping (excited and ready for battle). I mean it. I mean, I can’t tell you how that feels. All the hair on you stands up, and the blood is burning through you, blood-red and it’s hot - boiling in you. Your heart is about to blow through your chest and it’s not because you are in front of your four friends listening to some CD in a controlled environment, and getting “goose bumps”. It’s because Jesus that is in me is greater that he that is in the world. And there is another reason. Hebrews 4:12, the word of God is alive! I serve a living God and His name is Jesus! The word of God is alive. There’s not a sword out there that’s sharper. My Bible says, “The sword of the Spirit, the word of God, is sharper that any two-edged sword, and it doesn’t matter the prince’s name that bearing it. It matters that I stand with it in my hands, gripped, and bow to the king. And He always tells me “Go!” (Preach!) What are we going to preach? (The Kingdom of God is near). Did He say, “Only if the area is cleansed o principalities?” (No!) Or did He simply say “Go!”? Preach! The kingdom of Heaven is near.

It wasn’t long along the trail that we ran into some things hanging in the trees. I froze, I can feel these things on me and my neck veins are just about to blow, I can feel it. It’s wonderful - the power of God that can hold a demon prince at bay through men. That’s amazing. That is just simply amazing. These great warlords of Satan are standing there violent and vicious to destroy us. And step after step you walk through their domain. And your body is trembling under the power of the devil. And the power of Jesus in you is holding you strong. There were these things hanging in the trees. These warlocks had come and filled these trees with fetishes (symbols or objects that represent the faith of the warlocks, like a voodoo doll). Who knows what that is? Ten or fifteen, twenty people in here - that’s sin. (Speaking to the teacher) You need to teach on that. It’s simply a point of contact for the devil; it’s nothing more than that. It’s a demon. It could be anything. I’m not going to tell you what it is; you’ll start doctrines over it. It’s all kinds of stuff. We rebuked the devil and kept walking, calling on the name of Jesus. I turned to these men and I said to them, “I hope you’re born-again. I hope you’re not lying to me, because you will die if you’re not.” Because these boys are not…nevermind, I won’t hurt you any more. I’ll use the sword of the Spirit on the devil, not you. So we get to the house and its covered on the north, south, east, and west (with fetishes). It’s protected from any power, except the blood of Jesus. We walked up, and these spirits are so intense that some of the men with me are weeping like children. That doesn’t make them weak. That doesn’t make them beggarly. That makes them, in my opinion, men of honest integrity. You don’t try to suppress or hide anything in this situation. You are very honest and open and ask for the blood protection of the Holy Ghost. Because my Bible says the Holy Ghost shed His blood, in Acts it says that (Acts 20:28 KJV might be interpreted this way). So we walk up there and I wait through the protocol. Even in this tense situation we have protocol. So they said to me, “You can come in”, so I stepped inside the door. There was a lady laying there on the floor and I wasn’t paying attention to what was over on my right side. I was looking intently on the problem. Just as I take a step, I looked to my right. Guess who was standing there? There were two black magic warlock demons. So what do you do? “Oh, brother Hogan, let’s share the love of God with them.” OK, I will. After I chop their devil to pieces, I sure will. “You’re too aggressive for me.” I already told you that. I knew that already. So you leave the woman that’s in pain, and you go nose to nose with these demons. You walk right over to them and touch them on the nose with your nose. And you tell them “Today”, in their language, in Aztec (Nahuatl) so everybody can understand, “Today, the power and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ will defeat your god.” And then you step to the next one, and you touch his nose and you tell him the same thing. And then lo and behold (wow), you can’t believe what’s hanging over there in the rafters. They brought their god with them. Can you believe it? What an opportunity! Hanging right out of the rafters was a goat head. I said, “This is too good to be true!” There were things running through me, I was feeling spikes, I was feeling needles, I just couldn’t believe it, I almost floated over there to my greatest enemy. He was exactly hung to my height, and we bumped heads, he and I did. “Brother Hogan, you’re out of your mind!” No, remember, I’m out of yours! Jesus! You better watch out when that starts happening. When you start worshipping Jesus, devils get freaked out. Jesus! You’re awesome! I like it, a whole lot. “Wow, what’d you do man? The devil was there!”  Oooooh. He’s everywhere, where are you going to go hide from him? So you tell him, “Look, there really isn’t a lot scripturally that I can tell you but one thing, the Lord Jesus rebuke you!” Oooh, that gets them stoking (very angry)!  So you don’t turn your back on your enemy, you back away from him looking at him. You go down the line of your enemies, very cautiously. Isn’t this true brother Paul? (Paul says something) Wait, we’ll get there in a minute. That happened after, right after this. You’re going to like this. I walked over to this grandma, and I knelt down beside her with much respect. She is not the devil; she is in trouble. Now you show the compassion of the cross. Not at your enemy! No compromise to the devil! But when you get to the lady that needs Jesus, you take that blanket and throw it back and go…wow! You’ve got a naked grandma lying there, with huge sores dripping. Then you’ve got something else. Uh oh. On every one of her vertebrae going down, there is a horn sticking out. Uh oh, now I’ve lost most of you. Good, see you! I reached over and grabbed one of those horns to see if this was a trick. Surely this was a trick! You know, after all, I am a small bit intelligent, and this is not supposed to happen to humans. So you reach over there and wiggle one, then wiggle another. Those horns are attached to that lady! So you look at her and say, “I’m sorry grandma”. And then you turn back and look at those devils, and you say it really simple: “You shouldn’t have done that. Because greater is He that is in me, greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” Jesus! You see why I like Him so much? Because he lets me go into those wonderful situations like that, and He lets me be aggressive and have courage, and hold the banner of honor and loyalty and discipline.

