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Author Topic: Edition 5 - Beginning of World Wide Revival  (Read 912 times)
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"I'm Blessed"

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Edition 5 - Beginning of World Wide Revival

We are expecting wonderful things from the Lord for 1907. The closing up of the old year and beginning of the new found us on our knees at Azusa Mission. And as the new year was announced, such a wave of glory, and divine love and unity came over us. The meeting went on till morning and all the next day. It is a jubilee year. May we all spend it at His feet, learning of Him.

The Lord did great things in 1906. Pentecost first fell in Los Angeles on April 9th. Since then the good tidings has spread in two hemispheres. Many are rejoicing in pardon, purity, and the power of the Holy Ghost. Wherever the work goes, souls are saved, and not only saved from hell but through and through, and prepared to meet the Lord at His coming. Hundreds have been baptized with the Holy Ghost. Many of them are now out in the field, and some in foreign lands, and God is working with them, granting signs and wonders to follow the preaching of the full Gospel.

People all over the land have heard that the oil of the Spirit is being poured out in Los Angeles, and they are coming for oil-coming thousands of miles. And they are being filled with the holy oil, the baptism with the Holy Ghost, and wherever they go, it is being poured out.

From the little mustard seed faith that was given to a little company of people waiting on God in a cottage prayer meeting, a great tree has grown, so that people from all parts of the country are coming like birds to lodge in the branches thereof. (Matt. 13:31:32.) The faith is still growing, and we are still just in the beginning earnestly contending for the faith once delivered unto the saints.

It is a continual upper room tarrying at Azusa Street. It is like a continual camp meeting or convention. All classes and nationalities meet on a common level. One who came for the first time said, "The thing that impressed me most was the humility of the people, and I went to my room and got down on my knees and asked God to give me humility."

The altars are filled with seekers. Sometimes the meetings go on all night. People are slain under the power of God and sanctified or rise up speaking in new tongues. In the meetings, you see the holy joy of the Lord in the countenances, and people are melted in the presence of the Lord, filled with His praise.

The Lord is graciously healing many sick bodies. People are healed at the Mission almost every day. Requests come in for prayer from all over. They are presented in the meeting and the Spirit witnesses in many cases that prayer is answered, and when we hear from them they are healed. Handkerchiefs are sent in to be blest, and are returned to the sick and they are healed in many cases. One day nine handkerchiefs were blest, another day sixteen. A man came with a broken arm and was healed. The mission people never take medicine. They do not want it. They have taken Jesus for their healer and He always heals.

There is a very sweet spirit of unity among Pentecostal missions in Los Angeles and workers in suburban towns. Every Monday morning, the misiners and workers from these different points meet together for prayer and counsel. The missions in Los Angeles are at 327 1/2 S. Spring, of which Bro. Fisher is pastor; 8th and Maple Ave., of which Bro. Pendleton is pastor; and 1321 E. 51st St., where Bro. and Sister Kent have charge. Workers from Long Beach, Pasadena, Clearwater, Anaheim, and other nearby places also come in. All are in one accord. In our first meeting several messages were given in tongues through our Bro. Post, and interpreted as follows:

"We acknowledge Christ only, His truth, His Word. We must tarry much before Him. We must acknowledge that He is in our midst, walking among the golden candlesticks, pruning, purging. He who moved among the golden candlesticks, is moving in our midst now. We must recognize Him alone as Head over all, and know no man after the flesh. The Spirit of God will teach us, if we keep low in love and humility before Him. Our Lord says, "I smile upon you, when you are seeking My will, My glory only. There must be no glorying in names or orders or systems, only in Myself alone. All fullness is in me, all power is in My Gospel."

We must give God all the glory in this work. We must keep very humble at His feet. He recognizes no flesh, no color, no names. We must not glory in Azusa Mission, nor in anything but the Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified unto us and we unto the world.

