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Author Topic: Some Trust In Horses-by Marty Clayton Banfield  (Read 917 times)
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« on: January 21, 2010, 09:48:01 PM »

by Marty Clayton Banfield

"Some trust in  chariots,  and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God." God. " Psalm 20:7

A few nights ago I had a very profound dream, which I feel led to share with the body of Christ as a warning, as well as an indicator of the state of the "spotted" or impure  church in these endtimes.  

The dream started out at a world famous billionare horse ranch owned by a man named John Barker.  (I later researched & found that the name John Barker is affiliated with horses, and paintings of horses)

On this billionare ranch, I was taken as a fiancee  to the son of the rich man who owned this Ranch. Inside the ranch house, the whole family of John Barker was gathered, daughters and sons, and I was being introduced to the family as John Barker's son's future bride.

All around there was merriment and much conversation, and all acknowledged me, but quickly went back to their business of horses.  Everything and every conversation was about horses, horses, horses.  Men were coming in and talking and consulting with John Barker and his son about the horses. There were horse races being planned,  men were busy busy training horses; men and women were riding and racing horses, and it was just an overwhelming  over the top hustle & bustle all centered around the horses.  

About noon, the family again gathered for lunch.  During this quick lunch, after the meal, one of John Barker's daughters got up from the table and so did some of the other daughters.  It appeared almost as if they were going to "have church" and they began] joining hands as if to pray.  Some of the men remained seated at the table, watching the women & the other men who stood up.   I could tell these people were going through the "motions" of RELIGIOSITY, and they burst forth in a hymn, and sang it "perfuntorily".  Immediately after the hymn, they all dropped their hands and walked away as if they had perfomed their DUTY.  They all immediately got up and went back to talking about the horses.

John Barker's son, my future husband, wanted to show me something which he called "ridiculous" but which he went along with because of his rich father.  It was a sort of elaborate lounge chair tied onto the back of a horse, and it would hold two people.  We were to ride on this ridiculous pompous looking lounge chair made for two, up on the back of this horse, almost like a king and queen.  I thought it was the most ridiculous thing, but I got up on it like he told me to, although I was embarrassed.  We both saw it was ridiculous and hoped no one saw us...

Next, the scene changes and we are back inside, but in a small room just off the main dining area. I walk into the room and see a young boy about 8 or 9 years old, with blondish hair and he has a small toy in his hand.  I am standing nearby when he throws this small toy directly in front of me onto a big pillow on the floor.  At first I thought the toy was an ordinary Ken doll or something of the sort, but as the toy hits the pillow, I see it is a miniature real live MAN, about the size of a small baby doll, with dark hair, naked and kicking his arms and legs like an infant.  I see this is a real man who has been thrown or cast down by this boy. END OF DREAM

I believe the interpretation of this dream is all about  the scripture  "some trust in horses..." and how many  in the body of Christ are trusting in HORSES (money, positions, titles, works, and other things ) instead of the Lord.

We are the Bride of CHRIST, not the Bride of the WORLD, yet many are acting as if they are betrothed or married to the world...and I believe this dream shows just that.  I also believe the "boy" in the end of the dream saw the ignorance of the grown ups who were trusting in horses, and that many who are supposed to be MATURE Christians, are acting like babes, and will be in danger of being  tossed away , just like the boy threw the "man baby" away...he tossed him away from him.

Those in the body of Christ who continue to trust in horses and chariots instead of the Lord, will  one day be tossed away by the Lord, and will be in danger of being one of those who will say, "Lord, Lord..."  

"Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." Matt. 7:21

Marty Clayton Banfield

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