See what you do is this, I’ll explain what you do. You wait until the situation happens and then you aggressively go after the cross. That’s why you lose so many battles. You ought to aggressively go after the cross, and then when you get put in the situation the cross will respond for you. You have to stay ready. We have probably the greatest fighting force on the planet, living in the United States: the Navy Seals. What if we waited until we were invaded before we prepared them for battle? Of course we would lose, that ‘s why you lose. We prepare them before battle. We stay in a war alert status and we are left alone. Yahoo! That is why my family and most of these men I work with fast every other day of our lives. That is why I get up at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning and seek God for 2-3 hours every day. Because I know I won’t be able to say, “Ok, you warlocks, hang out for a few days because I’m going to go home and fast.” Or, “Excuse me prince, you know what I said? Just be patient and wait to respond to that for a while. I need to run home and fast for ten days.” Then you walk over to grandma and say, “You know, I would help you but I’m just not ready. I need to run home and fast for two weeks.

But what if you believe the Bible, and you believe that you have a need to stay ready, to stay sharp, to stay alert, and to devour the word of life, and drink the new wine of God daily, and stay in His great Holy Presence, and it doesn’t have to be worked up, conjured up, or whatever else you all do. I don’t know what else you all do. Hyped up. You are just ready. All the war buttons are always red. Do it!! Ok. But if you are ready, instead of having to get ready, you can kneel down there over grandma and you can hug her and tell her “Amantsi huala chicawas pan icone totecototeotsay” “Now the great powers of Heaven will come through the son of the Living God.” And you hold her, just for a moment, because it’s illegal to do that. But nobody will touch me as long as I’m in that position, you see. And then you simply touch her on the side of the head and begin to thank Jesus for His precious blood. She’s not born again. How do I have the right to do that for somebody that’s not even born again? Because I wanted to. Because Jesus did, half the time, the same thing. Half the time it was his faith, half the time it was “As your faith is, so be it unto you.” And so we lay there for a little bit, and she told me, “Taskemate nuitni Dabe” “Thank you brother David”. That’s enough for me. I’ll go another million miles now. The people that I am sent to, that I server, that I can bring the great powers of God, they look you right in the eyes with weeping, and say “Taskemate nuitni Dabe.” And you look back and say, “Ahmot leno” “Think nothing of it.” And then you get up and salute (say goodbye to) all the people in the house, including your enemies. And then you back out the door. And you tell those boys (the missionaries) “Listen to me. The devil is on the way. He doesn’t want grandma anymore. He wants me. And that’s your job, isn’t it? The poor, the defenseless, the people that need help…aren’t we strong in the Lord in the strength of Jesus for a reason? Don’t we have the protection of the cross and the blood and the word of God, and the angel’s protection, the legions of God at our disposal? Don’t we have the armor of God? Don’t we? Well use it!! The nations of the world are waiting on us to wake up O church. Arise, O mighty ones of Israel, and let the great powers of God flow through you. Yes Jesus.

