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Author Topic: Edition 2 - The Pentecostal Baptism Restored  (Read 1003 times)
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Edition 2 - The Pentecostal Baptism Restored

All along the ages men have been preaching a partial Gospel. A part of the Gospel remained when the world went into the dark ages. God has from time to time raised up men to bring back the truth to the church. He raised up Luther to bring back to the world the doctrine of justification by faith. He raised up another reformer in John Wesley to establish Bible holiness in the church. Then he raised up Dr. Cullis who brought back to the world the wonderful doctrine of divine healing. Now He is bringing back the Pentecostal Baptism to the church.

God laid His hand on a little crippled boy seven years of age and healed him of disease and made him whole except his ankles. He walked on the sides of his ankles. Then, when he was fourteen years of age, he had been sent to college and God had called him to preach. One day as he was sitting reading his Bible, a man came for him to go and hold a meeting. He began to say to the Lord: "Father, if I go to that place, it will be necessary for me to walk here and vonder, just put strength into these ankle joints of mine." And immediately he was made whole and leaped and praised God, like the man at the beautiful gate. He has since been in evangelistic work over the United States, seeing multitudes saved, sanctified and healed.

Five years ago, God put it into this man's heart (Bro. Charles Parham) to go over to Topeka, Kansas, to educate missionaries to carry the Gospel. It was a faith school and the Bible was only text book. The students had gathered there without tuition or board, God sending in the means to carry on the work. Most of the students had been religious workers and said they had received the baptism with the Holy Ghost a number of years ago. Bro. Parham became convinced that there was no religious school that tallied up with the second chapter of Acts. Just before the first of January, 1901, the Bible School began to study the word on the Baptism with the Holy Ghost to discover the Bible evidence of this baptism that they might obtain it.

The students kept up continual prayer in the praying tower. A company would go up and stay three hours, and then another company would go up and wait on God, praying that all the promises of the Word might be wrought out in their lives.

On New Year's night, Miss Agnes N. Ozman, one who had had for years "the anointing that abideth," which she mistook for the baptism, was convinced of the need of a personal Pentecost. A few minutes before midnight, she desired hands laid on her that she might receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. During prayer and invocation of hands, she was filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke with other tongues as the Spirit gave utterance.

This made all hungry. Scarcely eating or sleeping, the school with one accord waited on God. On the 3rd of January, 1901, Bro. Parham being absent holding a meeting at the time, while they all waited on God to send the baptism of the Spirit, suddenly twelve students were filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues, and when Bro. Parham returned and opened the door of the room where they were gathered, a wonderful sight met his eyes. The whole room was filled with a white sheen of light that could not be described, and twelve of the students were on their feet talking in different languages.

He said they seemed to pay no attention at all to him, and he knelt in one corner and said: "O, God, what does this mean?" The Lord said: "Are you able to stand for the experience in the face of persecution and howling mobs?" He said: "Yes, Lord, if you will give me the experience, for the laborer must first be partaker of the fruits." Instantly the Lord took his vocal organs, and he was preaching the Word in another language.

This man has preached in different languages over the United States, and men and women of that nationality have come to the altar and sought God. He was surely raised up of God to be an apostle of the doctrine of Pentecost.

This Pentecostal Gospel has been spreading ever since, but on the Pacific coast it has burst out in great power and is being carried from here over the world. We are expecting Bro. Parham to visit Los Angeles in a few days and for a mightier tide of salvation to break out.



The waves of Pentecostal salvation are still rolling in at Azusa Street Mission. From morning till late at night the meetings continue with about three altar services a day. We have made no record of souls saved, sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost, but a brother said last week he counted about fifty in all that had been baptized with the Holy Ghost during the week. Then at Eighth street and Maple avenue, the People's church, Monrovia, Whittier, Hermon, Sawtelle, Pasadena, Elysian Heights, and other places the work is going on and souls are coming through amid great rejoicing.

Four of the Holiness preachers have received the baptism with the Holy Ghost. One of them, Bro. Wm. Pendleton, with his congregation, being turned out of the church, are holding meetings at Eighth street an Maple avenue. There is a heavenly atmosphere there. The altar is filled with seekers, people are slain under the power of God, and rising in a life baptized with the Holy Ghost.

The fire is spreading. People are writing from different points to know about this Pentecost, and are beginning to wait on God for their Pentecost. He is no respecter of persons and places. We expect to see a wave of salvation go over this world. While this work has been going on for five years, it has burst out in great power on this coast. There is power in the full Gospel. Nothing can quench it.

Missionaries for the foreign fields, equipped with several languages, are now on their way and others are only waiting for the way to open and for the Lord to say: "Go." We are on our faces before God. Let a volume of prayer go up from all the Lord's people. Awake! Awake! There is but time to dress and be ready, for the cry will soon go forth. "The Bridegroom cometh."


Eight missionaries have started to the foreign field since this movement began a Los Angeles a few months ago. About thirty workers have gone out into the field.