We stand as assemblies and missions all in perfect harmony. Azusa Mission stands for the unity of God's people everywhere. God is uniting His people baptizing them by one Spirit into one body.



Written after his Pentecostal anointing on the train, by J.W. Ellison, Des Moines, Iowa.

O glorious promise of heaven!

Fulfilled to His people at last;

The tongues of fire have descended,

And sealed us as those in the past.

The Pentecost power is now spreading,

The Bible rings clear as a bell;

The finished work of the Savior,

We now are commissioned to tell.

The touch of the hand brings conviction,

The look of the eye startles sin,

The flood gates of heaven are opened,

And souls are now entering in.

All fear is banished forever,

And sickness and pain flee away,

The touch of Jesus is as powerful,

As it was in that wonderful day.

The union of hearts is like magic,

And bodies are molded like clay;

Souls that are sealed by His Spirit

Have entered the heavenlies to stay.,

Sinners who once have been careless

Have wakened to a sense of their need;

Pentecost surely is spreading,

Regardless of doctrine or creed.

Then glory to Jesus who loved me,

And glory to Jesus who came,

And glory to Jesus who fills me,

And seals with His own precious name.




San Diego,Cal., Jan. 5.

Dear Saints, Greeting!

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you all, through our Lord Jesus Christ, who always causeth us to triumph in every place, and maketh-manifest through us the savor of His knowledge.

The dear Lord has favored us with continuous victory, reclaimed, sanctified and some baptized with the Holy Ghost every week. The interest is increasing notwithstanding the continuous wet weather. The altar is filled with seekers at most every service.

We have had some m,marvelous cases where those possessed by the devil have been wonderfully and completely delivered and clothed in their right minds. We wish to note one case in particular for the glory of God and the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A man of German birth came in the meetings, a master in Theology and Spirtualism, who claimed he was Christ incarnate --that he was immortal, and had all wisdom and knowledge. The blessed Holy Ghost gave the saints the discerning of Spirits, and they rebuked the devils in him. And the man fell to the floor, trembling from head to foot. The devils were commanded to come out of him in Jesus' name. And immediately he began to confess his sins and crimes, too awful to mention. He continued to pray and call upon God for mercy, and in a few days he found peace. He has since gone on to the cleansing Blood and has received his Pentecost, and in humility is owning Jesus as his perfect Savior, clothed in his right mind, joyful and happy.

About twelve have redeceived their Pentecost and a number are still seeking. We are praying that the Lord will establish this work as in Los Angeles. This is an open field with virgin soil, and the work is taking deep and firm hold upon the people. Our hearts are burdened for salvation of the people of San Diego.

F.E. Hill



118 * St., Akron, Ohio, Dec. 27th.

Since I * heard of the wonderful way God was working in Los Angeles, my heart got hungry, And the dear saints in Akron kept up a steady cry to God day and night for Him to send it this way. And before we hardly knew it. Akron was visited. Glory to God! He sent dear Ivy Campbell here in answer to prayer, and many have received their Pentecost. The altar is more than filled nearly every service. In fact there is hardly a break in the meeting. Some people bring lunches and don't stop to eat them. Some, of the sisters sing in tongues like voices from heaven and also interpret some. O, it is wonderful! Many demons have been cast out and the sick are being healed. Glory to Jesus! He is also selecting His missionaries. The meeting runs day and night--sometimes all night.

People come from miles around here and are receiving their personal Pentecost. Bro. McKinney is sending out invitations far and near, and telling how God is visiting Akeon, and it brings in the hungry ones. His church doors were opened wide to welcome dear Sisters Evy Campbell and Hudson from East Liverpool. The meetings have been running over three weeks. The Holy Ghost is the only leader. Praise God!

While some of the prominent ministers are opposing it, yet their hungry members jump over the fence and get to the little mission church and get saved,sanctified, and then receive their personal Pentecost. We are glad God had one humble preacher in Akron who opened wide the door to receive this "latter rain". We are likely just getting the first sprinkling of the great shower that is to come. Praise God!

