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Author Topic: The Moon Shines as the Midday Sun  (Read 1731 times)
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« on: June 24, 2010, 04:15:11 AM »

The Moon Shines as the Midday Sun

                                                                                    Martin Banner

 Note- In this dream I am not supporting or promoting any latter day rain teachings or doctrines, nor I am identifying with any particular organization or sect.  I am simply relaying a dream I just received and what I was shown by the Lord.

Isaiah 60:1
Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.

In my dream, it was the night season and darkness had descended upon all the earth. I was inside a dwelling place, looking out of a window, when suddenly it appeared as if it were daytime, even though it was approaching the midnight hour. I ran outside where I was met by several women. There may possibly have been two or three, but I can not recall for sure. All of us began to run through the fields under the moonlit sky, and suddenly one of the women turned to me and spoke, "It is the middle of the night, and we can see as if it were noontime." I then looked up in the sky and beheld the moon as it shone in great glory. A pure, white light shone down from the moon to light up the earth as brightly as the noon day sun. We continued to run and dance through the fields, and we had great joy as we could see the clouds in the moonlit sky as they were passing by the moon. It was as if we were beholding the sun itself, yet we were looking at a reflection of the sun upon the moon and it was as if the sun itself had arisen. I turned to another one of the women and said to her, "I can even feel the heat coming off the moon, just as if it were the sun itself, and we continued to run and dance through the fields as warm breezes blew in the midnight hour, just as they would on a hot summer day." I then woke up from my sleep and thought what could this dream mean? Then the Lord began to speak to me and I will relay what He said and what He showed me to the best of my memory.

I am about to arise with great glory upon my bride. I will pour out such great glory upon her, that those who look upon her shall see My glory reflected upon her in the same way the moon reflects the glory of the sun at night. Soon there is coming what will be the greatest move of My Spirit upon this earth that man has ever witnessed. Soon I will do these things. I shall pour out great glory upon My bride and though it be the night season, she will shine and reflect My glory like the noonday sun.

The kingdom of God is likened unto the Old Testament temple. There are those who shall attain unto the outer court, there are those who shall attain unto the holy place and there are those who shall attain unto the holy of hollies. Not all shall reflect the same glory in the kingdom of God. Yet all shall make up one church and one body. The kingdom of God is likened unto the New Testament marriage parable. Some shall attain unto wedding guests, some shall attain unto bridesmaids and some shall attain unto the bride herself, but not all shall attain unto the same glory. For in the kingdom of God there shall be different levels of intimacy. There shall be different levels of glory. Not all shall attain to the same level of glory, but all shall be one body of Christ with one Lord, one faith and one baptism. Therefore, though the body be one, there shall be many members. The bride, the bridesmaids and the wedding guests shall all make up one body of Christ in the kingdom of God.

So hear what will soon come to pass. Those appointed unto death, shall go to death. Those appointed to captivity, shall go to captivity. Those appointed to the sword, shall go to the sword. And those appointed unto glory, shall receive of My glory. For those in the outer court are appointed unto martyrdom. These are the wedding guests in the New Testament marriage parable. The outer court shall be trampled under foot by the gentiles. Those who are appointed as wedding guests and are in the outer court shall soon be martyred by the Antichrist and the Beast of the book of Revelations. Those who are in the holy place shall slumber and sleep, as the wise and foolish virgins slumbered and slept. These are the bridesmaids in the New Testament marriage parable. Because they slumber and sleep they shall go into captivity. Both the wise and the foolish virgins shall both slumber and sleep as My Word declares. Those who are in the holy of holies which is the bride in the New Testament marriage parable are those who are sealed with My Father's name written upon their foreheads. They shall receive of My glory and at the midnight hour My bride shall light the darkness with My glory reflecting upon her as the moon reflects the glory of the sun, and all things shall be fulfilled as the day of the Lord comes as I return for my people. These things are soon to come to pass. When you see those who are in the outer court come under great persecution and great martyrdom, you will know that these things have begun. Repent ye and seek the Lord while it is yet day, for the night season cometh and these things are at the very door.


 As the night season comes that is predicted in the word of God there is also coming a corresponding great glory that will be poured out upon the bride of Christ. There shall come great martyrdom to the church, along with many slumbering and going into captivity, as well as an increased glory that will be reflected upon the bride. Depending on how far believers have gone with the things of God, and what level of relationship they have with their God, this will determine what they receive from God in this time frame.

As the great tribulation and the night season comes upon the earth, we shall see a great increase in martyrdom among the church, as well as many believers in a state of slumber. At the same time these events are occurring the Lord will arise with great glory upon a people that have gone into the secret place of the Lord and have walked in the holy of holies and these believers will reflect the very nature and glory of God and shall usher in the greatest move of God known to man. These things are to transpire very soon and are even at the door.

 May God keep you and bless you in these Perilous Times!  Maranatha!  Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2010, 11:34:31 AM »

WOW!  This is a powerful dream! 

It speaks VOLUMES to what is taking place on the earth right now!  Let those who have "ears to hear" hear what the Spirit of the LORD is saying and come prepared with a heart cleansed with repentance!

And the Spirit and the bride say, "Come". And let him that hears say, "Come". And let him that is thirsty come. And whoever will, let him take the water of life freely.  Rev. 22:17

"I tremble for my country when I recall that God is just, and that His justice will not sleep forever." Thomas Jefferson
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