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Author Topic: Edition 4 - Pentecost with Signs Following  (Read 941 times)
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Edition 4 - Pentecost with Signs Following

Many are asking how the work in Azusa Mission started and who was the founder. The Lord was the founder and He is the Projector of this movement. A band of humble people in Los Angeles had been praying for a year or more for more power with God for the salvation of lost and suffering humanity. They did not know just what they needed, but one thing they knew, people were not getting saved and healed as they desired to see. They continued to hold cottage prayer meetings for several months.

Then they felt led of the Lord to call Bro. Seymour from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, the saints in Los Angeles sending his fare. It was as truly a call from God as when He sent His holy angel to tell Cornelius to send for Peter. He came and told them about the baptism with the Spirit, and that every afternoon at three o'clock they would pray for the enduement of power. He told them he did not have the Pentecost but was seeking it and wanted all the saints to pray with him till all received their Pentecost. Some believed they had it, and others believed they did not have it because the signs were not following. Hardly anyone was getting saved.

There was a great deal of opposition, but they continued to fast and pray for the baptism with the Holy Spirit, till on April 9th the fire of God fell in a cottage on Bonnie Brae. Pentecost was poured out upon workers and saints. Three days after that, Bro. Seymour received his Pentecost. Two who had been working with him in Houston came to Los Angeles just before Pentecost fell. They came filled with the Holy Ghost and power. One of them had received her personal Pentecost, Sister Lucy Farrow, and said the Lord had sent her to join us in holding up this precious truth. She came with love and power, holding up the blood of Jesus Christ in all His fullness.

And the fire has been falling ever since. Hundreds of souls have received salvation and healing. We can truly say that the revival is still going on. The Lord God is in Los Angeles in different missions and churches in mighty power, in spite of opposition. This revival has spread through the towns about Los Angeles and through***** with His stripes we are healed." He gave His blood for the salvation of our souls and He gave a perfect body for these imperfect bodies of ours.

It is by the stripes of Jesus that we are healed. There was never a whip lash put on Jesus' back* Pilate acourged Him before the judgment bar. The marks that were made on that perfect body of our Savior, the blood that ran down in Pilate's judgment hall from His stripes, reach our infirmities and cleanse us from all sickness and disease and make us every whit whole.

The Passover lamb was a type of Christ. We find that the Lord commanded the children of Israel, when they were about to come out of Egypt to take a lamb without blemish and kill it and sprinkle the blood at the doors of their houses and eat the body of the lamb in their houses. The blood stood for salvation to save them from the destroyer. So the blood of Jesus saves us from sin, for Satan is not able to make his way through the blood. Now they were to eat the body of the lamb in their very own homes that they might have strength and health that night to go out of Egypt, there was not one sick. This was a real type of the atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ for soul and body.

We find the Jews afterward kept the Passover. They looked back to their deliverance and commemorated it every year by eating the lamb's body, the type of our Christ. The body of the lamb pointed to Christ's body broken for us. So we look back to Calvary, to our Savior who hung and died and gave a perfect body for us.

O remember Calvary. He said at the Passover supper, just before He was crucified, "Take, eat, this is my body." What for? For health. And He gave them the cup and said, "This is my blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many, for the remission of sins." So every time we partake of the Lord's supper, we do it in remembrance of this two-told salvation for body and soul.

Many are sickly and fall asleep because they do not discern the Lord's body. They will take a doctor before Jesus. They put a doctor between them and the atonement. Yet they will say, "Lord, Lord," and do not the things that He says: "Is any afflicted, let him pray. Is any sick among you, let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith shall save the sick." Jas. 5. 13, 15. The doctor gives you poison and you die because you dishonor the atonement. You are sickly, you fall asleep. You come to the Lord's table and yet you do not believe in full salvation for soul and body. You take the cup and eat the bread, and yet deny the body of the Lord for health and salvation. So you are sick because you do not discern the body of the Lord Jesus.

"Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink Him blood, ye have no life in you." *. 6 53. Dear beloved, this means that we must honor the atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ in all its fullness, as David said, "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits, who forgiveth all thine iniquities, who healeth all thy diseases." Let us take the Lamb's body, through faith in our Lord for salvation and healing of these bodies as we honor His blood for saving and sanctifying our soul and spirit. Amen.

We can be rather hasty, especially when we are very young in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are just like a baby-full of love-and were willing to accept anyone that had the baptism with the Holy Spirit as our leader. But the Lord commenced settling us down, and we saw that the Lord should be our leader. So we honor Jesus as the great Shepherd of the sheep. He is our model.

The Lord adds here daily such as should be saved, and plants them in the body to suit Himself, and all work together in harmony under the power of the Holy Spirit. There is no pope, Dualism, or Sanfordism, but we are all little children knowing only Jesus and Him crucified. This work is carried on by the people of Los Angeles that God has united by the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Bro. Seymour is simply a humble pastor of the flock over which the Holy Ghost has made him overseer, according to Acts 20.28, "Take heed therefore, unto yourself and to the flock over which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseer, to feed the church of God which He hath purchased with His own blood." And as missionary workers and teachers go out from this place, they have the same privilege of being pastors over the people the Lord puts them over by the Holy Spirit, and of feeding them with the pure Word of God. Each mission will be united in harmony, having its own pastor simply that the Holy Ghost shall appoint.

We believe in old time repentance, old time conversion, old time sanctification, healing of our bodies and the baptism with the Holy Ghost. We believe that God made Adam in His own image, according to Gen. 5 1; Ps. 8 4; and Matt. 19 4. We do not believe in any eighth day creation, as some have taught, and we do not believe in the annihilation of the wicked.

We stand on Bible truth without compromise. We recognize every man that honors the blood of Jesus Christ to be our brother, regardless of denomination, creed, or doctrine. But we are not willing to accept any errors, it matters not how charming and sweet they may seem to be. If they do not tally with the Word of God, we reject them.

This is the year of jubilee when God is sending the latter rain, and the refreshing times have come. He has raised up a nation in **********a witness. Jesus died for us-not the Holy Ghost. Praise our God. They were not to tarry in Jerusalem till He should pour out His blood upon them, but tarry for the promise of the Father. John truly baptized with water, but the Lord Jesus was coming to baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire. Jesus said, "Ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence," and "ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you."

The baptism with the Holy Ghost is not a work of grace but a gift of power. Sanctification is the second and last work of grace, but the baptism with the Holy Ghost is a gift of power. It is a free gift without repentance. No consecration to be made in receiving the Holy Spirit. Consecration is all made in sanctification. The Lord Jesus is dwelling within, and you have an unction from the Holy One which teaches you all things. The baptism with the Holy Ghost makes you a witness unto the uttermost parts of the earth. It gives you power to speak in the languages of the nations. So everyone that is really sanctified with a clean heart, and seeks the baptism with the Holy Ghost according to the 2nd chapter of Acts, receives the witness of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance. You may not receive the gift of tongues when you receive the baptism with the Holy Ghost, but you receive the witness of tongues, that is to say,-you will speak in tongues when you are baptized with the Holy Spirit.

In seeking the baptism with the Holy Spirit do not ask the Lord for tongues. Just pray the Lord to give you the baptism with the Holy Ghost as He gave his disciples, according to the second chapter of Acts, and wait before Him till the Lord verifies His promise in your precious soul.


It is one thing to be filled with the Holy Ghost, and it is another thing to be baptized with the Holy Ghost. It is one thing to fill a glass with water, that is to hide it out of sight. John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Ghost from his mother's womb but not baptized. The Holy Ghost had been in the world all the time. "Holy men of old spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost." He was with Moses, Samuel, Elijah, Enoch and many other men of God, but He was not poured out upon all flesh till the day of Pentecost.