The burden of everyone that has received their personal Pentecost is "Jesus is coming soon."

Jan. 21.--The fire has broken out in Pittsburg too. God is visiting every hungry town and city that will receive Him. The fire is spreading here,in spite of all the water the devil pours on. It seems to act like oil instead of water. Glory to our conquering King!

One of our mothers in Israel has her personal Pentecost and the Hawaiian language. Three Hawaiian boys from Honolulu came to Akron to get work, and God sent them to the Mission, and they said Mother Davis had the Hawaiian language perfectly and interpreted two messages she gave out, which were, "God is love," and "Jesus is coming soon."

Yours in Jesus, Mrs. Pearl Bowen.



Portland, Ore. Dec. 31st.

Peace from God the Father be unto you and all the saints.

Well, God has stirred up this North till every devil in hell is stirred also.

I finished my work in Salem: was there two weeks. Seven received Pentecost. The saints are in perfect harmony. Students, city officials and the first people of the place heard the Gospel, but as far as we can see now, they have rejected the Gospel. Must of the ones that received their Pentecost are from the little places around, and they have gone home to spread the glad tidings of this precious Gospel. O my heart is so full this morning. Glory! Glory! Glory!

Well, Sister Glassco and three of her children got their Pentecost in Salem. And before they got home, on Christmas day,while Bro. Glassco was preaching. Pentecost fell on the meeting and two spoke with tongues. We had planned to come on Saturday and this was Tuesday. When we got here, three more had received the baptism. We arrived here at noon and went into the meeting at three. The power fell before the meeting was half through and two received Pentecost at night, two more. Last night Mildred received her Pentecost. The slain of the Lord lay so you can't move about the altar. The altar is full before the meeting is half over. The house is just packed. O if we only had a larger hall. I cannot tell how God is working here.

Now I must tell you about Nildred. She spoke in four tongues and sang so sweetly and interpreted every word. The interpretation of the song was.

"Jesus is calling O sinner come home.

Glory to His name, O sinner, come home."

Then she arose and the crowd was silenced like death. She began to wave her arms and preach in tongues and interpret. Will give you a part of it. "He that comes unto me, I will in no way cast out." (Tongues.) "The Lord has prepared me to preach His Gospel." (Tongues.) "Jesus is coming soon." (Tongues.) "He will take away His bride, one will be taken and the other left."

Jan. 8.-The crow * throng the hall. We have to have a policeman to keep the aisles clear. They tell us throngs of people come and are turned away. The Zion people held a mass meeting Sunday and decided to come in a body for their Pentecost.

O I am so glad He has chosen me. The Lord has healed some bad cases. One woman had epileptic fits. When the devil went out of her, she was so weak she could not stand. A man's hand that was helpless was healed. A woman with her mind almost gone was healed in the hall last night before the sinners' eyes.

Pentecost falls on people when they come the second time to the meeting, sitting in their seats.

I stay in the mission. It's humble quarters, but Jesus is here. Every minute of my time is given to God. I get tired sometimes. Was sent for to pray for a man with a high fever. I prayed before I went, was so tired. Jesus said, "I do the healing." When I got there, Jesus healed him before I laid hands on him. He got up and came to meeting. Oh, I am learning the wondrous secret; it is letting Jesus do the work and carry all the load. Oh *** so happy in His love and service.

People from all over are coming. A young lady came from Albany. She was a sinner and got all, * to her Pentecost, yesterday, in one day. There are 38 now that have received the baptism, eight since Saturday, and this is Tuesday morning.

I hear the work in San Francisco is fine. Souls saved, sanctified and baptized, and the church people coming in. Oh, God is spreading this Gospel in spite of the devil. How glad I am I ever found my way into the dear old mission on Azusa St. Love to all the saints. -Florence Crawford.

