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Author Topic: Julia Loren: The Season of the Third Act  (Read 811 times)
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Julia Loren: The Season of the Third Act
Recently, the Lord woke me up with an audible phrase bursting into the air, "This is the season of the third act!" And then, more quietly, I heard the Lord say, "Europe is no longer the 'dark continent'. It will be a forerunner in releasing the Ambassadorial Anointing as it enters into this season of the third act."
I believe that the whole world is coming into the Third Act. And Europe, specifically, is called to receive and move in a specific anointing in the months and years to come. I knew what Act 2 was – or, more specifically, Acts 2. But what, I inquired of the Lord, was Act 1 and Act 3?
Act 1, 2 and 3
• Act 1 – The Holy Spirit is released upon a special few.
The Lord immediately directed me to read about the ending of the first Act - in Micah 3:6, where the sun set for the prophets of old.
Therefore night will come over you, without visions, and darkness, without divination. The sun will set for the prophets, and the day will go dark for them.

The Old Testament prophetic movement was the first act, the first release of the Holy Spirit to speak to certain men and women whose spheres of influence were both inside and outside of the religious system. That season ended when God removed a spirit of impurity from the movement and the land during the long decades before Jesus was to appear on earth. Act 1 had come to a close. A new Kingdom and authority and anointing was about to manifest.
• Act 2 – God releases the wind of the Holy Spirit to the Church to move in power and authority, spiritual gifts and 5-fold calling, to build up the Church.

In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit came upon everyone who gathered in Acts 2 and God launched the season of the second act to build up the Church and bring it to maturity. God has been releasing revelation to ordinary Believers ever since, and more is about to be released. But the apostolic and prophetic movement is not yet over. There has been a maturing and a purifying but true revelatory anointing and apostolic power has only just begun to be released.
• Act 3 – The Church releases the Holy Spirit to bless ALL the world.

In this season of the third act, we read in Acts 3:24-25, the calling to bless all the world:
"Indeed, all the prophets from Samuel on, as many as have spoken, have foretold these days. And you are heirs of the prophets and of the covenant God made with your fathers. He said to Abraham, 'Through your offspring all peoples on earth will be blessed.'"
Through the Jews and Gentiles, Abraham's offspring and the Gentiles who were grafted in, ALL the peoples of the earth will be blessed. That includes Muslims, unbelievers, and all of the immigrants who live in your neighborhood and beyond your borders.
Paul lets us know that we are heirs and our inheritance is to prophesy and bless ALL peoples of the earth. Your purpose, mission, task is to bless everyone – not just raise up the Church as apostles, pastors, prophets, parents, students, ordinary Believers who move as powerful people. Your purpose is to step into an Ambassadorial Anointing as never before.
Europe - Ambassadorial Anointing
Many in Europe are called to move in the authority of the Lord, releasing an ambassadorial anointing to move hearts, change minds, and reconcile individuals to God and nations to one another. Some will release both the authority and the power to back up their words with signs and wonders. Others will become ambassadors of reconciliation to release the peace and keep the peace. Only anointed men and women of God can reach those who are so hurt and wounded on a generational and nationalistic level as many are in European countries. Only men and women anointed as ambassadors can call the Church to understand and embrace the nations of Israel and Arab states to understand and embrace the Muslims and Jews in their own countries. To carry that anointing in its truest form - to reconcile nations as a peacemaker – takes an extraordinary amount of trust and humility. But European Believers, followers of Christ, will lead the way.
Most ambassadors are not platform people. They serve in hidden places. God is focused on you to release greater impartation of individual anointing and prophetic words beyond the walls of the Church. Someone, in Europe in the coming days, is called to carry the Ambassadorial Anointing into political realms and become one who challenges the political realms of influence. Is it you? Someone else, in Europe right now, is called to carry the Ambassadorial Anointing and become one who mentors the business prophets/profits. Is it you?

The Lord is releasing Ambassadorial Anointing and authority to speak to the storm and decree peace. Anointing and authority work hand in hand. Those who carry the anointing will break open the way.
The Season of the Third Act
The word of the Lord is this:
"Just bless those that persecute you and ask for Justice, for the battle does not belong to you but God. God is able to restore your credibility with man even when things seem like that could be impossible. Speak to the storm and release peace."
The world is attracted to power – to light – and to those who walk in power and light. And the demonic hates it – attacks, and then scurries away, cowardly and quickly into its dark corner. Europe is no longer the dark continent. The light of the world is stepping on the stage in Act 3 – through YOU! The darkness must flee.
Prophets and apostles who move with Ambassadorial Authority need to be sown into every field of society. You may not be high-level on the mountaintop but even mid-level people full of light will shine as beacons. And those in authority will come to you. Politicians will seek out prisoners for the word of the Lord. Media people will shape the message for culture, bring peace and promote the Spirit of God – infused into the land. Many will find themselves in positions of situational authority as you are set in places for specific times and seasons – to bless ALL peoples impacted by that situation.
Europe this is the season of the third Act for you.

Julia Loren
Julia Loren Ministries

Psalms 27:1  The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
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