I told those boys, “You take off walking down that trail, you don’t look back, you don’t answer anybody, you pray in tongues, you worship God, and you thank Him for the blood of Jesus. And woe unto you fellows that have hidden sin, I’m glad I’m not you. Because the demon is coming, and he’s not going to be a headache, he’s going to be a prince. And he’s coming to kill us, because the greatest wraths of hell have been invoked now. Because I happen to believe that I have the right to kick the gates off of hell and possess it for my king. Yeehah!

And so we’re walking along, and it’s tense: everybody’s hair is on end, people are weeping, and we’re walking, we’re walking, “We’re getting away, we’re getting away, we’re getting away, thank you Jesus.” Oh, but no, you’re not. But you are. “Oh yes, please let it be. Let us get away.” So we’re hiking. There is nobody tired now. We are all flying. Whoohoo! We came up to this bog wood gate. We opened the wood gate and out flowed the crowd, one minister after another. I’m at the end and I’m looking around. Thank God it’s an open field and not one of these dark canopy places. Ooh, scary! Because in an open field you can see. Thank you Jesus. I shut that gate and latched it. We are running. Nobody’s allowed to do anything but sing praises to the blood, isn’t that right brother Paul? We’re only allowed to speak in tongues and thank God for His precious blood. Because that’s the only thing that can protect you against these principalities. And so we’re going: zoom, zoom , zoom. And all of a sudden I started slowing because I heard this noise behind me. Oh no! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! The gate that was latched, you could hear it squeak open. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! It’s standing open with no one there! Then it closes, <squeak, wham!> And I told those guys, “Come here, come here, come here. Listen, the “thing” is in the pasture with us. We can’t see him, but he can see us. And he’s big, and we will win! Now begin to thank Heaven for the precious blood of Jesus! Worship the King for the blood of the King. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Help us Jesus. Help us Jesus. Help us Jesus. Oh God! Thank you Jesus. Your word is true, let every man be a liar.” You are trembling under the presence of the enemy. The “thing” came right up to us. You can’t see it, but I’m telling you I hope you never have to feel this. Please God! That thing was scary! Then all of a sudden it burst into a ball of fire. We were all very frightened. That really is what happened. And so we kept on praying and praying in tongues, and praying for the blood of Jesus, and thanking Him, “Oh God, it was a perfect sacrifice…remember? Help us God please!” Your flesh is tormented by…I don’t know how many there were; there were several of them. But this one big one was manifesting, and I was praying “Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”, because I’ve seen that thing several times. “Oh Jesus have mercy please!” And you all should have seen it! The thing exploded, and sent swoosh over the mountain, and was gone! And little by little, our emotions started calming down and we began to worship and praise Him and honor Him. The victory finally came into our mouths. We were worshipping God and weeping and crying, and shouting and jumping and bucking and snorting, and running! We were running! That’s what happened. But the story’s not over there.

Because I told everybody, remember brother Paul, I said, “Mark the time.” Remember me telling them that? I said, “Mark the time.” So we marked the time. And so a few days later, I don’t remember all of those details like that, but it was a few days later. We were in another village a few hours away. And I’m standing there, just the same old me, just standing there. I’m ready to preach. I have gone, and what am I going to do? (Preach!) What am I going to preach? (The Kingdom of God is near.) You know, the reason I can do that is because it says in my Bible, I read a verse, a new one, are you ready? In Matthew 21:21. It’s brand-new, I found it myself today in the Bible. It says, “All things whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” Isn’t that something? Yahoo! You all listen to me, I was standing there and the service was about to start, and all of a sudden you see in the darkness this little crowd of people coming, coming out of the darkness in the jungle. And you look at them wondering who they are. And they walked right up to me, and I’m backing up wondering who these people are, and watching for guns and knives and that kind of stuff. There was this little grandma, who was standing with her feet planted solidly and looking me square in the eyes, which is unusual for women, they don’t do that. And she said to me, “Thank you brother David.” And I backed off from her, “Where do I know you from?” She said, “You came to my house not long ago.” I said, “Uh-uh, that ain’t (isn’t) so.” She said, “Oh yes, I was the little grandma that had the horns.” I asked her, “What time did Jesus come in your house?” She told me, and it was the exact moment that thing blew up. The Holy Ghost hit her, those horns and those sores are gone! Yahoo! Jesus! Yeah! Jesus! There were 11 people with her and they all got born again. Isn’t that something? Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that wonderful? Wow! What a God!