215 2nd Ave.



1617 7th Ave., Seattle, Wash., Dec. 21.

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

We are having some good times, and so far there are about forty-five baptized souls. We had a wonderful service out on Peugeot Sound and I baptized about thirty, young and old. It was raining and somewhat cold, but the Lord was with us. A little girl about twelve years of age, who had been seeking her Pentecost, got it right there the minute her feet touched the water. The Lord cut her tongue loose, and she spoke all the while going out and coming in. The Lord was with us in wonderful power. O, He is a wonderful Savior. We have been praying for power for two weeks now.

The weather is very rainy here. It rains about six days of every week, but our Father's smile is upon us, and that is better than anything else.

Jan. 7.-In the last few days, the Lord has poured out His Spirit here, and there must be in the neighborhood of about seventy souls that are baptized now.

Yours in Him,

-Thos. Junk and wife.



San Jose, Cal., Jan. 24.

Dear Apostolic Faith:

God our Father has been doing great things for us since we last wrote. We are now worshiping in our own hall. We have a very nicely furnished mission, for which we praise the Lord.

The fire is still falling. Last Sunday we had a wonderful all-day meeting. The slaying power was manifest in a remarkable manner. One lay for hours under the power. A young girl took God at His Word, opened her mouth wide, and the Lord filled it with praises in new tongues.

A Mrs. Williamson brought her daughter to the meetings for healing for her eyes, which were very bad. The power was present to heal and the child went home completely recovered. Many others have been healed since the meeting opened. Sister Williamson has received her Pentecost and God has put her in His heavenly choir, to sing the heavenly songs for His glory. She also writes in many languages. She interprets most of the songs that she sings, and when she speaks in tongues, she also interprets.

Several of those who have received their Pentecost have been called to the foreign field to labor for Him. One young woman is making preparations to leave for Hawaii very soon.

I am just holding the fort till my Father sends someone to take charge of the work here, when I expect to leave for a trip around the world, sounding the golden trumpet, heralding the year of jubilee. For the coming of the Lord is near, even at the door. And he wants the heathen nations to hear the glad tidings and be ready for His coming.

I believe this movement is the last call that the world will receive before He comes for His bride. Rev. 19. 7, 8. These are the days of preparation. Nahum 2. 1-5. The chariots that Nahum saw are the automobiles which we see running in our streets today.

I am anxious to be on the go, for I feel that the time is short. What we do, we must do while it is day.

-H.M. Turney.


Dunn, N.C. Jan. 2.

To the Saints in Azusa Mission, and through all California, greeting in Jesus Name!

O praise Him! It is wonderful. Last week I held a few services in the country in one of the Holiness churches, and two received their Pentecost and spoke in tongues. The languages were as perfect as I ever heard. One was a Sunday school superintendent and the other an elder of the church. I had to leave that meeting to fill my appointment here, but the meeting is still going on there.

This is only the third day, here, and already about ten have received their Pentecost. Five preachers received the baptism and some of them have two or three languages already and can preach sermons and pray in the tongues. The church is filled to overflow and people come from all over the country. Sinners are being converted and others repenting. This town of about 2,500 has never seen Pentecost before, but praise God, it has come and the town is stirred from center to circumference. People have laid aside eating and business to a great extent and are going down before God in earnest. How I praise God for this wonderful salvation. All the signs follow me since I received Pentecost. O let us trust only to the still, sweet voice of Jesus. He does it all. O how I praise God for sending me to Los Angeles, and for you all.

Jan. 17-Our God is fulfilling His promise and His Spirit is being poured out here in Dunn as never before. Many have come from South Carolina and Georgia and have received their Pentecost and gone back, and there some have received the baptism. The fire is spreading. The meeting continues here in greater interest. Nearly every service, someone receives their Pentecost and speaks in tongues. Some of our preachers have preached, sung and prayed in unknown tongues, and without speaking a word of English, have awakened sinners.