The brother at Elysian Heights who received his eyesight after being blind for a year and a half, is a living witness of the power of God. Since that he has been sanctified and anointed with the Holy Ghost and his wife has been saved.


In the City of Oakland, during the five weeks that the band from Los Angeles were there, Brother and Sister Evans and Sister Florence Crawford, sixty-five souls received the baptism with the Holy Ghost, thirty were sanctified and nineteen converted.


A man who was twice in the insane asylum, an infidel that had been going from place to place denying the name of Jesus Christ, is now saved, sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost, and working to win others.


Sometimes, among officers of the law, we find a keen judgment in regard to genuine or spurious religion. In Pasadena, where the Lord was working in power some months ago, the chief of police made the remark: "I would not give much for a meeting that did not have a shout in it."


Sister Lizzie Frazer of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was one of those who received the gift of tongues when the Palestine Missionary band passed through there. She writes that she expects to go to India with a band of missionaries next month. The Lord has given her a wonderful equipment.


Mrs. J. Kring was healed of cancer of the lungs on August 8, after the doctor had given her up. One lung was entirely closed up. When she was prayed for, the Lord immediately touched her body and healed her. She shouted for an hour with strong lungs, and is the happiest woman you ever saw.


A mother brought her son to the Mission to be healed of epileptic fits. He is about twenty-one years old and has been suffering for years, like the boy that was brought to Jesus whom the devil had often caused to fall into the fire and into the water. The boy was so wrecked in mind and body that he was in a semi-conscious condition. Bro. Batman, who is called to Africa, prayed for him, asking the Lord to cast the demon power out of him and give complete healing. The boy raised up from the floor and witnessed that the work was done and went home rejoicing.


A brother living in the east had been down sick for quite a while and sent a handkerchief to be blessed as in Bible times. His sister brought it to the Mission, praying for the Lord to show her to whom she was to give it, and the Lord showed her to give it to Sister Sallie Trainor. She immediately took it upstairs and as she knelt before the Lord, the Spirit came upon her in great power and she prayed in tongues, and kissed the handkerchief three times, as the Spirit seemed to lead her. It was sent with a prayer and the brother was immediately healed.



Rev. Adolph Rosa, a Portuguese brother from Cape Verde Islands, was baptized with the Holy Ghost in Oakland and is now in Los Angeles preaching the full Gospel. He was a Catholic and his father had expected to have him educated as a Catholic priest; but God had His hand upon him. He came to America, was converted from the power of Romanism and captivity about six years ago in a Portuguese Methodist church in New Bedford, Mass., and entered the ministry of the Methodist church as a missionary to the Portuguese in the state of California. He was sanctified about four years ago, and is now conducting Pentecostal offerings in the People's church in Los Angeles.



When Rev. Evans and his wife and Sister Florence Crawford went to the city of Oakland preaching the full Gospel, I went the first night, not to criticize but to investigate. Many preachers were there to criticize, but when I stepped in, I felt the power of God and could not say that it was the work of the devil, as most of the preachers declared, for I was practically convinced that it was the work of the Holy Ghost. I went home and began to study my Bible, and went to God in prayer to reveal to me if these people were really the people of God. He revealed to me in the attitude of my supplication, that they were preaching exactly what the disciples of old preached. I was convinced that every minister of the Gospel should receive the same baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire that the disciples received on the day of Pentecost, before they are prepared to preach the Gospel. I was teaching that when we receive sanctification, we receive the Holy Ghost, as most of the preachers are teaching. But as I went to my Bible with the spirit of prayer, God revealed to me that the disciples were justified before Christ ascended: but they never were baptized with the Holy Ghost until the day of Pentecost.

The second day that I went to the meeting, the Lord put a real hunger in my soul to go forward, but I was too proud as a minister of the Gospel to humble myself in a lowly mission and let ladies pray over me for the gift of the Holy Ghost, and I had in my mind what people would think of me. I at the third day, as I arose to testify in the audience, the only words I could say were: "What does God think of me?" Then I could only weep for some minutes and the power of God came upon me until I dropped to the floor. I was under the power of God for about an hour and a half, and it was there that all pride, and self, and conceit disappeared, and I was really dead to the world, for I had Christ within in His fullness. I was baptized with the Holy Ghost and spoke in a new tongue.

I praise God for the light, and now I am walking in it. The desire of my heart is to see every man and woman that preaches the Gospel of Christ, baptized with the Holy Ghost, for without the Holy Ghost it is almost impossible for us to convince the world of sin, of righteousness, and the judgment.



"It is an awful hard thing to get a holiness preacher that has been indoctrinate for years to see that he has not received his Pentecost. I have been preaching for twenty years and never preached anything but a full salvation. To get a fellow that has been preaching twenty years to see that he has not received the baptism, when he has been preaching all the time that he has it, and then to get him to turn seeker, is a hard job. I tell you it means for him to get pretty near the end of himself.