I’m going to read this verse with you, and then I’m going to stop. And then we’re going to trust Jesus to touch us, ok? Book of Mark…You all, I can tell you I feel the presence of Jesus, and it’s wonderful. It’s awesome. But I can also tell you that I also felt the presence of Jesus while under the thumb of one of the greater princes I’ve ever had to fight against. I can also tall you I feel the presence of the Lord Jesus when they’ve got their big guns pointed at us. Circumstances have nothing to do with my emotions. My emotions do not run (control) my circumstances, nor do my emotions run the Holy Ghost within me. I am filled with the Holy Ghost because the Bible says I am. It doesn’t say “If everything’s pretty and I like it”. It says that “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.” It says, “For this reason the Son of God was manifested: to destroy the works of the devil.”  It says, “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” It says, “Go, preach the gospel to every creature.” Ok, I think I will. I want to read this with you please. Mark chapter 16. I found this verse this morning, and I couldn’t believe it was in the Bible. Isn’t that something? (Prior to praying for people, David munches on a breath-mint called “Tic-Tacs”) Tic-Tacs, cinnamon, they taste good. It says right here in my Bible…oh no! I don’t want to read this to you. It is so wonderful! I found it this morning, and I want you to believe it like I do. I want you to appreciate it like it is supposed to be. I want me to bow to it greater also. I do want us to do that, would you at least consider that? Please. Oh God, here we go. Mark 16…uh-oh. Verse 10. Oh boy. The Bible says, my Bible says, “She went and told them that she had been with Jesus.” I’ve done my best. I’ve come here and I’ve told you that I walk with Jesus. I’ve done the same thing that this lady has done. I’ve come; I’ve been with Jesus. I hear you weep, I hear you mourn, just like these people. He is not dead; He is alive! Uh-oh, I’m going to get you and you’re going to get mad, but I can live with that. Starting around this time of the year called “Shantolo”, where I come from they all dress up like women and have these massive orgies, and dead people come back and everyone has sex with them and so on, it’s when you all begin to bow to those pagan demons also. And then you take Jesus, the great King of the universe, and you shrink Him to this little-bitty thing and you put Him in this hay thing. I guess I’d better inform you all - He ain’t in that stupid box! I’ll tell you all one more thing that I guess I’d better inform you of. Some ofyou walk around and you’ve got these things around your neck, I’ve seen them, and it’s these gold or silver crosses, and you’ve got Him hanging there. Listen to me; I have to tell you something. He ain’t hanging on that cross anymore! My Bible says He has ascended, and sits triumphant over death, hell, and the grave! And He continually makes intercession for you and I. Wow! Jesus loves me and He’s interceding to the Father for me? Whooo, let’s go for it, what do you say? (Let’s go forward with aggression). Come on! Quit your weeping and mourning. You are not defeated; you are victorious! I understand the temptation. It’s not that I can’t see the problem; the problem is not God. Jesus is Lord! Ok? And it says right here in my Bible, it says, “And they, when they had heard that He was alive and had been seen by her”, what did they do? They didn’t believe. Many of you in here don’t believe me, what I’m saying. And I’m sorry for that. That’s not my problem; that’s yours. Because it’s true. There’s many, many more things to talk about but some things can’t be shared with you, you won’t listen. After that He appeared to some more people, verse 12, and they went and told the rest of them, in verse 13. But they didn’t believe them either. There will be many people like me that come. Some of you will believe. Some of you will become like me and other men that are doing something for Heaven. Some of you will, but the majority of you will stay mundane and get mad. It’s not my fault, neither is it Heaven’s fault. It’s your choice, and I expect you to take the responsibility for that and make a decision. I was taught by one of the best, brother T.L. Osborn, he said, “Every time you preach, make sure that the people you preach to make a decision.”  And so it says here in the Bible, “Afterward He appeared to the eleven as they sat to eat.” What did He do to them? Look, you’ve got to understand. Don’t you understand what happened to Him, that He was raised from the dead? He showed Himself to people, He sent His messengers before His face, and people still didn’t believe. So what was His message when he came back? “I love you boys. I understand.” That’s not what He said. My Bible says He upbraided them and rebuked them for their hardness of heart and unbelief. Whoops! Well, that’s what the Bible says anyhow. And then it says, uh-oh, here’s the “go” word again. Can you believe it? Why can’t He say “Just sit for a few minutes”? But His first words are “Go!” Oooooh. But I have to report to you, I am not an explainer, but a reporter. And I didn’t write the Bible, the Holy Ghost did. All I do is read it and do it. Ok, is that fair enough? It says here in my Bible, “Go around the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” He that believes, that’s the first thing that’s got to happen, and is baptized, that’s the second thing, can be saved. But he that doesn’t believe, you are a damned individual.