Several colored people have received their real Pentecost and speak in tongues. God has wonderfully blest some of the people with the gift of song. One colored sister, a school teacher, received the Pentecost the other night and spoke in tongues for some time. She has manifested a call to foreign fields. All the people of God are one here.

I prayed much that God would give me access to my brethren, and thus I might convince them of His blessed truths. And not one of them has taken issue against me as yet, but come forward and have received their real Pentecost and are going forth in the power of the Lord. Some of the people are getting ready for the foreign fields now. O how I praise God!

Brothers, pray, and spread the tidings around wherever man is found. I may never see you in the flesh any more, but I am coming *******.

Many are getting their Pentecost at home and abroad. I go from here to High Point, N.C. Have more calls than I can fill in six months.

Your brother and servant of God,

-G.B. Cashwell.



Jan. 17th.

Dear Saints, Greeting!

Left Los Angeles Dec.4, and arrived in Oklahoma just one week later, making a few stops on the way. Quite a number were tarrying and waiting for Pentecost when I arrived, but much had to be done before God could pour out His Spirit. The people had been in much bondage. Eating pork, wearing neckties, drinking coffee, and wearing a moustache were taught to be very sinful, and except you were circumcised to these you were lost.

After about ten days of prayer and holding up the Blood, God begin to break them up and they began to beg pardon of one another and their neighbors. And in a short time, in a cottage prayer meeting, God poured out His Spirit in slaying power and nearly all went down, one woman coming through speaking in tongues. God now began to work and souls were saved, backsliders reclaimed, and believers sanctified at nearly every service. The country was stirred for miles around. Some came 100 miles to get Pentecost and healing.

One lady who had been a Free Methodist was reclaimed and sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost. She speaks and sings in tongues. She began to sing at home in tongues, and her husband got under such conviction he could scarcely do his work, and in a few days came to the altar and was beautifully saved. 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

The Lord told me to move on, last Sunday. Meeting closed Sunday night with many seekers at the altar. The saints will go right on and push the battle.

Jan. 21.-Arrived here Friday morning after spending two days in Chicago. Quite a number here are seeking the baptism. We expect great things here. Pray much for me. I can feel it when they pray for me in public. Some time ago in a prayer service, the Lord showed me Bro. Seymour praying for me, and I seemed to be carried away in the Spirit. Under the Blood,

-G. A. Cook,

612 Terrace Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.


Several have already received the baptism with the Holy Ghost in Des Moines, Ia. It was not through anyone sent there, but they were tarrying before God and Pentecost fell.


In Toronto, a number have received the baptism. Bro. O. Adams went there from Los Angeles. He had not yet received his Pentecost, but told them about what God had done in Azusa Mission and other places. They went right to tarrying before God. A company stayed after meeting to pray through and the Spirit fell and three were filled with the Holy Ghost.


We are receiving hundreds of names and addresses for the paper. Please write very plainly. Those who ask for it regularly are enrolled on the books. We are sending out thousands of sample copies to friends whose names are sent in by others. If we do not hear from these. we send only two are three numbers. Please notify us of any mistakes.


If you want to keep fat and filled with the power of the Holy Ghost, live off of the Word.


The Lord is enabling us to publish another issue of 30,000 papers for the fifth number of the Apostolic Faith. He has greatly blest in getting it out. Though it is somewhat late, we trust it will be the greater blessing.


When you were poor and ugly in your own sight, then was the time God exalted and used you, but when you get to be some great Nebuchadnezzar, then God turns you out to eat grass like an ox. Keep little and God will use you.


A baby that accidentally took poison that it found in a bottle in a closet, was healed in answer to prayer. The mother held on to God in agonizing prayer, "Lord, save my baby." The little thing was cold, but the Lord healed it completely.


