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Author Topic: Eagles are Gathering by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer  (Read 8709 times)
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« on: October 16, 2012, 08:57:40 AM »

Eagles are Gathering
by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

This afternoon, as I was outside in my flower beds, I looked up at the Lord's bidding.  There above me in the sky were seven eagles circling above my house.  I just stared in wonder at the awesomeness of God.  I say eagles, because that was what the Lord told me they were when I asked, as I was awestruck at their majesty.  I was amazed at the wingspread and at the intensity in their watchfulness. 
He said to me, "They are there waiting and watching, just as you do.  They wait and watch for My timing, for I have much that I am calling them to and all those who are My eagles.  For, there is much change coming forth across this land and across the nations.  For the enemy senses that his time is short and even now is gathering his forces for the end time battle.  He is worried for his position, and even though I have already won the battle through My Son, who died for all of you on the cross to pay for your sins, he still ignores that fact and lives in his dream world, thinking that he will win in the end. 
I have given this nation a year of grace.  But, do not jump to conclusions, to think that then the end will come.  For all is in My timing, and no man will know when I come.
For now, I have heard the cries of My people and seen their tears. I have come to their rescue once again.  But I say to you, do not let up with your prayers and tears for this nation.  For this nation is in sore need of rescue and much more.  For the days ahead will need many to be on their knees and faces before Me.  The days ahead will carry many challenges and much will be yours, for those who fight for Me.  For I hold much in the palm of My hands, even now, waiting for the right time to strike once again, on the head of the enemy.  He knows neither what I have planned, nor what I have waiting for him.  There is much to be done and many who are changing positions even now, and many who will continue to change positions in the days ahead and in the next year, as I call forth those who I have had in hiding, those who have been waiting patiently, and many who thought that I had forgotten them.  I do not forget those who I have called.  I do not forget those who carry My mark, nor do I forget those who have gone through much for My cause.  There are even many who do not know Me yet, who will be called to the forefront of battle, for even though they may be battle weary, from their own challenges they have been dealing with, they do not know nor realize that they too have been in training, for I have use for them also, despite their youthfulness in Me.  For they will be battle wise and will carry My mark, for even many of them have been hidden, for a time such as this and they will have the boldness and courage that will be needed at this time and in the days ahead.   
Much is heating up in the earthly realm and there are many who have been resting too, waiting for Me.   But, there are also many who have been wrestling Me, some knowingly, but many others unknowingly, when they thought that they were fighting the enemy.  For there is a lot of stubbornness, rebellion, and pride in man that continues to get in the way of My purposes.  There is much that man has to repent of if this nation/people and other nations want to stand at My side, in the end battle. 
Again I say, there is much change in the air and I am calling all to get their houses in order.  I am calling all to come to Me, for your all.  Come to Me, with your questions and for your answers, for I am the only one who knows all the answers to your questions, and knows your questions, even before you ask Me.  Many will laugh, at that, but I say be careful what you laugh at, for I, the Lord am nothing to laugh at, and many will regret not having a deeper relationship with Me, that they can call on My Name and I will answer as I stand there beside them.  Many will regret not spending time with Me now, to get to know Me, for who I am, so that they will know Me, in all of My capacities to My face, and not for My hands and for what I can do for them.  Those who only come to me for My hands will find My back turned to them.  I say again, come to Me now, so that you will know Me, and seek My face.  Come to know Me as your best friend, as your protector, your provider, and your all in all.  For I am the only one who can do all and knows all.  I Am. 
Know even that there is a spirit of "busyness" that the enemy has sent out to distract My people, to keep them from Me.  That you would be so busy, that you don't have time for Me, is not a good thing.  Call your house into Godly order, get yourself and all those who are yours lined up with My Word, for it will not do for you to walk in busyness nor in confusion, which is what it leads to.  For if you don't get it in line, the "busyness" will increase and it will become more and more difficult for you to get away from it, or to say "no" to more of it.  It will come to the point that you will feel so overwhelmed by the "busyness" that you will want to shut down and ignore Me or fall into depression.  Do not allow the enemy to set and bait the trap for you.  Be alert and on guard, and continue to seek Me, so that you have the courage to say "no", so that you have the strength to put aside what needs to be put aside and to align yourself and all that you are and have with Me.  FIND TIME to SPEND TIME WITH ME.  Let go of those things that are not necessary or needed at this time.
The jewels of earth are not the jewels of heaven.  All the recognition on earth, will not necessarily get you My recognition.  Spending time with Me, getting to know Me for who I am, will get you the heavenly recognition, power, and authority and much more that you will need for the coming days.  Set your priorities with Me.  Get yourself and your house in order: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.  These are the areas the enemy will hit, when he wants you upset, or off track.  These are the areas that I protect and can show you how to protect, when you ask.  When you do it on your own, without Me, you are walking in rebellion and independence, not in unity with Me.  Everything should be with Me.  You should be One with Me, just as should all in your household.
This nation was birthed in rebellion and independence.  As this nation rebelled from Great Britain so was she claiming her independence from Great Britain, and so was she being birthed.  That is why this nation has such a hard time with rebellion and witchcraft.  Remember rebellion is as witchcraft in My Word.
            Amplified Bible: For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as idolatry and
            teraphim (household good luck images). Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He also
            has rejected you from being king.      1 Samuel 15:22-24
Though I used the rebellion and independence for this nation's good and for My good, to develop a "sister" nation for Israel, and to help this nation grow, so has the enemy used rebellion and independence to draw My people away from Me and into idolatry of themselves.  Know in the days ahead that as you allow them to be perverted as a nation, so will the enemy continue to use independence and rebellion for his purposes. 
You have to draw closer to Me, in order to be able to repel the plans the enemy has for you.  Only as you draw closer to Me will I reveal My heart's desire for each of you, as well as tell you what the enemy has planned for you and this nation, so that you can ask Me what to do in regards to it.  Only as you are obedient in doing what I ask of you, will you be able to thwart the enemy's attack and either lessen its harm to you or you will destroy it before it harms you.  Worship Me, worship Me, worship Me.  For as you draw closer to me in worship, so will I reveal more.
Come unto Me, as My children, and much will I have for you.  For only as you come to Me, will you come forth into all that I have for you.

Psalms 27:1  The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
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