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May 29, 2015, 11:14:04 PM

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Author Topic: Who and What is Manifesting???  (Read 842 times)
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Who and what is manifesting?

Many of God’s people aren’t/haven’t been in the so-called structured church buildings for quite some time. HE has pulled them out to get them ready for “such a time as this.” They had to “Come out from among them and be separate”  to enable God  to build them into their destiny.  Where has He been building them?  They have been in the valleys of: the shadow of Death, the valley of Decision , and the valley of Dry bones. In the valley of the shadow of death we could feel Him with us, even though we didn’t like it. Then as the testing/trials became more intense we couldn’t feel Him and really questioned why things were happening and where was He? Then there became a daily questioning and deciding of our faith/His faith to us in the valley of decision. Were we going to keep believing, or turn back?  Where was there to go, the world?  In it, but not of it? And…finally through a time of intense fire of hopelessness, we died in the valley of dry bones. This wasn’t a process that any of us would have chosen or accepted IF we knew how much it would cost us. No one could really help us, they were going through their own death. Or maybe they had no clue what you were going through, and maybe didn’t care. The people that have gone through this process are forerunners/leaders in the army of God.  We have seen the glory/goodness of God before the dying to self started and intensified. That is why things became so hard for us in the valleys because we knew and believed what God can do, but He wasn’t.  Ezekiel 37 is the chapter of the Valley of Dry Bones where it symbolizes Israel and the restoration of it, but it also is a parallel of us as being grafted in by Jesus death and resurrection. It talks about the whole house of Israel and the hopelessness from circumstances beyond our control.  But…. God.  He will, not us, put His renewed Spirit/Breath in us and we will live again.  Live the abundant life that is “the Call” of God on our life. We too had to go through the death, resurrection/revival, and restoration process to be able to really identify with our Lord and Savior. We had to learn that it never was about us, but Him and His ministry for us. That was what the valleys were for, to prepare us to lead the way for others out of the darkness. In chapter 10:21 of Daniel it talks about the book of truth/destiny. Right before that verse we read of a huge battle that the arch angels had gone through just to answer prayer. I believe that the book of destiny has now been opened by the Lord and that there has been a huge battle in your life and the lives of those precious to you, because the enemy has tried to stop your divine destiny. Then in Ezekiel 12: 22,28 it says, “The days are near when every vision will be fulfilled. And.. None of my words will be delayed any longer, whatever I say will be fulfilled, declares the Sovereign Lord.”
It's time NOW to Declare your prophetic words and walk in it!! Walk out/LIVE  Isaiah 61.

This is the reason for all we have gone through in our lives, to prepare us for the harvest.  The workers are few, because some have chosen a different path then the Lord had for them. I asked God why we weren’t moving in things that we see in the Bible. And I believe that He said, “It is in you, NOW manifest it.” I also heard Him say the other day that there are so many homeless on earth, because they are homeless in Heaven.  There is shortage of food and drink on earth because they have not heard of the Bread of  Life and the Living Water. Where are the true Sons and Daughters of God?  We are witnessing violence all around us with storms in the atmosphere, the earth quaking, fires, tsunamis, and people trying to find comfort any way that they can. The violent take it by force.  What are we taking, our time?? And at whose expense?? The GLORY cloud moves!!
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