"The Holy Ghost is blessing us daily, but we must have a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, for there are people in our midst that are praying night and day for a great awakening among the people." -Mrs. C. A. Roll, 1005 Edwards St., Fort Worth, Tex., Jan.9.


Sickness is all the work of Satan. Sometimes we bring it upon ourselves by overexertion. Sometimes it is permitted of the Lord because of sins of omission or commission. Satan cannot afflict us unless God permits. He has no power over us unless we get on his territory.


Souls are getting the baptism in Clearwater, Cal. Mother Wheaton went down to tarry with them and was baptized with the Holy Ghost and spoke in two languages. She is very happy and filled with the Holy Ghost and God is using her. Bro. McLain writes that there are lots of hungry souls there and the devil is stirred.


Several have written and asked if we received the offerings sent. We can answer that they all came safely, even to some letters that came through the fire in a train wreck and were scorched on the edges and stained by water, but they came safely and money in them. So we see how the Lord takes care of consecrated offerings.


"I received my Pentecost last Saturday morning, 1:15 a.m. Praise God! I am wholly given up to His will. Words cannot express the blessed peace I have in my soul. My soul is filled with His glory. Hallelujah! Praise God for His wonderful Gift to men. We are praying for and expecting 120 Spirit baptized souls to take San Diego for God." -H. G. * San Diego, Cal.


"The Scandinavian people here are receiving their Pentecost. I was with them in their watch night meeting. O how God poured out His Spirit on all flesh. Many spoke in tongues and sang the songs of heaven,-a heavenly choir. Some fell under the power of God. My soul doth magnify the Lord. He thrills my spirit, soul and body."-Mrs. S. C. Magie, 710 Times St., Ballard, Wash.


A sanctified body is one in perfect health, through faith in God. It does not mean we could not get sick, but we are maintained in health by faith. We do not want to teach people they can not get sick, because they would think they were infallible creatures. "As the branch cannot bear fruit except it abide in the vine, no more can ye accept ye abide in Me." So we must abide in church for health.


In Akron, Ohio, a young man went to the Pentecost meetings and got under conviction through the preaching. And went to the pastor of the First Congregational Church and returned to him $10 that he had stolen about 14 years ago, and promised to pay the rest. The pastor was very much surprised for the man had been under his preaching for years and never got under conviction. He said, "That kind of religion is loaded with good shot. There are no blank cartridges in it."


Bro. Tom Hezmalhalch has been home to Los Angeles on a visit and we have been feasting together on the good things of Father's table. On his way back to Colorado, the Spirit directed him to stop off at the Needles. Taking the train on Tuesday morning to resume his journey, at four o'clock he passed the train he had taken at Los Angeles for Denver, every car laid in the ditch. By some means they had left the rails. If he had not obeyed the Spirit, he would have been in the ditch and precious souls would have suffered. It pays to know the Lord and obey Him.


How will you miss hell if you stumble over this precious Gospel, if you ignore this Gospel which God has granted signs and wonders to follow? If you grieve the Holy Spirit, and trample upon the Blood of Jesus Christ, how will you miss hell? There is no way for you to escape hell if you reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him, should not perish but have everlasting life. O, my friends, the precious Blood is flowing for you. If you come to Him, He will wash away your sin, and cleanse you from all unrighteousness and carnality, and set you up His throne in your heart.


One who received the Holy Ghost baptism in Clearwater, testified, "It was in morning worship. We read a chapter and I wanted to pray but the Lord tied my mouth. The power began to come in waves. The Lord took full possession. I fell over like a dead man. I was dead to the world. I tried to pray while lying on the floor, but when my tongue was loosened, it was in a different languages. And O the joy that came into my soul no human tongue can tell. It seemed as if human joys vanished. I talked about half an hour. This is something I never had before. It seemed as if the whole world and the people looked a different color. Jesus had come to me. I can never sing His praises or tell His praises while eternity rolls."


The Apostolic Faith
312 Azusa Street

Psalms 27:1  The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
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