"Wherefore, Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people with His own blood, suffered without the gate. Let us go forth therefore, unto Him without the gate bearing His reproach. Dear loved ones, in order to get sanctification, we have to go without the gate. We must leave the beautiful city, the precious temples, fame, honor, position, and go out of the gate. There we will find Jesus, the despised one, hanging between two thieves. It is so sweet to live this sanctified life. Very few people have sanctification in its fullness, which means crucification to self according to Gal. 5 24:25. "And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit." Hallelujah.


A Pentecostal revival has commenced in the Altamont Bible institute of South Carolina and one girl received the gift of tongues.


Bro. G.W. Evans, who has just come from Woodland, California, reports a Pentecostal revival in that place. Thirty-two have been baptized with the Holy Ghost, thirty-one sanctified, and twenty saved. Seventeen members out of the Baptist Church are filled with the Holy Ghost including the superintendent of the Sunday School and his wife. The Sunday School superintendent of the Methodist Church is also baptized with the Holy Ghost, and the difficulty now on hand is the need of a larger building to accommodate the crowds. Fourteen were healed at one meeting. God's word is made so clear and plain that the crowds are pressing in spiritual hunger for the living truth. Sisters Sophie and Reece from Oakland, whom God has been using, are at present in charge.

A man that had been possessed with a mad demon and had been in the asylum was delivered. The Lord cast out this demon, clothed him in his right mind and completed the work, baptizing him with the Holy Ghost. Another remarkable case was where a party was under sentence of court, which decision was suspended and the defendant saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost and became a good citizen.



San Diego, Cal., Nov. 28th.

We are praising God for victory in San Diego. Bro. Love and I came down here last Thursday to see if the Lord was preparing to take out a people for Himself in this city by the sea. On arriving in the city, we were not long in finding my old friend and brother, Geo. Reilly, who was earnestly tarrying for the Pentecost. We appointed a meeting at his house the same night and he was gloriously baptized with the Holy Ghost and spoke with tongues. We met again the next evening and two more received their Pentecost with Bible evidence. Hallelujah! The Lord had already laid it upon Bro. Reilly to open up a mission on this line. He had secured the building and we had it ready for service by Saturday night. The people came out and nearly filled the seating capacity and we had a most wonderful meeting. Some were justified and sanctified and blessedly anointed. Interest is increasing. Some falling under the power of the Holy Ghost and mighty conviction of the people. We believe the Lord wants Azusa Street Mission duplicated to this city. We expect to stay here till the Lord says, "Flee ye to another." He has showed us that He has much people in this city. Hallelujah! Pray for us and San Diego.-F.E. Hill.



They are having a real old time Pentecostal revival in San Jose, California. The devil is stirred and doing his best to put out the fire, but they just ignore him and ******** with the Holy Spirit *****ATTENTION THE REST OF THIS COLUMN IS VERY MESSED UP!

answer the correspondence. God is raising up the workers.

People are coming and making their confessions and giving up all, to get ready for the coming of Jesus. Never in the history of this work has there been so much confession and restitution.-Apostolic Light.


It is every believer's birthright to be baptized with the Holy Ghost.


Two bands of Apostolic Faith workers have been arrested in Whittier, but it has only increased the interest and deepened the work.


An anointed handkerchief was sent to Elizabeth Smith, Brunswick, Ga., and as soon as she opened the letter she was instantly healed.


We have heard the funeral of the Gospel preached, the power of nobody unto nothing, now we are preaching the power of God unto salvation.


One came here that had been suffering for years in body, and was healed by the power of God while in the meeting without even asking for prayers.


A young lady was contemplating suicide came to the meeting and was saved, then sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost. She is very happy in the Lord.


When the conditions are just right, the Lord is just as responsible for the healing of our body as of our souls. The reason so many are sick, is because they trust in the arm of flesh instead of God.