Now then, I’m going to have to rebuke you just lightly, is that ok? It may get a little serious, but probably not. These signs shall follow them that believe. One of the main questions that gets asked of me all over the world is, “How in the world do you get those things to happen for you?”  I believe. “Well, why don’t they happen, why can’t I get them to happen?” You don’t believe. I didn’t write it, I just read it and believe it. “And these signs shall follow them that believe, in my name they shall…” do a lot of things. I’m not going to go through it all. I could and I would, it would be fun. Cast out devils, speak new tongues, take up serpents, drink deadly things and they won’t hurt you, lay hands on the sick and they will recover. So then after He spoke to them, He was received up into heaven and sat at the right hand of God Almighty. And verse 20, you must see this. As soon as He told it to them, what did they do? Well, look at that. They did what He said. And they went forth and they preached where? Everywhere. And when they did what He said, it’s kind of like reading Matthew chapter 10 again, isn’t it?  They went, they preached, something happened. The Lord was with them confirming His word. So I suggest we take it for what it says and go and do it, is that all right with you? Can we do that? Will you please stand up and let’s pray together.

I really want to sing some more, just a couple of songs. I really want to repent to Jesus for unbelief. (He talks with the leader to get the piano player to come up again.) Alright, everybody listen to me please. It’s very serious, of course it is. “Boy, you’re too intense!” I’m getting there; I’m working on getting there. Remember the first day I told you all about a little baby that was deaf, and the bull, and the package and all of that? The other day we were in a village, I don’t remember the name of it, where this little boy was. It was chaos, the Holy Ghost fell like last night, and it was chaos, it was wild. And all of a sudden there is this little-bitty lady holding onto my pant leg, pulling on me. I looked down and this woman had the littlest boy standing beside her. She was talking to me, but because of the wild thing that was going on, I couldn’t hear her. So I just knelt down and grabbed the little boy. I had no idea what was wrong with him. So I was just holding on to him, holding on to him, holding on to him. All of a sudden that little boy begin hitting me, bang, bang, bang. So I let him go. My first opinion was, “That was a devil. It had to be because he was beating me up.” He ran out into the jungle. There went the mama, and there went the daddy. After a while…this is good. Really, really, good. After a while, they came back to me and there was the daddy standing in front of me, and I didn’t recognize him with that little boy. They were weeping. The mama was there. And they told me this is the little boy that beat you and ran out into the woods. I said, Ok. I was figuring on having to pray for him again. They were all weeping now. The little boy was seven years old and had been born deaf. And when I was holding onto his little self like this, Jesus opened both his ears and the loudness of the sound scared him so badly, that he beat me up and ran off. (David speaks to the musicians) Would you all just worship Jesus for His precious blood, just for a minute? (song interlude)

The other day, my son, brother Paul, and some of the other guys were in a village called “Agua Fria”, “Cold Water”. The Holy Ghost fell on the place and my son, a very serious guy, a lot different than me, he’s a lot more like my wife than me, because I’m wild and he’s calm. And Jesus appeared to him, my son. Fascinating. Jesus was standing there and he saw Him. Jesus turned from him and started walking out of the building. And brother Paul can attest to this, that boy jumped across the table, nobody else…he thought the whole world could see Him like he was. He grabbed the hem of the garment of the Lord Jesus Christ. And Jesus stopped and turned and looked at him. And my son will tell you, when he saw those eyes of fire, he let go of that garment and cowed down, thinking he was fixing to get smoked (about to die). And Jesus was just staring at him. And he said to Jesus, “Please, don’t go!” Jesus said, “I have to go.” “Please Jesus, don’t go.” Jesus said, “There’s too much unbelief here.” And my son said to Him, of course inspired by the Holy Ghost, “I believe. Please stay.” And the pwer of the King fell on the house.

I need you to do something please. Please! Can you please deal with the spirit of unbelief? Now. Please. In the name of Jesus. Jesus!

Psalms 27:1  The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
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