"The time has come, in the full blaze of Pentecost, that if you do not walk in the light, you will become a dry chip. I bless God, I humbled myself. On the 10th day of July the Lord gave me the evidence of the Pentecost. It took me three weeks, searching the Word, from Genesis to Revelations to see that these things were so. Any fellow that will get down on his knees and pray through and read through, will find that the Holy Ghost only falls on a clean temple. You must give over and let God have His way.

"So many folks remind me of the hog that was trying to get into a big cornfield. There was a big, hollow, crooked log in the fence, laid in such a way that both ends of the log were on the same side of the fence. The hog would go into one end of the log expecting that he would get into the cornfield. He would go in and come out, and look all around to see how it was that he was not in the cornfield. There are a lot of folks today just in that place. They crawl through a hollow log of experience and never get anything. Bless God, I would hunt the way. Jesus said: 'I am the way.' Get into the cornfield. Hunt for the wicket gate and you will get in. Hallelujah! I am in the cornfield."

The above is the testimony of Bro. Hill, a Nazarene preacher. He and his wife have both received their personal Pentecost and Bible evidence.



A company of three missionaries left Los Angeles September 13, en route for the west coast of Africa. Sister Hutchins has been preaching the Gospel in the power of the Spirit. She has received the baptism with the Holy Ghost and the gift of the Uganda language, the language of the people to whom she is sent. A brother who has been in that country understands and has interpreted the language she speaks. Her husband is with her and her niece, who also has been given the African language.



I was justified on the 4th of July, 1901, and at that time, I felt that the Lord wanted me in Africa, but I was not then at all willing to go. But on the 28th of July, 1903, the Lord sanctified me. Before He sanctified me, He asked me if I would go to Africa. I promised Him I would. From that time on, I have felt the call to Africa, and have been willing to go at any moment, but not knowing just when the Lord would have me leave.

On the sixth of last month, while out in my back yard one afternoon, I heard a voice speaking to me these words: "On the 15th day of September, take your husband and baby and start out for Africa." And I looked around and about me to see if there was not someone speaking to me, but I did not see anyone, and I soon recognized that it was the voice of God. I looked up into the heavens and said: "Lord, I will obey." Since then I have had many tests and temptations from the devil. He has at times told me that I would not even live to see the 15th of September, but I never once doubted God. I knew that He was able to bring everything to pass that He told me to do.

After hearing the voice telling me to leave Los Angeles on the 15th, I went to one of my neighbors and testified to her that the Lord had told me to leave for Africa on the 15th of September. She looked at me with a smile. I asked her what she was smiling about. She said: "Because you have not got street car fare to go to Azusa Street Mission tonight, and talking about going to Africa." But I told her I was trusting in a God that could bring all things to pass that He wanted us to do. He has really supplied all my needs in every way, for the work where He has called me.

I want to testify also about my husband. He was a backslider, and how the devil did test me, saying: "You are going out to cast the devil out of others, and going to take a devil with you." My husband was not saved, but I held on to God and said: "Lord, I will obey."

I continued to testify and to make preparations to leave on the 15th. The Lord reclaimed my husband and sanctified him wholly and put the glory and shout in him. So now it is my time to laugh. The devil has oppressed and mocked me; but praise the Lord, now I can mock him. Glory to God!

It is now ten minutes to four o'clock in the afternoon on the 15th day of September. I am all ready and down to the Mission with my ticket and everything prepared, waiting to have hands laid on and the prayers of the saints, and expect to leave at eight o'clock from the Santa Fe station en route for Africa. We expect to go to Mt. Coffee, Monrovia, Liberia.

Feeling the need of a real companion in the Gospel that was out and out for God, I prayed to God that He might give me one to go with me. I had my eyes upon one that I wanted to go, but in prayer and humility before God, I found out it was not the one the Lord wanted to go. So I said: "Anyone, Lord, that you would have to go will be pleasing to me." And, to my surprise, He gave me my niece-a girl that I had raised from a child. Now she is nineteen years of age, is saved, sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost, and is going with me out into the work of the Lord. So instead of giving me one companion,, He gave me two-my niece and my husband.

Our first stop will be Chattanooga, Tenn., Harge Row. I want the prayers of the saints that I may stay humble.

Mrs. J.W. Hutchins. Address Mt. Coffee, Monrovia, Liberia, Africa.



I am saved, sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost and have the Bible evidence. The Lord showed me that the language I spoke was the language of Africa. My aunt who has been the same as a mother to me, was going to Africa. I asked the Lord if He wanted me to go, to open up a way for me, and the next morning He opened the way for me. I did not have the means and He gave me the fare and supplied all my needs. I am willing to trust Him through to Africa. I know the Lord wants me to go there. I want to testify to those people and teach the children about the blessed Lord, and to work for the Lord. I am willing to forsake all my loved ones for His sake. I want the saints to pray for me for I am young in the Lord.

Leila McKinney.



Psalms 27:1  The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
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