A brother testified, "Last week I came in a backslider and half drunk and the Lord forgave my backsliding right in my soul, and a few days afterward, He sanctified me and baptized me with the Holy Ghost."


The gift of tongues is the glory of God flooding your soul and the Spirit taking possession. You will never know what it means to be clay in the hands of the Potter until you receive the Pentecostal baptism.


Pentecost has fallen in Long Beach, Cal. Souls are slain under the power of God and meetings cannot close. A number have received the baptism with the Holy Ghost. The Lord is using Bro. E. McCauley to push the work there.


It was God's eternal purpose that Jesus should be born in a humble place. No place is too humble for Jesus to dwell in. He poured out His Spirit in the humblest meeting place in Los Angeles, that no flesh should glory in His presence.


Interpreted message spoken in tongues: "Open your heart and receive the Spirit. I will give good gifts to My children. ***** Lord used us to His glory in Chattanooga. He set that town on fire. Praise His name. The dear ones did not want to see us leave, but the will of God must be done. The last meeting we had with the people was beside the train that brought us away. Under the shed there was where the Lord used me last in that city. He sang and preached through me and some confessed their sins and asked, what shall I do to be saved? Some promised to live a better life. O glory to Jesus. While on the train, we preached the Word and some received it with joy. We hope to set sail for Africa soon. Pray that God may use us on the boat to the salvation of souls. Love to all the dear saints."


A passage of scripture that has been spoken in many unknown tongues and interpreted is that beautiful text, "Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." Also the following texts were interpreted messages, "Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation." "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these sings shall follow thee that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover."


Sister Ida Ritchie of 1147 Sheridan Road, Chicago, has received her Pentecost. She writes, "I shall never forget that night, I was about two hours receiving words in different languages and songs in the Spirit. O what a great joy it is to me to know that I can go with the language and songs and the love of God to the dying, famishing heathen. How I treasure the privileges and gifts. O how precious to be born in this age."


Bro. G.W. Batman writes from New York City, "We have been having great meetings in the little mission here. Many souls have received the baptism and talk in tongues. To my surprise, Stephen Merritt requested me to speak last Sunday forenoon in his large tabernacle, and the Lord helped me in a wonderful way, and some souls were seeking the baptism. Praise God. I am stronger in the Lord since we came here than in Los Angeles. We expect a few more wonderful days before we sail for Monrovia, Liberia Africa Dec. 8. That will be our future address."


A late report from Bro. Junk of Seattle, Wash., says, "We have been greatly blest here. About 24 or 26 souls have been baptized, among them are about eight children from seven to fourteen years of age. The devil is raging terribly."


We are so glad to hear that dear Sister Shiply, Bro. Ryan's mother in Salem Ore., has received the Pentecost. Last Sunday she received many languages, one of them being that of the Kalamath Indians and sang in some of the Indian chanting songs. She also gave prophesies and messages to the people and interpreted. People are stirred and amazed at the miracles God is doing. A preacher who has been on the investigation order, heard a sister from Washington speak in Hindustani, which he was enough acquainted with to understand some of the words and it convinced him of the genuineness of the work.

The Lord has been working in Chattanooga, Tenn., where a band of Africa missionaries stopped on their way. Souls have been saved, a number have been baptized with the Holy Ghost and received the Bible evidence. Brother and Sister Hutchins and Sister McKinney have now gone on to New York. Their destination is Monrovia, Liberia, Africa.


A little girl who knows the Lord as her healer, was suffering from fever. After different ones had prayed for her, she said, "Now maybe the Lord wants me to pray, so she said, "Dear Jesus, you have heard all these people's prayers, now heal me for Jesus sake." Then she lay down and went to sleep. God heals many times in answer to children's prayers.


The devil says he has no lake of fire, though sinners, skeptics, and ungodly preachers all are trying to find consolation in the doctrine of no hell, annihilation, and universalism. But God says in Rev. 20.14 that there is a lake of fire. Jesus warned us of hell. Hades in Greek and Gehenna in Hebrew mean "lake of fire." What can we do but believe the Word?


We can truly say that Pentecost has come, for all the signs are following. God is pouring out His Spirit upon His sons and daughters and giving dreams and visions, speaking in tongues. A woman who had been an invalid for 18 years is walking and shouting and praising God. The blind have received their sight. Missionaries are going out without purse or scrip. Everything is pointing toward the coming of the Lord.


The great Shekina glory is still resting upon us as a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day, where hundreds and thousands of souls have come and been blest through the mighty power of our blessed Lord. Hungry and thirsty souls are coming from hundreds and thousands of miles to get their personal Pentecost, and receiving and taking the glad tidings back home to hungry and thirsty souls that are waiting their arrival.


People from thousands of miles have been coming to Los Angeles to get into the rivers of salvation. John saw a river proceeding out of the throne of God and the Lamb, and on either side of that river was the tree of life. We can get the fruit on either side of the river, but we have to swim to get it. If you want this great blessing, you must launch out by faith into the river. It is a very sweet thing to be where the rivers are flowing.


It is so blessed to be sanctified, cleansed, crucified, nailed to the cross of Christ. Old things have passed away, the old man is crucified, slain, and Jesus Christ is enthroned ** and crowned within. ***** came from San Jose here last May, I heard of these meetings and came down to see. I had not been in the house an hour before I knew God's Spirit was here, and I commenced seeking the baptism with the Holy Ghost. And, glory to God, He came and completely deluged my soul and body, until I hardly knew whether I was in the body or out. And as the Holy Ghost came upon me, I saw Jesus sitting upon a cloud looking at me and at the congregation, and He said He was coming soon. My tongue commenced to move, and I spoke in an unknown tongue as the Spirit gave utterance. In prayer I often speak in a foreign tongue and at home or in meeting, I often am moved to speak in tongues. Bless God! Glory!-Mrs. P. Perkins.


If you are not healed, the fault in either in you or in Jesus Christ. Which is it? Be honest with yourself and get the fault out of the way. Get rid of the cause. There is nothing can stop my healing but myself. God is not a moment behind in doing His work.


Bro. G.B. Cashwell who came from North Carolina for his Pentecost, has returned on his way rejoicing to carry the good news of the Pentecost to the hungry souls there. He had faith in God that the money would be provided for his fare to return, and the Lord provided it and he trusted the Lord for a suit of clothes and the Lord gave him a suit. So the trip was one of faith and the Lord made it a great blessing.


A little girl in Whittier lately received her Pentecost while the people in the room were silently praying and she began to sing in an unknown tongue, "Where He leads me, I will follow." Then she was filled with great joy and said her name was written in heaven and she was sealed unto the day of redemption.


Sister Lucy Farrow wrote from New York that she had started for Africa. About two hundred souls had been saved in Portsmouth and most of them were speaking in tongues. She sends love to the saints and asks your prayers.


We are receiving letters from all over the world, requesting prayers that they might receive their Pentecost and also healing. And almost every day we are getting returns that prayer has been heard. Handkerchiefs are sent in letters to be anointed and blest for healing, and we do so and bless God, He hears and answers prayer. One instance comes to our mind now of a little baby about a year old, who was very sick with a high fever. The parents sent a handkerchief to be prayed over. It was blest and sent back, and when it was laid on the child's face, almost immediately the fever left her, and in a half hour it was playing around and well. Praise our Christ for His matchless power.


Every child is born with inherited sin in its heart like a little plant. When a sinner comes to Christ and gets saved, the fruits of sin are cut off and the fruits of the Spirit appear. But the stump of the sin plants is still there and will give us trouble. The best thing to do is to get the old stump out. Then we have a pure heart like Adam before he went into sin. Then we can pray for the baptism with the Holy Spirit, which is a gift from God.


The Apostolic Faith

312 Azusa Street

Psalms 27:1  The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
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